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Four more Philly boys named to Dirty 66 lax team, which honors the unsung heroes

Monday, 5th September 2011

Categories Boy's/Men's, Features, Posted 9/5/11

Call them the baddest lacrosse players around.

We don’t mean bad, we mean bad.

These guys are the unknowns, the ones who may not have grabbed all the headlines or have a big rep.

But their skills are epic and their game is tenacious. They are the gritty, blue-collar players that make the sport of lacrosse so much fun to watch.

These unsung heroes, these scrappy, hard-driving dodgers and hard-hitting defenders and fearless goalies have been recognized, at last.

They are members of the Dirty 66!

Chosen after close scrutiny at high school and club competitions, the Dirty 66 is a collection of players throughout the East Coast and Canada that exemplify the hard-nosed style that marks the game of lacrosse.

Today we highlight the second foursome of Philly kids that have been named to the list. For the full list of the Dirty 66, go to

The first four Philly players named to the Dirty 66 were listed here. More members will be highlighted in the coming weeks. Several more spots are still open.

Joe Baker

#30, Joe Baker, Hershey, Middie, committed to Loyola, Team HEADstrong

Dirty 66 comments:
“Joe Baker is first and foremost a dodger that has a cannon from just inside the restraining box. Already committed to Loyola for next year, J. is simply playing ball for the enjoyment of it and it shows. When he gets the ball he gets upfield with his head up attacking the angles on whomever stands in his way. Needless to say he blew by many defenders and produced for his Headstrong team. His speed is top notch and it is easy to see why Loyola has laid claim to this scorer.”

#33, Justin Verratti, Salesianum School (DE), Defenseman, Loyola, LB3

Justin Verratti

Dirty 66 comments:
“I loved watching this young man play. His takeaways checks combined with his sense of the field are a wonderful thing. At over 6 feet tall and easily 200 pounds he was shoving attackmen around and or taking the ball all day at the Hero’s tourney. His best check is a setup move of a small wrap check on the attackman’s backside and then a quick over the top movement that results in a check on the Attackmans forearm. When attackman tried to throw an arm up and defend Verratti’s combinations he would simply go to a push/hold and then throw a check from a different angle usually downward above their outstretched arm. On one occasion Verratti had taken the ball and run the field and was caught in the offensive end against another defenseman. J. simply held his ground and dodged to “X” where help was waiting for a pass.”

#35, Cole Campbell, Emmaus, Attackman

Dirty 66 comments:

“Campbell was quarterback for his team all day. Being a serious cross country runner makes him a threat at any moment in the game because his endurance is outstanding. In one half of

Cole Campbell

play I watched him run Attack, Middie, Attack, Middie and finally Attack. This kid loves to dodge and assist the open man but is not afraid to take that extra step to glory and come around the crease in order to score. At Attack he protects the ball well and always has his head up to pass. At Middie he runs to space and makes defenses slide forcing the open man. When I approached him about being on the DIRTY 66 he simply smiled, said thank you and was extremely humble. He is well coached, taught and parented. I have no doubt that he will continue lacrosse after his senior year at Emm


#37, Dom DeFazio, Hatboro Horsham, Defenseman, LB3

Dirty 66 comments:

Dom DeFazio

“DeFazio was a sight for sore eyes on a losing team at the NSCLA tournament. This kid, who is one of the only public school Philly kid plays like he has a huge chip on his shoulder. When the TRUE Illinois team called for an isolation dodge against D. I knew they would be sorry. DeFazio simply gave his opponent the business and stayed in perfect position as he took the ball with a beautiful up and down check on the kids forearm. At just around 6 foot 2 this D1 football prospect has some serious looks on the gridiron and it is evident that his skills on the lacrosse field combined with his athleticism could easily earn a starting role on any D1 field.”


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