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Listing of 2015 Delaware high school boys’, girls’ all-conference teams

Wednesday, 8th July 2015

Categories All-League, Boy's/Men's, Girl's/Women's, High School, Posted 7/8/15

2015 Delaware all-conference boys’ and girls’ teams
Courtesy of the Delaware Lacrosse Foundation

2015 Blue Hen Conference Boys Lacrosse Flight A

First Team
Name Position School Grade
John Dunbar Attack Appoquinimink 11
Cross Ferrara Attack Appoquinimink 10
Kyle Mott Attack A.I. duPont 11
Robbie Johnston Midfield Charter School 12
Alex Mikalajzyk Midfield Concord 12
Malcolm Munford Midfield Appoquinimink 12
Nick Ferrara LSM/Specialist Appoquinimink 11
Brady Abraham Defense Middletown 11
Nick Bowen Defense Appoquinimink 10
Shan Siddiqui Defense A.I. duPont 12
Noah Given Goal Keeper Appoquinimink 10

Second Team
Name Position School Grade
Zach Bowen Attack Appoquinimink 10
Shawn Hagerty Attack Newark 12
Sean Doogan Attack Concord 10
Rob McLean Midfield A.I. duPont 11
Bryce Ciarlo Midfield Newark 11
Nick Studevant Midfield William Penn 12
Frankie Datillo LSM/Specialist Middletown 11
Will Poppe Defense William Penn 12
Ashu Mishra Defense Charter School 12
Connor Graser Defense Appoquinimink 10
Dan Zatwarnytsky Goal Keeper Concord 12

Honorable Mention
Name Position School Grade
Shiv Patel Attack William Penn 12
Collin Murphy Attack Charter School 11
Ryan Warwick Attack Newark 11
Warren Underwood Midfield Delcastle 12
Rick Quinney Midfield Concord 12
CJ Dunn Midfield Middletown 12
John Rego LSM/Specialist A.I. duPont 12
Josh Short Defense William Penn 12
Nick Adinolfi Defense Concord 11
Ryan Roach Defense A.I. duPont 12
Conor Dougherty Goal Keeper A.I. duPont 10

Player of the Year: Robbie Johnston Midfield Charter

2015 Blue Hen Conference Boys Lacrosse Flight B

First Team
Name Position School Grade
Nick Fecando Attack Brandywine 12
Shane Williams Attack Brandywine 12
Evan Kobosko Attack St. George’s 12
Danny Beres Midfield St. George’s 12
Josh Fontana Midfield Brandywine 12
EJ Tolbert Midfield Christiana 12
Eric Steinbeiser LSM/Specialist St. George’s 11
Jake Moody Defense St. George’s 9
Jacob Farabaugh Defense Mt. Pleasant 10
Mike McDougal Defense Brandywine 12
Connor Michels Goal Keeper Brandywine 12

Second Team
Name Position School Grade
Alvin Chen Attack Mt. Pleasant
Brandon Margis Attack McKean 12
Seth Schilling Attack Dickinson 12
Antoine Fulton Midfield Mt. Pleasant 12
Eric Clay Midfield Brandywine 11
Cole Sterling Midfield St. George’s 10
Thomas Harmon LSM/Specialist Brandywine 12
Cody Banning Defense St. George’s 12
Aaron Wright Defense Hodgson 9
Colin Michels Defense Brandywine 12
John Thompkins Goal Keeper St. George’s 10

Honorable Mention
Name Position School Grade
Dillon Maziarz Attack St. George’s 12
Justin Dorsey Attack Hodgson 10
Sebastian Thomas Attack Hodgson 11
Conner Flach Midfield Hodgson 10
James Evans Midfield McKean 12
Larry Santiago Midfield Dickinson 12
Michael Lynch LSM/Specialist Hodgson 12
Christian Shaver Defense Dickinson 11
Eric Pearlman Defense St. George’s 12
Ethan Yancy Defense Christiana 12
Adam Apsley Goal Keeper Mt. Pleasant 12

Player of the Year: Danny Beres Midfield St. George’s
Coach of the Year: Steve Shipe St. George’s

2015 Diamond State Athletic Conference All-Conference Boys

First Team
Name Position School Grade
Michael Weaver Attack Delaware Military Academy 12
Colin Duffy Attack Archmere Academy 12
Robbie Baxter Attack Archmere Academy 11
Austin Fedale Attack Wilmington Christian 12
Ben Revak Midfield Archmere Academy 11
Paul Wolfe Midfield Delaware Military Academy 11
Justin Carroll Midfield Delaware Military Academy 11
Alex Fowler Midfield Wilmington Christian 12
Nick Salameda Midfield Specialist Archmere Academy 10
Pat Udovich Defense Archmere Academy 10
Sean Devine Defense Archmere Academy 12
John Howell Defense Delaware Military Academy 12
Michael Palermo Defense Wilmington Christian 12
Alex Kurfuerst Goal Keeper Delaware Military Academy 12

