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Delaware boys’ All-State teams are released

Saturday, 30th May 2009

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Salesianum, which won the Delaware state high school boys’ lacrosse championship with a perfect 17-0 record, placed four players on the All-State first-team squad. The Sals featured senior attackman Brandon Groux, senior midfielder Dan Tryon, junior defenseman Mark Cryon (native of Lincoln University) and sophomore defenseman Ryan Kilpatrick (West Chester). The squad also features Tatnall School goalie Bobby Schluter (Kennett Square) and Charter School senior midfielder Beau Jones, a Delaware signee who like Kilpatrick plays for the Philly-based Duke’s Lacrosse Club.

First Team

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

Evan DeDominicis                      Attack               Tower Hill                         12

Joey Fragomele                         Attack               Tatnall                              12

Brandon Groux                          Attack               Salesianum                      12

Beau Jones                               Midfield             Charter School                  12

Dan Tryon                                 Midfield             Salesianum                      12

Zach Fratella                             Midfield             Brandywine                      12

Dan Lantz                                 MF Specialist    Charter School                  12

Ryan Walters                            Defense            Archmere Academy          12

Mark Cyron                               Defense            Salesianum                      11

Ryan Kilpatrick                          Defense            Salesianum                      10

Tim Voss                                  Defense            Cape Henlopen                 11

Bobby Schluter                          Goalkeeper      Tatnall                              12

Second Team

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

Andrew Blundin                          Attack               Salesianum                      10

Erik Hoffstadt                             Attack               Caesar Rodney                 11

Dan Steele                                Attack               Cape Henlopen                 11

Mike Brown                               Midfield             Charter School                  12

Keith Smeltzer                           Midfield             Caesar Rodney                 12

Jonathan Zuk                             Midfield             St. Mark’s                        11

Dan Caton                                 MF Specialist    Salesianum                      12

Trip Ashley                                Defense            Tower Hill                         11

Thomas Washington                  Defense            St. Mark’s                        12

Jovan Estrada                            Defense            Polytech                          12

Connor Mishaw                          Goal Keeper      Brandywine                      12

Third Team

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

Will Rodowsky                           Attack               Wilmington Friends          12

Matt Munyan                             Attack               St. Mark’s                       12

Scott Humphreys                       Attack               Sanford                           12

Kyle Norwood                            Midfield             Cape Henlopen                12

Eric Kelley                                Midfield             Wilmington Friends          11

Jeff Mohr                                   Midfield             Delmarva Christian.          12

Nick Priano                               MF Specialist    Cape Henlopen                12

Dylan Hensley                           Defense            Caesar Rodney               12

Bill Goswell                               Defense            Wilmington Friends          12

Jullian Borris                              Defense            William Penn                  12

Dan Rodgers                             Goal Keeper      Salesianum                     11

T.J. Magniani                             Goal Keeper      St. Mark’s                       12

Honorable Mention

Name                                       Position           School                         Grade

J.D. Mayer                                Attack               Concord                           12

Chris Thompson                         Attack               Archmere Academy          10

Taylor White                              Attack               St. Andrew’s                     12

Jim Bowers                               Midfield             Archmere Academy          12

Jon Margis                                Midfield             McKean                           12

Andrew Salvitti                           Midfield             Salesianum                      11

Russell Train                             MF Specialist    St. Andrew’s                     11

Phil Drexler                               Defense            Tatnall                              11

Ben McDonald                           Defense            St. Andrew’s                     11

Evan Peoples                            Defense            Brandywine                      12

Coach of the Year

Phil Walstrum                                  Mt. Pleasant

Assistant Coach of the Year

Shawn Plews                                   Salesianum


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