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Philly players selected in MLL Supplemental Draft

Thursday, 17th December 2015

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Attackman Jeremy Boltus was selected No.1 overall by the Atlanta Blaze in the 2016 MLL Supplemental Draft on Wednesday, making this the fifth team in Boltus’ professional career.

Boltus was originally selected in the 2011 Collegiate Draft by the Hamilton Nationals and became the Nationals’ leading scorer with 19 goals. He went on to become the 2011 Cascade MLL Rookie of the Year. The Charlotte Hounds picked up Boltus during the 2012 MLL Expansion Draft with the 2nd overall pick. The Army graduate played the next season with the Denver Outlaws before serving a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan in 2014. Boltus joined the Rochester Rattlers in 2015 and was named the Coca Cola Player MVP for the 2015 MLL All Star Game with 6 goals on the night.

The Supplemental Draft, designed to strengthen teams’ rosters from 23 to 35 players, had draft pick trades between the Hounds and the Chesapeake Bayhawks in the first round. The Hounds traded their 2nd and 20th overall picks in exchange for the Bayhawks’ 4th and 13th overall selections.

1 Atlanta Blaze Jeremy Boltus Attack
TRADE: Charlotte trades #2 & #20 to Chesapeake for #4 & #13 Supp Draft picks
2 Chesapeake Bayhawks (From Charlotte) Nick Ossello Midfield
3 Florida Launch Ken Claussen (Hill School) Defense
4 Charlotte (from Chesapeake) Colin Dunster Defense
5 Denver Outlaws Luke Duprey Defense
6 Boston Cannons Mike Rooney Attack
7 Atlanta Blaze Josh Dionne Attack
8 Rochester Rattlers Conor Doyle Attack
9 Charlotte Hounds Sean Young Defense

10 Atlanta Blaze Hakeem Lecky Midfield
11 Charlotte Hounds Stephen O’Hara (St. Joseph’s Prep) Defense
12 Florida Launch Erik Smith Midfield
13 Charlotte Hounds (from Chesapeake) Ryan Kilpatrick (Salesianum School) LSM
14 Florida Launch Owen Blye (Downingtown East) Attack
15 Chesapeake Bayhawks Kyle Sweeney (Springfield-Delco) Defense
16 Ohio Machine Jack Rice Attack
17 Rochester Rattlers Kip Orban Midfield
18 New York Lizards Jordan Hall Midfield

19 Atlanta Blaze Michael Pellegrino Defense
20 Chesapeake Bayhawks (from Charlotte) Callum Robinson Defense
21 Florida Launch Matt Clarkson Midfield
22 Florida Launch Kevin Randall Defense
23 Denver Outlaws Thomas Kelly Midfield/FO
24 Boston Cannons Andrew Sellers Defense
25 Ohio Machine Matt Harris Defense/LSM
26 Rochester Rattlers Graeme Hossak LSM
27 New York Lizards Brian Megill Defense

28 Atlanta Blaze Patrick Resch (La Salle) Midfield

29 Charlotte Hounds Stephen Keogh Attack
30 Florida Launch Daniel Eipp Attack
TRADE: Chesapeake trades #31 Supp Draft pick to Denver in return for Anthony Kelly
31 Denver Outlaws (from Chesapeake) Ryan LaPlante Goalie
32 Denver Outlaws Greg Melaugh Attack
33 Boston Cannons Michael Begley Midfield
34 Ohio Machine Adam Fullerton Goalie
35 Rochester Rattlers Mark Cockerton Attack
36 New York Lizards Steven Dircks Defense

37 Atlanta Blaze David Planning Midfield
38 Florida Launch Jeremy Thompson Midfield
39 Ohio Machine Sam Snow Midfield
40 Chesapeake Bayhawks Joe McCallion (Haverford School, Penn) Midfield
41 Charlotte Hounds Pierce Bassett Goalie
42 Boston Cannons Beau Wood Attack
43 Ohio Machine Chris Piccerilli (Villanova) Defense
44 Rochester Rattlers Matt Striebel Midfield
45 New York Lizards Cody Jamieson Attack

46 Atlanta Blaze Josh Amidon Midfield
47 Charlotte Hounds Alex Zomerfeld Midfield
48 Rochester Rattlers Robert Dattilo Midfield/FO
49 Chesapeake Bayhawks Matt Bertrams Midfield
50 Denver Outlaws Ryan Kormondy Midfield
51 Boston Cannons Jack Runkel Goalie
52 Ohio Machine Brandon Mangan Attack
53 Rochester Rattlers Henry Cometti Midfield
54 New York Lizards Michael Kimmel Midfield