Second Team
Name Position School Grade
Xavier Glavin Attack Archmere Academy 10
Jimmy Steinburg Attack St. Thomas More Academy 10
Joe Ambler Attack Conrad 10
Anthony Brawley Midfield Archmere Academy 12
Billy Thomas Midfield St. Thomas More Academy 12
Kyle Malik Midfield Conrad 12
Xavier Glanzel Midfield Specialist Delaware Military Academy 12
Adam Collins Defense Archmere Academy 12
Cody Barnett Defense Delaware Military Academy 11
Jeff Blackway Defense Conrad 12
Clarke Coury Defense St. Thomas More Academy 12
Jake Mottola Goal Keeper Archmere Academy 11

Honorable Mention
Name Position School Grade
Chris Dean Midfield St. Thomas More Academy 11
Gordon Sumpter Midfield Conrad 12
Caleb Smack Midfield Archmere Academy 12
Jackson Singewald Midfield Archmere Academy 11
Scott Simpson Defense Wilmington Christian 11
LaDel Bush Defense St. Thomas More Academy 11
Josh Aegerter Goal Keeper Conrad 12

Sportsmanship Award: Wilmington Christian
Coach of the Year: Kevin Walker, Delaware Military Academy

2015 DISC All Conference Boys Lacrosse Team

First Team Offense
Name School Grade
Andrew Pettit Tower Hill 12
Russell Applegate Tower Hill 11
Jamie Spruance Tower Hill 10
Adam Mengden Tower Hill 12
Doug McCoy Tower Hill 11
Spencer Peet St. Andrew’s 12
Jake Emanuel Sanford 12
Andrew Jaworski Wilmington Friends 10

First Team Defense:
Name School Grade
Jakob Katzen Wilmington Friends 11
Jimmy Carney Wilmington Friends 12
Tommy Rhodes Wilmington Friends 12
Logan O’Brien Wilmington Friends 12
Mick Togo Tower Hill 11
Jack Guan Tower Hill 12
Erik Lundberg Sanford 12
Garrett Hanrahan St. Andrew’s 11

Second Team:
Name School Grade
Connor Hattersley Tower Hill 12
Richard Corroon Tower Hill 10
Karl Holler Tatnall 10
Sammy Schluter Tatnall 10
Myles Wilson Wilmington Friends 12
Jeff Hollingsworth Wilmington Friends 12
Matt Tornek Wilmington Friends 10
Chase Humphreys Sanford 12
Peter Stansbery St. Andrew’s 12

2015 Henlopen North All Conference Boys Lacrosse

First Team
Name Position School Grade
Michael Hopkins Attack Cape Henlopen 12
Sean Macleish Attack Caesar Rodney 12
David Schmidt Attack Caesar Rodney 12
Kyle Orton Midfield Cape Henlopen 12
Thomas Aloe Midfield Caesar Rodney 12
Dylan Handel Midfield Dover 12
Luke Rankin Faceoff Specialist Caesar Rodney 11
Kevin Sheahan Defense Caesar Rodney 12
Alexander Marshall Defense Cape Henlopen 12
Tobin Fleming Defense Cape Henlopen 12
Travis Quillin Specialist Sussex Tech 12
Christopher Argo Goal Keeper Cape Henlopen 12

Second Team
Name Position School Grade
Jason Whaley Attack Sussex Tech 11
Hank Coveleski Attack Cape Henlopen 11
Nolan Aloe Attack Caesar Rodney 11
Joe Russillo Midfield Smyrna 12
Pat Matsko Midfield Caesar Rodney 11
Erik Stancofski Midfield Cape Henlopen 11
Brinen Lefevre Faceoff Specialist Caesar Rodney 11
Kyle Colburn Defense Smyrna 12
Mark Taylor Defense Dover 12
Cody Sapp Defense Polytech 12
Chase Whaley Specialist Smyrna 12
Tyler Gross Goal Keeper Caesar Rodney 10

Honorable Mention
Name School Grade
Andru Duranso Caesar Rodney 12
Jeb Monigle Cape Henlopen 12
Will Neibrzydowski Dover 9
Jeremy Armann Polytech 12
Jake Kaise Smyrna 10
Patrick Ludwig Sussex Central 10
Adam Johnson Sussex Tech 11

Coach of the Year: Mat Faircloth – Caesar Rodney

2015 Henlopen South All Conference Boys Lacrosse

First Team
Name Position School Grade
Ring Lardner Attack Milford 12
Jeremy Haynes Attack Delmar 11
Zach Heesh Attack Milford 11
Ben Moore Midfield Lake Forest 11
Andrew Blewittt Midfield Delmar 11
George Martin Midfield Indian River 10
Dylan Schleish Faceoff Specialist Milford 12
Dillon Fletcher Defense Delmar 12
Ben Mitzel Defense Milford 12
Anthony Ash Defense Delmar 11
Logan Thomas Specialist Delmar 11
Hayden Mcwilliams Goalkeeper Indian River 10
Clay Stevenson Goalkeeper Milford 11

