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Get to Know Your Wings: Conestoga grad Heim (defense) is homegrown player

Wednesday, 1st February 2012

Categories Boy's/Men's, Pro, Posted 2/1/12

This interview is part of a series of exclusive articles on players, coaches and executives from the National Lacrosse League’s Philadelphia Wings.

Pat Heim is a Philadelphia-area native who is playing in his fifth season with his hometown franchise. Growing up in Wayne, Pa., Heim attended Conestoga High where he played football, wrestling, and lacrosse.

After high school, Heim starred at Penn State University and was named to the All-ECAC First Team three times during his Nittany Lion career. In his five seasons with the Wings, Heim has tallied 36 points and 150 loose balls recovered from his right defense post.

Q: What skills can outdoor lacrosse players better develop by participating in box lacrosse?

Heim: “Better stick skills, better defense, better shooting. Since box is a faster game in a tighter space you have to adapt to catching, throwing, and cradling at a faster/quicker pace. Defense is all about moving your feet and keeping good body position. Much like guarding someone in basketball, if you get off balance and lose position, you will get beat. You’re shooting at a smaller cage and a goalie the size of Hector Rejecter. Fitting the ball in tight corners, changing shot planes (high to low, low to high, 3-quarter, hip), and inside fakes with your head, shoulders, and hands will help you improve dramatically.”

Q: What advice would you give to college juniors and seniors to make themselves more attractive to college recruiters / coaches?
Heim: “My advice would be to keep working on good habits in the off season. The all-time great college and professional athletes don’t know what an ‘off-season’ is because they’re constantly working on their game. It’s easy to finish a season and put the stick in the closet for a month or two. You won’t forget how to cradle, pass, shoot, dodge, etc. but you do forget the good habits that made you successful. It’s easy to regress, but hard to progress, but winning is what makes it worth it in the end.”

Q: What was the best moment of your collegiate career?
Heim: “The best moment of my college career would have to be clinching the playoff birth in the last game of my 2005 season. PSU beat Georgetown in OT.”

Quick Hits
What would you do for a Klondike bar: Exchange you a chipwich/ Take a punch from Mike Tyson
Mac or PC? Mac.
Biggest pet-peeve: Bad Drivers
Favorite Cartoon: Family Guy
Guilty Pleasure: Frozen Yogurt
Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
Leno or Letterman: Leno
Favorite Pizza Topping: Supreme
What did you want to be when you were a kid?: Pro Athlete
Favorite Pro Sports Team (other than Wings): Eagles
Favorite sport to play other than lacrosse: Football
Pre-game ritual: Stretch, listen to tunes

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