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Train with and get coached by college coaches at @thinklaxtourney Elite Combine

Thursday, 7th March 2019

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ConnectLAX is excited to partner with Thinklax Tournaments, which will run the Summer Genesis and Elite Combine June 7-9 at In the Net, Palmyra, PA.

The Summer Genesis team tournament (June 8-9) is often regarded as one of the most competitive girls’ events of the summer (Classes 2020 to 2023) and is a very large draw for college coaches. With so many coaches in town, they’ve added an individual, elite combine on the Friday before the tournament starts so players can get added exposure in a more intimate recruiting environment.

ConnectLAX had a quick Q&A with Michael Haight – Good Counsel Girls Lacrosse and Owner of thinkLAX tournaments about the elite combine. Coach Haight was inducted to the good Counsel Hall of Fame in 2017 and has been teaching and coaching for years, leading Good Counsel to numerous WCAC Championships, Coach of the Year honors and national rankings.

1) With Summer Genesis being a staple of the recruiting calendar, an individual event beforehand makes a lot of sense, but for those less familiar with the combine format, can you explain how this mixes instruction and game play with college coaches and why this is favored by them?

Haight: “Summer Genesis consistently draws in excess of 300 college coaches per year. Being the first recruiting event of the summer the Summer Genesis Elite Player Combine will provide a fresh look to all the players attending going into the weekend. With over 325 teams attending Summer Genesis from all over the country coaches wanted to see athletes more than just in their games. College coaches exclusively run the Summer Genesis Elite Player Combine. They will run the warm-ups, coach players in their favorite drills, and then be coaching players directly in games. College coaches want to see how players react to their coaching style and player’s coachabilty. This will be an intimate look to see if players can fit that particular college coach’s style and be a fit for their program.”

2) How has the location, venue and format driven so many players to register? It’s location is clearly central for a lot of college coaches.

Haight: “Located in Hershey, PA we are in the heart of the East Coast. Even if you are not participating in Summer Genesis attending the combine is a must for College Recruitment. We are located a few hours from NYC, Baltimore, New Jersey, and Washington, DC! The college coaches already have Summer Genesis on their recruiting calendar so they will be in attendance!”

3) I understand this event is exclusively run by college coaches, can you help explain what that means and why it’s important.

Haight: “College coaches are looking to work with players individually either here or at their own camps. They want to see the girls work hard, be able to be coached, and get better. This is very important in the recruiting process because players are getting to work intimately with coaches and coaches can form SOLID OPINIONS of players at the Summer Genesis Elite Player Combine.”

4) What do you recommend players focus on when preparing for these events and tips to stay loose while playing in front of a sideline of college coaches?

Haight: “A couple reminders that coaches want to see hustle from either a good play or a bad play, how do you respond? Coaches are always looking for great stick skills, speed, intensity and the ability to get better. To stay loose, be confident in your abilities, put time on the wall, and stay in great shape!”

5) What criteria do you recommend players and parents consider when evaluating which individual recruiting events to attend?

Haight: “The criteria in picking a combine is to determine the price vs. what you are getting from the event. We will guarantee to get our players in front of each coach that is working at our combine. That is super important. Our coaches are looking to help develop kids whether for their program or another program. Our coaches have worked clinics before and are considered some of the top teachers of the game. Whether you goal is recruitment or just to get better, please note that this event focuses on both!”

The Price is $250.

Registration includes a collegiate information session led by college coaches and a reversible jersey and shorts. With registration limited to 120 players per class, click here to learn more:


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