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Performance Academy announces ‘Flash Discount’ and Program Support

Thursday, 21st April 2022

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What will you get when you register for Performance Academy 2022 Summer Programs? Professional Coaching, Small Group Training, and a company that gives back to the community.

For every player that registers for a 2022 Performance Academy Summer Program, Performance Academy will donate $20 back to the program you name upon registration! In addition, until Sunday, April 24th you will receive an extra $25 dollars off registration by using PA2022Summer discount code at checkout.

Space is extremely limited for all 2022 Summer Programs and already sold out one program in less than 48 hours! So why is Performance Academy offering a $25 dollar discount now? Simple, to give back to the community and give every player an opportunity to train with professional coaches.

Size of programs range from 12-34 participants!

For more information on summer programs and to register, go HERE

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The $25 discount ends Sunday, April 24th, 2022

If you have already registered and did not use the $25 discount Performance Academy will reimburse you.

To ensure the $20 donations are distributed properly, please name one program in the Players CLUB Team section during registration.

You may name any local area lacrosse club, organization, or township team

Donations will be distributed once summer programs are complete.

“We strive to make “C” players “B”, “B” players “A”, “A” players “AA” and “AA” All-Americans”

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