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Team Money’s ‘Petri Dish’ formula working for up-and-coming lacrosse program in Central PA

Sunday, 31st October 2021

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 10/31/21

FREDERICA, Del. – Landon Craley said it’s easy to explain why the Team Money 2023 club team is successful.

“To start, our chemistry on and off the field makes it all work,” said the midfielder from Red Lion HS. “We might not be the best team at the tournament, but we’ll beat teams with better athletes.

Team Money’s Connor Fritz (left, Cumberland Valley), Landon Craley (Red Lion HS)

“From a personal standpoint, it’s fun to go to practice and know my brothers are there to make it more fun. I know at games the guys are not there to get one college to look at them; everyone is trying to help each other get good looks. And we play a fast paced game; we’re already (playing) closer to the college level than others.”

On Saturday, Craley’s Team Money squad went 3-0 in the high school division (no championship decided) at the Victory Events Boys’ Fall Classic at Delaware Turf. The 2023 squad was the first formed when Founder/2023 coach Josh Bergey created the club with his wife, Katie 7 years ago in an area of Central Pennsylvania (Cumberland County) that had few youth programs.

“When I moved up to Central PA with my wife I saw a void,” said Bergey, a Philly native who was a two-time scholastic All-American at Tatnall School (DE) and a two-time Division III All-American and a national champion at Salisbury. “Lacrosse up in this area was a first generation sport.

“We wanted to put out a good product with good coaches that coach culture and coach the game the way it’s supposed to be played. We don’t play selfish; we play like a team and we play hard.”

The 2023 team has emerged as a solid club tourney squad. During July the 2023 squad won the Odyssey Lacrosse Nova Shootout in Virginia in a tourney the team dedicated to teammate Declan Robinson, who was recovering from a recent brain surgery at CHOP. Robinson has miraculously recovered in the past few months and competed Saturday for the first time. (Five of the program’s other six team reached the finals of their Hogans hershey tourney that weekend in Robinson’s honor).

“This 2023 team is special; I call them my petri dish, it was my opportunity to start from scratch and implement the things I wanted to preach,” Bergey said. “They just play for each other. Whenever you’re out there for each other against a team that is playing like individuals, the team always wins.”

Team Money founder Josh Bergey (left), attackman Zack Belknap (Cocalico)

On Saturday Team Money outscored its three foes, 32-8, toppling HLC 2022, 7-3, Go Big Gorillas, 15-2, and Rebels, 22-23,10-3.

“Today the key was teamwork as walsys our key to success just transition moving ball up and fdown the field fast getting odd man lays 3 on 2 get that easy shot .

I know what coach bergey has to offer; he is able to teach the little techniques

Bergey, a two-time All-American at Tatnall School (DE) who also was a two-time collegiate All-American and NCAA Division III champion at Salisbury, moved from the Philly suburbs to Central PA and launched the Team Money program 7 years ago with his wife, Katie.

Team Money defeated HLC 2022, 7-3, Go Big Gorillas, 15-2, and Rebels, 22-23,10-3.

“We compete in every game and win a lot and it’s so much fun,” said 2023 attackman Zack Belknap (Cocalico High), who had six goals in the first two games. “Everyone gets along so well and it helps that we’re good at lacrosse too.

“We’ll be out there talking – and it’s not about lacrosse. We just have a great time.”

Connor Fritz, an LSM from Mid-Penn champion Cumberland valley HS, has been with the 2023 team from its inception.

“I joined when it started in 3rd grade,” he said. “Baseball was a little too slow for me. He (Bergey) put me at long pole and ever since I’ve been playing it. He’s one of the first guy that introduced me to it (lacrosse).

“The culture is like a family, not just a team you play for on the weekend,” he said. “Our chemistry helps come game time and today our transition game went really well. We got the ball to the hot hands and on defense we were sliding well and communicating It all worked out well Our goalies were making big saves.”


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