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HS honors: South Jersey, Delaware girls named as US Lacrosse Academic All-Americans

Friday, 14th June 2013

Categories All-League, Delaware, Girl's/Women's, High School, Posted 6/14/13

US Lacrosse Academic All-Americans for South Jersey and Delaware, 2013
(Official Philly list to be released soon)US lacrosse

South Jersey

Frankie Angeleri, M (Moorestown HS, 2014)
Merredith Bachler, G (Washington Township HS, 2013)
Katherine Badecker, D (Manasquan, 2013)
Katherine Badecker, D (Manasquan HS, 2013)
Maddie Bandomer, D (Shawnee HS, 2013)
Kristin Baragona, D (Manasquan, 2013)
Kristin Bargona, D (Manasquan HS, 2013)
Kylie Calandra, M (Washington Township HS, 2013)
ssica Castelo, A (Lawrenceville, 2014)
Amanda Casten, M (Red Bank Catholic, 2014)
Chynna Chan, A (Howell HS, 2013)
Caitlyn Covella, M (Our Lady of Mercy Acadamy, 2013)
Shannon Cowles, D (Washington Township HS, 2013)
Maeve Cowley, M (Red Bank Catholic, 2014)
Claire Crowley, M (Lawrenceville, 2014)
Carly Demato, A (Shawnee HS, 2013)
Nicolette Dunphy, A (Rumson Fair Haven, 2014)
Lindsay Fleischer, D (Eastern Regional HS, 2014)
Mary Flick, M (Moorestown HS, 2013)
Sloane Garelick, A (West Windsor Plainsboro HS South, 2013)
Caitlin Garry, D (Jackson Liberty HS, 2013)
Kathleen Gerard, M (Manasquan, 2013)
Kathleen Gerard, M (Manasquan HS, 2013)
Hunter Gray, M (Lenape HS, 2013)
Mackenzie Groark, M (Delran HS, 2014)
Stephanie Hauer, D (Princeton HS, 2014)
Jackie Jones, A (Lawrenceville, 2014)
Madison Jones, D (Lawrenceville, 2014)
Tresa Joseph, D (Lawrenceville, 2014)
Shannon Keeler, G (Moorestown HS, 2013)
Megan Kelly, D (Moorestown HS, 2013)
Rachel Krott, M (West Deptford HS, 2013)
Alexa L’Insalata, G (West Windsor Plainsboro HS North, 2013)
Emilia LopezOna, M (Princeton HS, 2014)
Maria Madsen, A (Howell HS, 2013)
Amanda Mauro, M (Howell HS, 2013)
Marie McCool, M (Moorestown HS, 2014)
Gabrielle Minnite, A (West Deptford HS, 2014)
Kelsey Murphy, M (Freehold Township, 2013)
Shannon Nugent, A (Shawnee HS, 2013)
Aviana Paragio, A (Washington Township HS, 2013)
Kim Pierce, D (West Deptford HS, 2014)
Amanda Rey, D (Washington Township HS, 2013)
Kimberly Richer, D (Seneca HS, 2013)
Macy Scott, M (Toms River South, 2014)
Dana Smith, M (Princeton HS, 2014)
Noelle Smith, M (Moorestown Friends, 2014)
Alyssa Sorrentino, G (West Deptford HS, 2014)
Rachel Taylor, M (Heightstown, 2014)
Madelyn Waschko, A (West Deptford HS, 2013)


Sarah Berg, A (Ursuline Academy, 2013)
Dominique Bivens, A (Sanford School, 2014)
Kellen Cannon, A (Sussex Technical HS, 2013)
Shay Cannon, M (The Tatnall School, 2014)
Jenna Chodos, M (Tower Hill School, 2013)
Cecilia Cicone, G (Ursuline Academy, 2013)
Rosa D’Antonio, M (St Thomas More Academy, 2014)
Jennifer Davis, M (The Tatnall School, 2014)
Maggie Delp, D (Cape Henlopen, 2014)
Kendra Farrell, G (AI duPont HS, 2014)
Anna Gonye, G (Charter School of Wilmington, 2014)
Tess Hanley, M (AI duPont HS, 2013)
Melissa Hanna, D (AI duPont HS, 2013)
Jenna Hayes, M (Polytech HS, 2014)
Dana Holloway, D (The Tatnall School, 2014)
Maxine Joseph, D (Polytech HS, 2013)
Erin Joyce, A (Ursuline Academy, 2014)
Katherine Judge, M (Cape Henlopen, 2014)
Anna Kelly, A (St Thomas More Academy, 2013)
Taylor Kvilhaug, M (Sussex Technical HS, 2014)
Morgan Lamey, M (Charter School of Wilmington, 2014)
Kirsten Lockwood, M (Sussex Technical HS, 2013)
Allison Lonchar, D (St Thomas More Academy, 2013)
Peyton Marcozzi, M (Sanford School, 2014)
Bri Marsico, D (Cape Henlopen, 2013)
Sophie McCoy, M (Tower Hill School, 2013)
Erica Mcgavrn, A (Sanford School, 2014)
Sarah McLaughlin, D (AI duPont HS, 2013)
Marjorie Miller, M (Ursuline Academy, 2013)
Taylor Miller, M (AI duPont HS, 2013)
Alexis Petrosky, M (St Thomas More Academy, 2014)
Kaitlin Reid, M (Charter School of Wilmington, 2014)
Madeline Rogers, G (St Thomas More Academy, 2014)
Cynthia Sellar, M (The Tatnall School, 2014)
Adelaide Stang, A (Polytech HS, 2013)
Katherine Thompson, M/D (Middletown HS, 2013)
Allison Vieira, A (Ursuline Academy, 2013)
Riley Wagner, M (Cape Henlopen, 2014)
Julie Wilson, G (The Tatnall School, 2014)
Sara Young, M (Cape Henlopen, 2013)
Dorian Zimmerman, A (Sussex Technical


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