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NLI signings: @cbeastlacrosse sending four to D1 programs

Wednesday, 26th November 2014

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On Tuesday, Nov. 18 four Central Bucks East seniors were recognized for committing to play lacrosse at the collegiate level.

CB East D1 recruits

CB East D1 recruits (from left) Sean McGovern, Dustin Buchanan, Jack Auteri, Michael Eveland (Photos courtesy of

Jack Auteri – Dartmouth University
Major: Undecided but interested in the medical field.
Final list of colleges: Dartmouth, Arizona State
Reasons for choosing Dartmouth: “Around the end of the summer recruiting circuit, I thought I would be applying to schools just as a regular student without playing lacrosse in college. This whole process with Dartmouth has evolved really quickly. In the last month, they contacted me and asked me to play in a Prospect Camp, and I decided to go up. In the coming weeks, the recruiting process just took off. It was exciting.”

Jack Auteri (Dartmouth)

Jack Auteri (Dartmouth)

What was the progression that led you to playing lacrosse at the collegiate level? “I honestly didn’t think I was going to play lacrosse. I was actually visiting schools that I was thinking of applying to up in New York, and I received an e-mail from coach (Brendan) Callahan (former Lehigh assistant) asking me to come up and take a visit. Everything from there just flew by in the next week. They called me after the Prospect Camp, and that’s how that happened.
“It was really exciting because growing up and watching a lot of people around you commit and having that looming over your head – Am I going to go somewhere? Where am I going to go? Where do I fall under this whole thing? Committing at the beginning of your senior year – you see a lot of other people commit, and I kind of got a little bit nervous that my time for being seen at least was over, and I thought that was going to be that.”
Coach Bruce Garcia says: “We lost Jack last year to a broken leg. That was very difficult to take. This year he’s strong. His face-off ability – he’s winning 90 percent of all face-offs. He’s definitely a game changer. As the game grinds on, he gets stronger, and when he gets stronger, everybody else seems to follow. We’re looking ahead with Jack this year. Dartmouth is lucky to get him. I think he’s going to produce the first year that he goes out there.”
About Jack:
Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo
Favorite movie: Kicking and Screaming or School of Rock
Favorite music: Alternative Rock

Dustin Buchanan – St. Joseph’s University

Dustin Buchanan (St. Joseph's)

Dustin Buchanan (St. Joseph’s)

Major: “Undecided, but I know the Haub School of Business at St. Joe’s is really good, and I was really interested in that because I do like business.”
Final list of colleges: St. Joe’s, Fairfield, Maryland, Notre Dame
Reasons for choosing St. Joe’s: “I looked at a bunch of schools throughout the recruiting process, and once I got to St. Joe’s, I kind of felt at home. I know a kid from CB East that went to St. Joe’s, so I knew a little bit about it. He liked it a lot. I went down there, and the facilities were great, the buildings were nice. I stayed over with the team, and all the teammates were cool and welcomed me in pretty nicely. I felt it was a good home. I didn’t want to go too far from home, so an hour is pretty good.”
What was the progression that led you to playing lacrosse at the collegiate level? “I started playing lacrosse very late compared to other kids. I started in sixth grade compared to some of the other kids that started in first (grade). I was always a football kid when I was younger, and then I decided to play lacrosse, and it just grew on me. I got into the Duke’s summer program, and they kind of opened me up to all the colleges and how to talk to them. It was kind of a fun experience. My freshman year I started to decide I wanted to go D-1 and I wanted to pursue that goal. I always wanted to go to Michigan for football. That was one of my big dreams, but it turned into lacrosse, so I was like, ‘All right, I might as well go D-1 in lacrosse’ because I felt that was my best bet. I just loved the sport ever since I started playing.”
Coach Bruce Garcia says: “St. Joe’s picked Dustin early – I think they picked him when he was a sophomore. Dustin could have his pick (of colleges). He is probably the best long stick defensive midfielder that has ever come out of this area. Dustin has the ability to start right out of the box next year for St. Joe’s. He’s going to have a great year this year. Without a doubt, he is the best.”
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite movie: Step Brothers
Favorite music: Rap

Michael Eveland – Robert Morris University

Michael Eveland (Robert Morris)

Michael Eveland (Robert Morris)

Major: Finance
Final list of colleges: Robert Morris, Loyola, Manhattan, Jacksonville
Reasons for choosing Robert Morris: “I took a visit out there after visiting a few other schools. I got on campus, and I really liked the feel of the whole campus. The coaches were really into the team, and the guys meshed real well.”
What was the progression that led you to playing collegiate lacrosse? “When I was young playing the sport, I always saw a lot of East guys going on (to college) to play the sport. I saw a few college games, and I realized at a young age that was my dream. I knew if I could play lacrosse to get into a good school, I wanted to do that.”
Coach Bruce Garcia says: “Michael is, without a doubt, a solid defenseman. Going on to Robert Morris – he’s joining two of his other classmates from last year at Robert Morris. They are a first-year Division One program this year. He’ll meet them in their second year. Michael will be ready to contribute within a year after getting there. He’s one of those silent types, but he’s definitely a team leader and always has been at the defensive end of the field. We feel that we win games with our defense. The offense definitely brings in spectators to watch the game, but we win our games with defense, and he’s, without a doubt, the leader on defense this year.”
Favorite food: Hot Wings
Favorite movie: The Other Guys
Favorite music: Alternative

Sean McGovern – Boston University

Sean McGovern (BU)

Sean McGovern (BU)

Major: International Business
Final list of colleges: Boston University, Lehigh, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard
Reasons for choosing Boston U: “It’s a great campus, great campus life, and I love the area. They have a great coaching staff, and when I went up there to visit, I kind of fit right in with the guys. All around, it was just a great fit for me.”
What was the progression that led you to playing collegiate sports? “My dad played Division III for West Chester, so I was introduced to lacrosse at a young age. I always wanted to play at a higher level after high school. The next move for me to make would be to go to college for lacrosse.”
Coach Bruce Garcia says: “Sean, in the cage, is determined and focused. He’s going to do well at Boston. I think he’s placed there very well. It’s a new Division One program, and him starting there – I think he’s a good anchor for them. Probably within two years he’ll be starting up there, and intelligence-wise, he has the grades for being at BU.”
Favorite food: Cheesesteak
Favorite movie: Interstellar
Favorite music: Rap



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