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Philly teams win championships at The Grind

Wednesday, 1st August 2018

Categories Club, Girl's/Women's, Posted 8/1/18

Many Philly teams recently found success at this summer’s The Grind tournament. Organized and run by Phoenixville-based Ultimate Events and Sports, The Grind is one of the nation’s premier recruiting tournaments, featuring over 300 teams from 17 different states in addition to coaches from over 200 colleges.

Ultimate (PA) 2021 Blue won a division title at The Grind

The Grind was held in Chester County, PA with several PA teams making use of the home-field-advantage. 9 of the 25 sectional champions hailed from the Philly region. Other winners came from CT, MD, NC, NJ, NY, OH. Area champions include the following teams:

2024 Ultimate 24/25 (NJ)
2023 Ultimate Chester County 2023 (PA)
2023 Headstrong 2023 (PA)
2022 SouthShore 2022 (NJ)
2022 Big 4 HHH 2022 (PA)
2021 Ultimate PA 2021 Blue (PA)
2021 Ultimate Chester County 2021 (PA)
2020 SJ Devils 2020 Black (NJ)
2020 Big 4 HHH 2020 (PA)

“We are very pleased with this summer’s The Grind,” said Ultimate Events and Sports Co-Owner Rebecca Wells. “The Grind is always one of our most well-attended tournaments. College coaches that attended were happy with the talent on show, and several club coaches reached out and thanked us for exposing their players to talented teams from across the country.”

One of the largest and most competitive tournaments in the nation, The Grind is a USL National Qualifier for U13s-U11s. All teams were grouped by similar levels of play to help ensure all games were competitive. The Grind offers more playing time than most tournaments, offering athletes more opportunity to be seen by college coaches, giving teams the best value for their fee.

Hundreds of college coaches attended The Grind, including coaches from Boston University, Colegate, Fairfield, George Mason, Navy, Northwestern, Princeton, Temple, UMass, Louisville, Michigan, Notre Dame, Villanova, and Yale.

Please find a full list of The Grind champions below:

2019 Liberty Lax 2019 Black (NY)
2019 Integrity 2019 (MD)
2019 MFL Elite 2019 Black (OH)
2019 X-Treme Lax Factory 2019 (NJ)

2020 Big 4 HHH 2020 (PA)
2020 Prime Time2020 (NY)
2020 MFL Elite 2020 Black (OH)
2020 SJ Devils 2020 Black (NJ)

2021 Ultimate PA 2021 Blue (PA)
2021 Ultimate CC 2021 (PA)
2021 Charlotte Style 2021 (NC)
2021 Nor’easter 2021 Gray (CT)

2022 Big 4 HHH 2022 (PA)
2022 Salt City 2022 (NY)
2022 True Lacrosse Pittsburg Elite (PA)
2022 SouthShore 2022 (NJ)

2023 Ultimate CC 2023 (PA)
2023 Headstrong 2023 (PA)
2023 STEPS Elite 2023 White (NJ)
2023 X-Treme Lax Factory 2023 Black (NJ)

2024 LBC Lacrosse Club 2024 (MD)
2024 Salt City 2024 (NY)
2024 Ultimate 24/25 (NJ)

2025 STEPS Elite 2025 Blue (NJ)
2025 Salt City 2025 (NY)


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