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Training in the pandemic: QuickSTX helps you practice stick skills – scooping, cradling, passing, shooting, dodging, catching

Friday, 26th February 2021

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From Press Release

QuickSTX, by Twig Sports, is the only lacrosse training device with a fully retractable ball attached to the lacrosse head, allowing players to play wall ball without the wall wherever they go.

QuickSTX lets you not only cradle the ball, but also throw and catch the ball repeatedly using quick motion to enhance your dexterity, speed, and control. You no longer need a partner or lacrosse wall – QuickSTX lets you practice outdoors, indoors, warm up before games, in the off-season and more.

Using proprietary technology not found anywhere else, QuickSTX gives you different levels of technique and difficulty for short poles, long poles, and goalies. QuickSTX is perfect for goalies, defenders, mid-fielders, and attackers.

QuickSTX can be attached to the lacrosse head using just the ball or with an additional length of cord that allows multiple different techniques to be used.

Practice all your basic and advanced skills – scooping, cradling, passing, shooting, dodging and catching.

The price is only $29.99 – click here to order

How to Attach QuickSTX

QuickSTX may be attached to the head of the lacrosse stick at the scoop, on the mesh near the shooting string or in the pocket, based on your preference.

There are three different options for attaching QuickSTX to the head of the lacrosse stick. Each option allows you to practice different skills.

Without elasticized cord: attach the lacrosse ball directly to the head of the lacrosse stick. This set up is for improving your close in speed and agility, as well as shooting skills.
With the elasticized cord: attach the cord to the lacrosse ball and then attach the cord to the head of the lacrosse stock. This set up is for practicing different throwing and catching techniques, as well as cradling and shooting skills.

How to Use QuickSTX

  1. Start off in an athletic stance
  2. Cock back arm as if you were about to throw the ball
  3. Throw the ball with force like a regular pass (don’t worry, you can throw it pretty hard)
  4. After ball is at full extension quickly catch in the same position you started from
  5. Repeat over and over again and get better and better! *** The lacrosse ball comes with an embedded retracting device and two different cords that allow you to use the ball in a ton of different ways. The product does not include lacrosse stick or the basket/head. ***

Twig Sports’ Vision

At Twig Sports, we are focused on helping athletes achieve their performance goals. We believe we can help enhance your athletic capabilities by offering a variety of effective and unique training equipment and devices. Our experienced team is focused on skill development and offering great products that help you train to grow your game.

Our premier flagship athletic training products include the Twig Handle and QuickSTX. Browse our store for these great products and more!


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