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Berwyn Sports Club (@BerwynClub) will open in summer for kids ‘to pursue their dreams’

Thursday, 24th February 2022

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 2/24/22

John Bickel believes, more than ever, that young athletes need opportunities – or in this case the proper facility – to pursue their dreams. That’s why he and his business partner decided to develop and build Berwyn Sports Club.

“Sports is a huge outlet for kids, it’s where they learn to fail, learn to get back up, learn to compete, gain that mental toughness to succeed and realize down the road those are meaningful life lessons” Bickel said “It doesn’t matter if they are the best or the worst, everyone can achieve and improve and that’s what life is all about; show up and compete.”

“This is a place where athletes can pursue their dreams.”

Bickel, a former lacrosse player, a former high school coach and current club lacrosse coach/director, said Berwyn Sports Club is set to open in early June. The facility, built over 10 acres in Tredyffryn Township, will feature a 35,000-square foot field house, a fitness and 7,000-foot training facility, a full outdoor turf field and two grass practice areas for lacrosse and field hockey.

John Bickel in front of the Fieldhouse

The Berwyn Sports Club, a 501 non-profit and private club, is located off Cassatt Road, not far from Rt. 202 in Chester County. It features huge windows and large garage-door openings with a mezzanine area for spectators that surrounds the entire fieldhouse.

Bickel said Team TEN, a boys’ club program that started 6 years ago, will call Berwyn Sports its new home. A newly formed lacrosse program, Team Philly Iggles will be based out of the Berwyn Sports Club as well. The team will be designed for high school age players to represent the Philly Area in 1-2 tournaments a year that draw national teams. also welcomes Berwyn Sports Club as its new boys’ recruits sponsor.

Bickel said the need for an indoor-outdoor complex for lacrosse and other sports was clear. Berwyn Sports Club has a unique setup with the garage openings leading to the outdoor turf field. In back it has a 40×80-yard grass field and a 35×35-yard field. There is ample room for players to throw against the wall inside or out.

What’s more, Bickel feels athletic development is enhanced by physical fitness training and instruction so he hired Performance Coach Troy Gallen (Malvern Prep grad) to run the fitness/training center. Performance Coach at the IM Health Performance Center. Gallen, a former football player at Delaware who also was a Division 1 track athlete, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA and holds a special interest in Speed Development for all athletes.

“Our goal was always to have the combination of an indoor facility and outdoor fields, ” said Bickel. “We foresee offering programming internally, as well as 3rd party training. It’s all about training and kids getting better. Today’s lacrosse players are playing way too many games, too many tournaments and it’s all at the expense of developing proper skills/fundamentals and athletic/physical training.

“If you have a dream, come on over and chase it down; but make no mistake bring your lunch pail mentality because you’re going to have to earn everything you want once you get here.

“Troy Gallen is an absolute superstar who is great for athletes,” added Bickel. “He can put them on a path for physical improvement.”

The group purchased the land plot 3 years ago and with the intention to improve the sports community. “It’s a non-profit, every decision we make starts and ends with the same simple question, ‘what’s best for the kids?!’

“There are going to be so many young athletes impacted by this facility it’s really exciting to think about!”

The group investigated the ideal facility by looking at other multi-sport complexes in and out of the state and at universities.

“We visited a few places, here and in the Pittsburgh area and also at some universities to see what they did,” he said. “We took everything they did and took it all in. We figured out what we wanted to do and how it would fit into the property.”

Rendered view from the turf field at Berwyn Sports Club
Rendered view from on the fieldhouse field
Rendered view through a garage-door opening to turf field
Rendered view from the mezzanine
Fitness Center Rendering
Rendered Fitness Center Equipment


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