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Schedules released for Mesa Fresh, Philadelphia Freedom at Dick’s Sporting Goods tourney

Saturday, 22nd December 2012

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The schedules have been released for the annual Dick’s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions Dec. 29-31 at in Wesley Chapel, Fla. (near Tampa).

Philly is sending two teams each from Mesa Fresh and Philadelphia Freedom.

All teams will play either pool play or round robin games, followed by playoffs. Every team, regardless of pool play or round robin record, will compete in the national championship bracket for their respective division.

Mesa Fresh 2014 – last year’s Rising Stars champion – will compete in the Elite Division. Mesa Fresh 2015 will compete in the Rising Stars Division. Meanwhile, Philadelphia Freedom 2016 will compete in the U-15 Division and Philadelphia Freedom 2019 will compete in the U-11 Division.

Below are the teams that will compete with the schedules.

Click here for tourney website at schedules.

Elite Division (2013, 2014 teams)

Sweet Lax, NY
AOD Richmond, VA
Laxville, KY
Burnaby Mountain Selects, BC
Heat Lacrosse, MI
Team Long Island, NY
Mesa Fresh 2014, PA
Carolina Flight, NC
Tampa Tribe, FL

Opening-days Schedule

A SATURDAY 8:00 AM 1 Sweet Lax AOD Richmond
B SATURDAY 9:15 AM 1 Laxville Burnaby Mountain Selects
C SATURDAY 9:15 AM 2 Team Long Island Mesa Fresh 2014
D SATURDAY 10:30 AM 1 Carolina Flight FCA
E SATURDAY 1:00 PM 3 Heat Lacrosse Sweet Lax
F SATURDAY 1:00 PM 4 Burnaby Mountain Selects AOD Richmond
G SATURDAY 1:00 PM 5 FCA Mesa Fresh 2014
H SATURDAY 2:15 PM 5 Tampa Tribe Team Long Island
I SATURDAY 3:30 PM 8 AOD Richmond Laxville
J SATURDAY 3:30 PM 9 Burnaby Mountain Selects Heat Lacrosse
K SATURDAY 3:30 PM 10 Mesa Fresh 2014 Carolina Flight
L SATURDAY 4:45 PM 10 FCA Tampa Tribe
M SUNDAY 8:00 AM 2 Sweet Lax Laxville
N SUNDAY 8:00 AM 3 Heat Lacrosse AOD Richmond
O SUNDAY 8:00 AM 4 Team Long Island Carolina Flight
P SUNDAY 8:00 AM 5 Tampa Tribe Mesa Fresh 2014
Q SUNDAY 11:45 AM 2 Sweet Lax Burnaby Mountain Selects
R SUNDAY 11:45 AM 3 Laxville Heat Lacrosse
S SUNDAY 11:45 AM 4 FCA Team Long Island
T SUNDAY 11:45 AM 5 Carolina Flight Tampa Tribe

Rising Stars (2015)

Florida Elite, FL
Team Total Michigan, MI
Cannon Lacrosse, GA
STL Shamrox, MO
Tampa Tribe, FL
Northern Lacrosse, ONT
LIT Snipers, NY
Tampa Bay Fire, FL
Road Warriors, NC
Edge Elite 2015, ONT
Copperheads RS, GA
Mesa Fresh 2015, PA
Atlanta Crush, GA

First-day Schedule

A SATURDAY 11:45 AM 1 Florida Elite Team Total Michigan
B SATURDAY 11:45 AM 2 Tampa Tribe Cannon Lacrosse
C SATURDAY 11:45 AM 3 STL Shamrox Northern Lacrosse
D SATURDAY 11:45 AM 4 Tampa Bay Fire LIT Snipers
E SATURDAY 11:45 AM 5 Copperheads RS FCA
F SATURDAY 1:00 PM 1 Road Warriors Edge Elite 2015
G SATURDAY 1:00 PM 2 Mesa Fresh 2015 Atlanta Crush
H SATURDAY 3:30 PM 1 Copperheads RS Tampa Bay Fire
I SATURDAY 3:30 PM 2 Team Total Michigan Mesa Fresh 2015
J SATURDAY 3:30 PM 3 FCA STL Shamrox
K SATURDAY 3:30 PM 4 Cannon Lacrosse Edge Elite 2015
L SATURDAY 3:30 PM 5 Northern Lacrosse Tampa Tribe
M SATURDAY 3:30 PM 6 Atlanta Crush Florida Elite
N SATURDAY 3:30 PM 7 LIT Snipers Road Warriors

Team Long Island, NY
Georgia Blackhawks, GA
New Island Nemesis, NJ
Crossfire U15, GA
South Charlotte Cyclones, NC
Heat Lacrosse, MI
Black Dog Blue, PA
Northern Lacrosse U15, ONT
Militia U15, GA
Philadelphia Freedom 2016, PA
413 Lacrosse, MA
Kanienkehaka Krunch. NY
X-Lax U15, GA
Hampton Roads Ironclads, VA
Stampede LC U15, FL
Bamalax Select U15, AL
Six Nations, ONT
Lake Norman United U15, NC
Palm Beach Storm, FL
Road Warriors, NC
Florida Elite, FL
Copperheads U15, GA

