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.@1stStartLax Saturday girls’ summaries – Updated

Saturday, 5th June 2021

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 6/5/21

PIAA Class AA quarterfinals
Strath Haven 21, Mars 8

Strath Haven 15-6-21
Mars 5-3- 8

Strath Haven
Maillet 6g 1a 2dc 3gb
McNeely 5g 2a 11dc 1gb 1ct
Nieczpiel 4g 5dc 1gb
Kelly 3g 2a
H.Murray 2g 1gb
Conner 1g 1a 4gb
Broome 3gb 1ct
Cohen 2gb 1ct
Nichols 1dc 1gb
M.Murray 1gb
Spaulding 3saves 2gb
Yancey 2saves

PIAA Class AA Quarterfinals
Twin Valley 14, Bishop Shanahan 10

Twin Valley 7-7-14
Shanahan 6-4-10

Bishop Shanahan
Ellie Udo 3g
Liv Murphy 4g
Michelle Warren 2g
Soph Lymberis 1g
CeCe Newman 16 saves

Twin Valley
Hadley Munn 3g, 3a
Jade Shearer 4g, 1a
Anna Kaplan 2g, 2a
Julia Givens 2g, 1a
Emma Raines 1g
Sarah Gowman 1g
Jessie Robinette 1g
Emma Winther 1a
Ava Morrow 7 saves

PIAA AAA quarterfinals
Manheim Township 20, Shady Side Academy 10

Manheim Twp
S Witwer 6g, 5dc
C Heller 5g
M Rice 3g, 3a
A Dotter 3g, 2a
B Hilbert 3g, 2a, 1dc, 4gb
E Hagg 2dc
D Nee 2Dc
B Campagna 5dc
C Campagna 1a

PIAA AAA Quarterfinals
Conestoga 17, Unionville 6

Conestoga 9 8 – 17
Unionville 5 1 – 6

Megan Marengo 5G
Kate Galica 4G 3A
Rachel Clark 3G 1A
Melissa Hewitt 3G
Piper Kienzel 1G 1A
Anna DeVuono 1G
Gabby Ridder 2A
Alana Lepore 4 saves

Maddie Passarello 2G
Riley Glackin 2G
Lily Dietrich 1G
Delaney Harlan 1G
Paris Concord 2A
Mattie Robitzer 12 saves

PIAA AAA quarterfinals
Radnor 13, Owen J. Roberts 4

Owen J. Roberts 1 3 – 4
Radnor 5 8 – 13

Owen J. Roberts
Ava Clemson 2G, 2gb
Gabbi Koury 1G 1A, 5gb, 2ct, 4dc
Alexa Vogelman 1G, 2gb, 1ct, 3dc
Rachel Sbei 2g, 1ct
Colby Wasson 1gb, 1ct
Gracyn Smith 1A
Cailin Harrington 2gb, 2ct
Kerrigan Sweeney 5 saves, 1gb, 3ct

Tori DiCarlo: 6g, 3a, 3dc, 2gb
Sheila Esgro: 3g, 2a, 2gb
Sarah Kelley: 2g, 1a, 1ct
Cierra Hopson: 1g
Margaret Mooney: 1g, 5dc, 2gb
Sally Austen: 1dc, 1ct
Julie Breedveld: 2dc
Avery Ciatto: 1gb, 2ct
Katie DeShan: 1gb
Abby Jansen: 4 saves
Elise Palmer: 4 saves

PIAA AA Quarterfinals

Archbishop Carroll 21, Villa Maria Academy 9
Carroll 14 – 7 – 21
Villa Maria – 4 – 5 – 9

Julia Basciano 2g, 3a
Keri Barnett 6g, 1a, 5dc, 1ct, 1gb
Brooke Wilson 3g, 3dc
Machaela Henry 1g, 2dc, 2gb
Emma Talego 2g, 3a, 1gb
Kiley Mottice 4g, 5a, 2dc
Nicole Pawelec 1g, 1a
Sarah Durham 1g
Karli Dougherty 1a, 3dc, 3gb
Cate McConaghy 1g, 1dc
Sienna Golden 2dc
Elal Pergine 1gb
Sophie Kvetan 7 saves
Bridget Robinson 2 saves

Villa Maria
Margie Carden 3g
Clara Meehan 2g
Karina Chieffalo 1g
Alex Touey 1g
Brenna Hill 1g
Maggie Traynor 1g
Kyla Branco 7 saves

PIAA AA quarterfinals
Cardinal O’Hara 16, York Catholic 12

O’Hara 7-9-16
York Catholic 3-9-12

York Catholic
Olivia Staples 3g
Sydney Mentzer 3g 1a
Shannon Staples 2g 1a
Grace Doyle 2g
Maddie Williams 1g
Maddie Perry 2 saves
Amanda Reed 3 saves

Mia Scarduzio 6g, 3a
Ellie Miller 5g, 2a
Maddie Sharkey 2g
Honor Breen 1g
Claire Natoli 1g
Rachel Familetti 1g
Mack Hand 9 saves

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