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React Lacrosse (@reactlax) unveils revolutionary training device for faceoff specialists

Monday, 25th June 2018

Categories Boy's/Men's, College, High School, Posted 6/25/18
From Press Release

React Lacrosse will be introducing a revolutionary faceoff training device that will allow boys’ faceoff lacrosse players to train and practice on their own to improve reaction time.

React Lacrosse will soon begin pre orders for the Faceoff Trainer, which includes a turf mat, adjustable reaction times and clamp forces to adjust to your level of play, and much more.

Nick Pak, Co-Founder of React Lacrosse and Wissahickon HS alum, said the device simulates the faceoff so players can improve reaction time through repetition. “The reaction time is the most important part of winning a faceoff,” Pak says, “so that’s what the practice should cater to.

“The goal was to create a lacrosse wall for faceoff specialists: a device that can take thousands of draws and help you slowly improve your reaction speed over time. There have been some faceoff specific products that have come to the market recently, but none address the reaction time.”

Device features:

Adjustable Reaction Time
– Continually decrease the reaction time of the Faceoff Trainer to help improve your reaction time
Randomized Whistle Cadence
– The whistle cadences stay randomized so you never guess the whistle
Adjustable Clamp Force
– Change the strength of the spring to best suit your level of play
Turf Mat
– The turf mat with cleats allows you to take your practice anywhere
Automatic Head Return
– Click a button to reset the head so that you can worry about preparing yourself for the next rep
Durable All-Metal Design
– Faceoff Trainer will see some tough players, so it is made out of all metal materials to ensure it acts the same way on rep 1 as rep 1000

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Pak was a competitive FOGO, attending weekly camps and clinics. He wanted to continue practicing at home and determined the need for a device that would provide repetitive practice in reaction time. Pak’s partner, Jim Jacobson, carries the engineering and design of the team, and developed a system where faceoff specialists can practice on their own.


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