First-day schedule

A SATURDAY 9:15 AM 3 Team Long Island Georgia Blackhawks
B SATURDAY 9:15 AM 4 New Island Nemesis Crossfire U15
C SATURDAY 9:15 AM 5 South Charlotte Cyclones Heat Lacrosse
D SATURDAY 9:15 AM 6 Black Dog Blue Northern Lacrosse U15
E SATURDAY 9:15 AM 7 Militia U15 Philadelphia Freedom 2016
F SATURDAY 9:15 AM 8 413 Lacrosse Kanienkehaka Krunch
G SATURDAY 9:15 AM 9 X-Lax U15 Hampton Roads Ironclads
H SATURDAY 9:15 AM 10 Stampede LC U15 Bamalax Select U15
I SATURDAY 9:15 AM 11 FCA Six Nations
J SATURDAY 9:15 AM 12 Lake Norman United U15 Palm Beach Storm
K SATURDAY 9:15 AM 13 Road Warriors Florida Elite
L SATURDAY 9:15 AM 14 Copperheads U15 PrimeTime Power Penguins
M SATURDAY 11:45 AM 9 PrimeTime Power Penguins Team Long Island
N SATURDAY 11:45 AM 10 Palm Beach Storm Copperheads U15
O SATURDAY 11:45 AM 11 Florida Elite New Island Nemesis
P SATURDAY 11:45 AM 12 Crossfire U15 Road Warriors
Q SATURDAY 11:45 AM 13 Georgia Blackhawks South Charlotte Cyclones
R SATURDAY 11:45 AM 14 Heat Lacrosse Lake Norman United U15
S SATURDAY 1:00 PM 9 Six Nations Black Dog Blue
T SATURDAY 1:00 PM 10 Northern Lacrosse U15 FCA
U SATURDAY 1:00 PM 11 Bamalax Select U15 Militia U15
V SATURDAY 1:00 PM 12 Philadelphia Freedom 2016 Stampede LC U15
W SATURDAY 1:00 PM 13 Hampton Roads Ironclads 413 Lacrosse
X SATURDAY 1:00 PM 14 Kanienkehaka Krunch X-Lax U15


Denver Elite U13, CO
Tampa Tribe, FL
Top Left Loggerheads, NC
Team Minnesota, MN
Stampede LC U13, FL
Baltimore Breakers U13AA, MD
Express Tenacious Turtles, NY
Brothers of War, GA
Akwesasne Attack, NY
Latitude, FL
Oneida Braves, ON
HouLAGuns, TX
Copperheads U13, GA
Windy City Selects, IL
Bel Air, MD
Mad Cats, IN
Crossfire U13, GA
Northern Lacrosse U13, ONT
Texas Mustangs ’18, TX
Heat Lacrosse, MI
Palm Beach Storm U13, FL
Baltimore Breakers U13A, MD
Seattle Starz – U13, WA
Grand River Ironmen, ONT
Bamalax Black U13, AL


Parker Hawks, COL
Team Crease, GA
Windy City Selects U11, IL
2019 Philadelphia Freedom, PA
Palm Beach Storm, FL
Carolina Cannons, NC
Team 91 Crush, NY
Fox Valley U-11, IL
Crossfire U11 Orange, GA
Boomtown Bangers, ONT
LI Express 2020 Terps, NY
Cherokee Xtreme, GA
Florida Xtreme, FL
Baltimore Breakers U11 A, MD

First-day schedule

A SATURDAY 10:30 AM 10 FCA Parker Hawks
B SATURDAY 10:30 AM 11 Windy City Selects U11 2019 Philadelphia Freedom
C SATURDAY 10:30 AM 12 Carolina Cannons Team 91 Crush
D SATURDAY 10:30 AM 13 Crossfire U11 Orange Boomtown Bangers
E SATURDAY 10:30 AM 14 Cherokee Xtreme Florida Xtreme
F SATURDAY 2:15 PM 6 Team Crease FCA
G SATURDAY 2:15 PM 7 Palm Beach Storm Windy City Selects U11
H SATURDAY 2:15 PM 8 Fox Valley U-11 Carolina Cannons
I SATURDAY 2:15 PM 9 LI Express 2020 Terps Crossfire U11 Orange
J SATURDAY 2:15 PM 10 Baltimore Breakers U11 A Cherokee Xtreme
K SUNDAY 8:00 AM 10 Parker Hawks Team Crease
L SUNDAY 8:00 AM 11 2019 Philadelphia Freedom Palm Beach Storm
M SUNDAY 8:00 AM 12 Team 91 Crush Fox Valley U-11
N SUNDAY 8:00 AM 13 Boomtown Bangers LI Express 2020 Terps
O SUNDAY 8:00 AM 14 Florida Xtreme Baltimore Breakers U11 A


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