55 Atlanta Blaze Johnny Rodriguez Goalie
56 Charlotte Hounds Stephen Ianzito Midfield
57 Florida Launch Pat Farrell (St. Joseph’s Prep) Defense
58 Chesapeake Bayhawks Rob Guida Midfield
59 Denver Outlaws Knute Krauss Defense
60 Boston Cannons Greg Rogowski Attack
61 Ohio Machine Sean Maehr Midfield
62 Rochester Rattlers Kyle Rubisch Defense
63 New York Lizards Mike Malave Midfield

64 Atlanta Blaze Matthew Poillon (Lehigh) Goalie

65 Charlotte Hounds Joe Meuer Defense
66 Florida Launch John Ortolani Midfield/FO
67 Chesapeake Bayhawks Kip Turner Goalie
68 Denver Outlaws Austin Geisler Goalie
69 Boston Cannons Ryan Hollenbaugh Midfield
70 Ohio Machine Tim Cox Midfield
71 Rochester Rattlers Steven Boyle Attack
72 New York Lizards Bo Stafford Attack

73 Atlanta Blaze Geoff Schneider Midfield/FO
74 Charlotte Hounds Todd Heritage Attack
75 Florida Launch Duncan Clancy Midfield
76 Chesapeake Bayhawks Andrew Casimir Defense
77 Denver Outlaws Zach Greer Attack
78 Boston Cannons Sean Lawton Midfield
79 Ohio Machine Dillon Levings Midfield/FO
80 Rochester Rattlers Curtis Dickson (Delaware) Attack
81 New York Lizards Cam Flint Midfield

82 Atlanta Blaze Chase Carraro Midfield
83 Charlotte Hounds Billy Ward Midfield
84 Florida Launch Mark McNeill Midfield
85 Chesapeake Bayhawks Alex Love Attack
86 Chesapeake Bayhawks Ed Castranova Midfield
87 Boston Cannons Mike Maggio Midfield
88 Ohio Machine Kevin Kelly (Le Moyne College) Attack
89 Rochester Rattlers Matt Miller Defense
90 New York Lizards Adam Rand Midfield

91 Atlanta Blaze Brendan Porter Midfield
92 Charlotte Hounds Kiel Matisz Midfield
93 Florida Launch Sean Lindsay Midfield
94 Chesapeake Bayhawks Tony Rossi Midfield
95 Denver Outlaws Andrew Hodgson Midfield
96 Boston Cannons Eric Hagarty Goalie
97 Ohio Machine Zach Palmer Attack
98 Rochester Rattlers Brendan Saylor Attack
99 New York Lizards Sean Brady Goalie

100 Atlanta Blaze Brian Cooper Defense
101 Charlotte Hounds Greg Edmonds Midfield
102 Florida Launch Connor Hunt Defense
103 Chesapeake Bayhawks Ray Megill Defense
104 Denver Outlaws Chris Conroy Defense
105 Boston Cannons TA Demoulas Midfield
106 Ohio Machine Steven Romano Midfield
107 Rochester Rattlers Timothy Harder Midfield
108 New York Lizards Chris Madalon Goalie

109 Atlanta Blaze Drew Kennedy Faceoff
110 Charlotte Hounds Nate Norbo Defense
111 Chesapeake Bayhawks Ryan Belka Midfield
112 Denver Outlaws Chris May Faceoff
113 Boston Cannons Spencer Schnell Midfield
114 Ohio Machine Ty Souders (Lehigh) Defense
115 Rochester Rattlers Jason LaShomb Goalie
116 New York Lizards Max Van Bourgondien Midfield

117 Atlanta Blaze Rick Lewis Midfield
118 Chesapeake Bayhawks Mike O’Neil Midfield
119 Denver Outlaws Nick Contino Defense
120 Boston Cannons Tom Compitello Attack
121 Ohio Machine Reagan Harding Midfield
122 Rochester Rattlers Kyle VanThoff Midfield

123 Atlanta Blaze Jonathan Gill Defense
123 Chesapeake Bayhawks Joe Lustgarten Midfield
124 Denver Outlaws Joe Corapi Midfield
125 Boston Cannons Harrison Cotter Midfield
126 Ohio Machine Lee Coppersmith Midfield
127 Rochester Rattlers Mike Tota Midfield

128 Chesapeake Bayhawks Matt Dolente (Malvern Prep) Midfield/FO
129 Denver Outlaws Carson Cannon Defense
130 Denver Outlaws Michael Richards Midfield


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