Second Team
Name Position School Grade
Cole Josetti Attack Indian River 9
Carter Kenton Attack Lake Forest 9
Dallas Rhodes Attack Milford 10
Austin Aguilar Midfield Lake Forest 11
Matt Viramontes Midfield Milford 12
Mark Henderson Midfield Milford 11
Austin Aguilar Faceoff Specialist Lake Forest 11
Dom Sabino Defense Lake Forest 11
Holden Hampton Defense Lake Forest 12
Billy Hopkins Defense Milford 12
Matt Groce Specialist Milford 12

Honorable Mention
Name School Grade
Hunter Gilmore Delmar 9
Josh Lucido Indian River 11
Ryan Sipple Lake Forest 12
Michael Holstein Milford 11

2015 DISC All Conference Girls Lacrosse

First Team
Name Position School Grade
Margo Tschantz Attack Wilmington Friends 12
Eliza Wainwright Attack St. Andrew’s 12
Kiva Walsh Attack Tower Hill 11
Sawyer Chilton Attack/Midfield Tower Hill 12
Emma Lynch Attack/Midfield Tower Hill 12
Meryl Gatti Midfield Wilmington Friends 12
Brooke Winfield Midfield Wilmington Friends 12
Kelsey Mendell Midfield Sanford 12
Mesha Mosley Midfield Sanford 11
Louisa Belk Midfield St. Andrew’s 11
Carrie Priester Midfield St. Andrew’s 12
Margaret Crivelli Midfield Tatnall 12
Abby Manning Midfield Tower Hill 11
Jane Yeatman Defense Wilmington Friends 12
Caroline Nee Defense Tatnall 12
Sophie Peipher Defense Tower Hill 11
Ellie Wakefield Goal Keeper Tower Hill 11

Second Team
Name Position School Grade
Molly Harper Attack Wilmington Friends 12
Martha O’Brien Attack Wilmington Friends 12
Carter Douglas Attack St. Andrew’s 12
Maddie Schwartz Attack Tower Hill 12
Blakeley Simpler Attack Tower Hill 12
Kimmie Riordan Attack/Midfield Sanford 10
Blair Atkins Midfield Wilmington Friends 10
Cindy Lay Midfield St. Andrew’s 9
Emilie Hager Midfield/Defense Tatnall 11
Kelsey Martin Midfield/Defense Tatnall 12
Kaleena Hughes Defense Sanford 11
Neely Egan Defense St. Andrew’s 11
Neva Richardson Defense St. Andrew’s 11
Ella Catterton Defense Tatnall 9
Brianna McCoy Defense Tower Hill 10
Demetria Ruhl Goal Keeper Wilmington Friends 11

Honorable Mention
Name Position School Grade
Meri Seder-Burnaford Attack Sanford 10
Katie Mariner Midfield Tatnall 10

2015 Blue Hen All Conference Girls Lacrosse

First Team
Name Position School Grade
Lexi Mash Attack Charter School 12
Alison Pantazes Attack Middletown 12
Emily Ritter Attack Charter School 12
Heather Estle Midfield Concord 12
Emily Pantazes Midfield Middletown 12
Lexi Johnsten Midfield Middletown 12
Jordan Wood Midfield Charter School 11
Liz Shields Midfield A.I. duPont 11
Delaney Chrisco Midfield Appoquinimink 11
Allison Delaney Defense Newark 12
Caroline Grasso Defense Charter School 11
Sarah Birmingham Goal Keeper Concord 12

Second Team
Name Position School Grade
Molly Ritter Attack Charter School 12
Micheala Vanderslice Attack Glasgow 12
Alyssa More Midfield Mt. Pleasant 12
Cecilia Massey Midfield Hodgson 10
Cady Burnside Midfield Brandywine 11
Caroline Procak Midfield Concord 10
Kendall Adkins Midfield Charter School 10
Kate Walker Midfield Mt. Pleasant 11
Jennifer Kelby Defense Newark 12
Hope Abbott Defense Charter School 10
Lydia Beckman Defense Middletown 12
Rebecca Dolan Goal Keeper Charter School 10

Honorable Mention
Name Position School Grade
Maddie Marconi Attack Concord 11
Nicole Foutana Attack Brandywine 11
Kristin Cunningham Midfield Appoquinimink 9
Katherine Chitty Midfield Charter School 11
Emmy Bates Defense Newark 12
Emma Richmond Defense Mt. Pleasant 12
Payton Shetzler Defense Middletown 12
Danielle Jacoby Defense Glasgow 12
Gia Neel Defense A.I. duPont 11
Caitlin Hawkins Defense Hodgson 12
Georgi Martinez Goal Keeper Christiana 10
Tamar Epps Goal Keeper Newark 12

Player of the Year
Caroline Grasso Defense Charter School


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