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Monday, 1st November 2021


Lacrosse players: INTO PREP helps you reach your academic goals with guaranteed score improvement on the SAT/ACT

Signup Links: Fall/Winter/Spring Test Prep Camps, 1:1 training, academic tutoringSummer Registration with Boot Camps

INTO PREP Discounts for Summer Registration: $700 Discount if you register between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Nov. 26-29; $500 discount by 12/3; $400 discount by 1/21/22; $300 discount by 2/18/22; $200 discount by 3/1/22, Posted 10/26/21 – From Press Release

It’s October 2021, and fall isn’t the only season around: it’s COLLEGE APPLICATION SEASON! With November 1st being one of the most common Early Decision deadlines, high school seniors everywhere are buckling down to prepare their college essays, asking guidance counselors to send transcripts, and pestering / respectfully asking teachers for recommendations. 

What about you? Are you a high school boys’ or girls’ lacrosse player who is looking to take the SAT or ACT test?  If so, here are a couple reasons to choose INTO PREP.

  1. INTO PREP has emerged as one of the elite test prep companies in the region.
  2. INTO PREP can provide specialized instruction for lacrosse players.
  3. INTO PREP has a score guarantee and is currently offering major discounts for summer training

Now, INTO PREP is tailoring its services to meet the needs of student athletes – especially lacrosse players – looking to enhance their opportunities to get into the college lacrosse programs of their choice, or secure more academic scholarship money. Improve your test scores and your grades. INTO PREP is committed to helping lacrosse players fulfill their dreams and is the proud sponsor for girls’ recruits. Just mention when you speak to an INTO PREP agent.

Signup links: Fall/Winter/Spring Test Prep Camps, 1:1 training, academic tutoring

Summer Registration with Boot Camps

INTO PREP Discounts for Summer Registration: $700 Discount if you register between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Nov. 26-29; $500 discount by 12/3; $400 discount by 1/21/22; $300 discount by 2/18/22; $200 discount by 3/1/22

INTO PREP boasts a strong track record of helping hundreds of high school students gain admission to their dream schools. Some SAT stats from the Summer 2021 Camp:

  • 61 INTO PREP students scored 1500/1600 or higher
  • 24 INTO PREP students scored 1550/1600 or higher
  • The average score for all INTO PREP students was 1454.2 (in the 99th percentile, Nationally)
  • Before the camp started,  12 students scored 1400 and higher . . .  after the camp ended, 106 students scored 1400/1600 or higher on the REAL TEST. 
  • The average score for Math was 751/800
  • The average score for English was 703.2/800

“The first time I went in I took the baseline and the score wasn’t particularly where I wanted it to be. But each week it got progressively better. I had a teacher for each section and they’d break down the test and go through whatever problems people had on certain questions.”

Check out INTO PREP stats from 2016-2020.

So. If you want to get the best score possible, especially for the August 2022 SAT or ACT, then check out INTO PREP and get ready to get your SAT/ACT game on!

How can INTO PREP help your recruiting process? The ‘Lax Advantage’ on SAT Test Day, Posted 11/1/21 – Courtesy of INTO PREP

Many student athletes think that the SAT is a “nerd test” that favors students who have a pure academic focus. As a result of this bias, many student athletes underperform on test day or fail to sufficiently prepare. They might think the SAT is biased against them, creating a poor mindset and letting the test get the better of them. After years of work trying to get into their dream school, they fail to execute on test day. Consider:

One example of SAT improvement through INTO PREP
  • Not easily intimidated: if you are used to a hard rubber ball whizzing by your head at 80mph, are you really going to be scared of the SAT? The SAT, like a skilled lacrosse player, relies on traps and fakes to trick and psych out students. 
  • Endurance: a major obstacle on test day is the physical and mental stamina to have peak performance for hours. Lax players have trained for years building up focus and endurance.
  • Coachable: SAT prep is about teaching techniques and executing a game plan. Lax players know how to train and put a plan into action, making them ideal students.
  • Calm under pressure: Lax players are used to the intense pressure of timed  competitions
  • Never quit mentality: SAT prep can be exhausting and depressing. At times it’ll feel like there’s no progress. The best students can ride through bumps in the learning curve and eventually succeed.
  • Lightning reflexes: If you’re able to catch an 80-mph ball, spin, and shoot on goal in one second, it indicates peak neurological performance. On test day the clock is ever looming and you’ll need to think quick and make instant decisions.

It is no coincidence that so many lacrosse players perform well on the SAT and find their way into elite universities. The SAT is a “psychometric test” that measures a suite of personality traits to determine if you will pass or fail your freshman year. These traits can be learned, practiced, and executed with maximum efficiency.  

Here’s more proof that the SAT is prep-able. This is an actual screenshot from a student’s College Board dashboard. Before taking the SAT Prep class, the student got an 1150 on his PSAT. After 25 days of an SAT prep class, the student scored 1490 on his SAT exam. 

Luck? No. Hard work? Yes. 

Despite being gifted with all the mental abilities they need to be successful test takers, too many lacrosse players often focus so much on their sports that they neglect to spend time preparing for the test. Even worse, they allow the SATs to psych themselves out and become unnecessarily intimidated and anxious. In reality, lacrosse players already have everything they need to beat the test.  

So what’s the best way lax players and all student athletes should prepare for the SAT?

Several options are on the table.  

  • Summer program
  • School year program
  • In person 
  • Online
  • Free test prep – 
  • Expensive programs
  • Cheap programs

But there’s one more option: INTO PREP’s SAT Program. Last August, over 70 students scored 1500 or above. More than 30 students sored 1550 or higher. 

Join these students and get into the college of your dreams. $700 savings are yours if you register for one of INTO PREP’S programs and pay in full between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

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