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Psych Tip of the Week: Positive Self-Talk can increase your performance

Thursday, 14th August 2008

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By Pete Bendig
IronPsychWorks, Inc., Posted 8/14/08

This session we are going to discuss the technique of Positive Self-Talk. This technique can be used in many (if not all) facets of your life that require improvement.

Of course, it needs to be adjusted and personalized to the aspect of your life in which you need help.

So what is Positive Self-Talk? Positive Self-Talk refers to the dialogue that goes on inside your head when faced with conflict or challenges within your lax game.

It features positive statements that help you overcome any challenge that you are confronting during your games, practices and or training by building your confidence and esteem.

Now, be aware that there is also Negative Self-Talk, which is sometimes called stinking thinking. Negative Self-Talk erodes your self-worth and self-esteem.

Try playing your best game when your mind is racing and you are telling yourself that your performance is horrible, or your coach is mad at you or even your teammates don’t have faith in your game. Tough isn’t it?

I used to thrive on opponents who were stinking thinking. There is no need to get into their heads. They are already in their own head ruining their own game.

I have an example of a Positive Self-Talk script that I created for a collegiate lacrosse player.

He was a senior at a Division III university and had limited playing time his junior year, but became a regular starter his senior year and had an outstanding season.

This script was given to him prior to his season during his summer training period. He was a defenseman who played a very intelligent game and attributed his performance increase in his game to his mental skills training.

I have anticipated the beginning of this season for awhile now… I am ready to start this year… I have become strong through my off season workouts and conditioning program… I have improved during the off season… I have become quicker, stronger and faster then I was last year… I am in control of all of my actions… I trust my stick skills… I will improve during every practice, every game, everyday… If I do not improve, I will regain my focus and begin to improve at the next possible opportunity… I live in the moment… The past is gone but I can control here and now… I am in control of all of my actions, performances and movements… I make decisions that impact essentially every play of the game… I influence the outcome of the play that is happening in that moment… I will focus on controlling individual plays and as these plays accumulate they will become a game… When I make a mistake, I will recover and sprint to my defensive position as soon as possible… I have trust in my teammates that they will conceal my mistake while I regain my position… I live in the present… The past is gone and I control my actions of the present moment… If I lose composure…I must settle myself…Regain my composure and continue… I can overcome mistakes by playing positional defense and focusing on the opponent’s hips… The ball is the most important aspect of the game… Without the ball my team can not score… I will acquire the ball by playing positional defense, trusting my stick checks and my teammates’ ability… I am in control of the ball when it is in my possession… I am in control of my actions… Mistakes will happen but I can overcome mistakes by living in the present moment… The past has exceeded it’s time and has expired but I can effect the present… I look forward to my performances on the lacrosse field… I am ready to perform… I have anticipated these moments and I am prepared for them… I see myself being in control of all my actions… Emotion does not overpower me… I control my emotions during my performances… I am in control of my actions and live in the present… My thoughts are positive… To be great is to think great… I will continue to improve my performance throughout the season… I control my fortune this season… I can succeed and I will succeed…


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