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Lax Tip of the Week: Quick Feet Reaction can pay off at end of game

Thursday, 28th August 2008

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By Dave Donovan
Of Lacrosse Evolution, Posted 8/28/08

If you can spend hours beating a ball against the wall working on soft hands and pass/shot accuracy, you can certainly train yourself with a few minutes a day to have a quicker reaction time.

The gains you can make by doing Quick Feet Reaction (QFR) drills may not be astronomical but could make the difference in the last second of the big game.

For these drills you will need a buddy, parent or coach to react to; whether it is verbally or visually. You will begin in good athletic position: with a wide stance, your knees bent, butt back and down, and chest over toes.

This will give you a pretty good workout because you will be doing 1-2 minute bursts of quick feet. The term “quick feet,” for those who are not familiar, is tapping your feet as quickly as possible in an alternating fashion while maintaining that athletic position.

The buddy, coach or parent prompts the start of quick feet with a go or whistle then every few seconds prompts a quick hip snap, by calling left or right. The hip snap should be a quick twist brining either the left or right foot (depending on the prompter’s call) in front of you as the other goes behind in a hip rotation fashion turning as close to 90 degrees as possible.

Then, snap back to feet square as quickly as possible and resume the quick feet. As you make that hip turn your shoulders and torso stay square to the start position. And it is a quick snap to the side and back, there should be no pauses.

You can also add a jump up or a hit the ground where you dive down and lie flat on your stomach then push yourself back up and into quick feet.


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