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Philly men named to Centennial Conference Silver Anniversary Team

Saturday, 11th August 2018

Categories Boy's/Men's, College, Posted 8/11/18
From Press Release

The Centennial Conference is celebrating 25 years as one of the elite small college athletic conferences in the country with the announcement of its Silver Anniversary teams, highlighting the best of the best over our first quarter-century.

Dickinson’s Matt Cherry (Radnor)

For inclusion on a Silver Anniversary team, a student must have a degree from one of the Conference institutions and met one of the following qualifications:
• 3-time or 4-time first-team All-Centennial performer
• 2-time Centennial Conference Player of the Year
• 1st team All-America AND 2-time first-team All-Centennial performer
• 2-time All-America (1st, 2nd or 3rd team)
For individual sports such as swimming and track and field, the accomplishments must have occurred in the same event.

Men’s Lacrosse
Fifty-three (53) men were named to the Silver Anniversary team in men’s lacrosse. Washington College won the national championship in 1998, while five other teams – Washington College (1996-97) and Gettysburg (2001-02-09) – reached the national final. Two players – Tommy Kehoe of Gettysburg (2009) and Brandon Palladino of Dickinson (2013) – earned National Player of the Year honors, while 10 others received national position player of the year laurels.

Name School Year Graduated
Brandon Palladino Dickinson 2013
Peter Zouck Dickinson 2013
Matt Cherry (Radnor, Israeli National Team) Dickinson 2013
Brian Cannon Dickinson 2014
Chris Mergardt Franklin & Marshall 1996
Tom Coleman Franklin & Marshall 1998
Matt Capone Franklin & Marshall 2005
Andrew Setian Franklin & Marshall 2012
Sean Rogers Franklin & Marshall 2018
Tim DeMore Gettysburg 1995
Brian McGurn Gettysburg 1995
Dave Cornell Gettysburg 1996
Jake Kovalcik Gettysburg 1996
Joe Feldman Gettysburg 1997
James Gohng Gettysburg 1997
Lee Hemming Gettysburg 1999
Brian Abbott Gettysburg 1999
Andrew Barter Gettysburg 2000
Tommy Pearce Gettysburg 2001
Mike Plantholt Gettysburg 2001
Tim McGinnis Gettysburg 2003
Matt McMillen Gettysburg 2003
Chase Stewart (Downingtown High) Gettysburg 2006
Pat Vaughan Gettysburg 2007
Andrew McGann Gettysburg 2008
Tommy Kehoe Gettysburg 2009
Joe Brody Gettysburg 2010
Tim Kurpis Gettysburg 2010
Bijan Firouzan Gettysburg 2015
Jameson Smith Gettysburg 2016
Geoff Davis Gettysburg 2016
Chris Anderson Haverford 2001
Max Hjelm (Conestoga) Haverford 2011

Joe Ellis McDaniel 2003
Josh Hanlon (Washington Township-NJ coach, former Neshaminy coach, graduated from Council Rock and played for Lower Bucks Lacrosse) McDaniel 2004
Brian Neff Ursinus (Ephrata) 2016
George Atterbury (Malvern Prep) Washington College 1997
Chris McGlone Washington College 1998
Justin McCarthy (Haverford High) Washington College 1999
John Fuller Washington College 1999
Scott McGilvray Washington College 1999
Jon Fellows Washington College 2002
Steve Berger Washington College 2004
Richard Yost Washington College 2004
Kyle Mitten Washington College 2005
Greg Vetter Washington College 2005
Jon Spivey Washington College 2005
Jon Kenney Washington College 2007
Chris Read Washington College 2008
Gordon Cohen Washington College 2009
Bennett Cord Washington College 2013
Casey McKnight Washington College 2014
Michael Trapp Washington College 2015


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