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Council Rock South (@crsglax) seniors honored in special drive-by ceremony

Wednesday, 29th April 2020

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Council Rock South girls’ lacrosse held a Senior Night Drive-by to honor the team’s seven seniors. Photos provided by CR South girls’ lacrosse. Story courtesy of, Posted 4/29/20

On Monday night, Council Rock South girls’ lacrosse celebrated the team’s seven seniors with a surprise ‘Senior Night Drive-by.’ Organized and planned by coach Madison Hurwitz, the event began at Holland Middle School and included approximately 40 cars with players and coaches, including assistants David Hurwitz, Taylor Hurwitz, Sara Foley and Madeline Gonzalez. Escorting the drive-by was a Northampton Township fire truck and three police cars.

Coach Madison Hurwitz said:  “Before the parade, my mom, my sister and I got in my Jeep and we mapped it out so we knew exactly the proper route. We knew exactly where to turn – we had to skip a couple entrances to make sure that the houses were all on our passenger side because that’s the side that was decorated most. I had two friends alternating houses to video, so every house got a great video.

“The seniors had no idea we were doing it. They thought myself and my assistant coaches were going over to take pictures of them with their families. On April 1, I texted them and I said ‘Save the date. Your coaches are going to come over, and we’re going to take some pictures.’ So every Monday I would remind them.

“Meanwhile, 37 other girls were behind the scenes making posters, decorating their cars, keeping it a secret. We all met at Holland Middle School, and the team got a surprise in that we were escorted by a fire truck and three police cars. The team didn’t know that was happening, but the coaches did, and the fire truck honestly made the whole parade. It was so awesome. It was so loud, it was so fun – everybody was honking, everybody was crying. It could not have gone any better. The seniors were totally and completely surprised. It was great.”

Co-captain Claudia Steinmetz:  “Honestly, at first, I thought it was just going to be the coaches and our family. Then I thought maybe a few teammates would be in the line. I was not expecting those cop cars and a fire truck. It was crazy. It brought back the sadness that we weren’t able to have our season, but it was really nice seeing all my teammates. It was just a really happy moment – probably the best during this quarantine actually. That was fun.

“The hardest thing was losing our senior year – it really stinks, but there are worse things that could be happening during this time. There was a lot of hope for this season, so it was a real bummer to not even get a game in, but we’re getting through it.”

Co-captain Kristen Lee:  “Our coach told me and my family to be out in our front lawn or driveway, so I thought she was going to come by with the other coaches – they’d take a few pictures or we would just talk to each other because we haven’t seen each other since our last practice before everything was cancelled. We got something that was not expected at all. I was flustered, and I was like – oh my god, our neighbors are going to think something’s going on because there were police cars and a fire truck, but after they went by and I saw all my teammates and coaches, I cheered up. At the end when coach Madi pulled up in her Jeep, I cried a little bit because I was just amazed by all of it.

“This is the next best thing to having a Senior Night, and obviously, at this point, it is the best thing because right now it’s not possible to have a Senior Night, let alone have a lacrosse game. Just to have this happen is the best thing. I was able to see most of my teammates even though it was six feet away or even more, and I was able to see my coaches.

“Our last day of practice we didn’t know it was going to be our last day because that was at the point where they were just delaying things until a couple weeks later or a month later. I don’t think I fully lost hope. I just thought – we’ll have off for a month, and we’ll come back. As time went on when they started to delay things more and more and they finally said, ‘the school year is over,’ I don’t think I actually processed it for a while because I was in disbelief – there’s no way this is happening, school is cancelled.

“I think it took me a while, and to be honest, I think I’ve avoided processing it because it was such a big thing. Every athlete looks forward to their senior season, and I was so ready and so was all my team. Just to have it taken away from us was very shocking and sad. Up until now, I’ve tried to be positive. This whole Senior Night was a closure kind of thing for me – in a good way.”



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