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Unlimited zoom effects on @ConnectLAX highlight videos improve scouting by coaches

Saturday, 23rd May 2020

Categories Boy's/Men's, Girl's/Women's, High School, Recruiting, Posted 5/23/20 – From Press Release

Highlight video and messaging volume is up 5x and 3.5x over last year on the ConnectLAX platform. While taking your game to college coaches is key, ensuring they can easily scout you is especially important given the flood of video they’re receiving.

Adding a zoom effect to your clips expands the area of the field where your action is. Every individual recruit ($9/month) or recruit that joins via a club gets unlimited zoom effects to enhance their plays whereas others charge hundreds for this premium feature.

It’s painful to see discussion points from our COVID presentation last month (63% reduction in NCAA member grants without March Madness) now impacting schools, with Furman men’s lacrosse disbanding this week. Taking your game to college coaches is key given their travel restrictions, both financial and imposed by Athletic Directors.

With the NCAA D1 dead period extended through June, we’re looking at a compressed recruiting calendar as colleges re-open, possibly earlier than before. For example, Notre Dame is resuming in-person classes on Aug. 10, two weeks earlier than normal, so the semester can finish by Thanksgiving in order to limit students bringing back the virus after break.

Finding colleges that fit (free search:, evaluating (preview: and taking your game to college coaches is key. Any player can click [ View Team Website ] to navigate from our college profiles to the athletics website to learn more and message coaches.

We’re an online platform but we know recruiting happens in person. We’d rather spend this weekend watching the pinnacle of months and years of commitment by college players displayed on the biggest stage, but the lights will be back on and we’ll be there.


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