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.@BeYourBestLax Wednesday girls’ summaries – Updated

Wednesday, 30th March 2022

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 3/30/22

Agnes Irwin 13, St Thomas Aquinas (FL) 6

Agnes Irwin
Cate Parsells 2g, 6dcs, 1gb, 2cts
Sydney Wilson – 1g, 3a, 1dc, 1gb
Marissa White – 5g, 5dcs, 5gb
Courtney Warren – 1a
Alex Lesko – 1a, 1gb, 2ct
Ella Springer – 1g, 2a, 3gb, 1ct
Molly Chorin – 1a, 1ct
Katherine Ernst – 1a, 1gb
Caroline Chisolm – 3g
Samantha Hark – 1ct
Colby Macaione – 2gb, 2ct
Maggie Mullen – 13 saves


CR North
Maddy Mela 2g, 2gb
Morgan McCaffery 3g, 5dc
Julie Ondria 2g
Liza McBride 2g, 3dc, 2gb
Marlena Ries 5gb
Rylee Roe-Lipsky 13 saves

Council Rock South 10-10 20
New Hope-Solebury 0-1 1

CR South
Cailey Hiscox 6g, 1a
Julia Levin 4g, 3a
Zoe Brossman 4g
Meg Rafter 1g, 3a
Amy Loving 1g, 1a
Karissa Smedley 1g
Elizabeth Hearn 1g
Grace Franchini 1g
Kathryn O’Kane 1g
Madison Smith 1a
Defense led by Montanna Cambers, Amanda Green, Franchini, Smedley and goalie Kaya Mallon

Upper Moreland 12, Neshaminy 3

Willow Taylor 3g, 5dc
Isabel Leiter 2g, 2a
Reagan Cummins 2g, 1a, 1dc
Heidi Wittick 1g, 3dc
Charlotte James 1g
Annaliese Messina 1g, 4a, 2dc, led team in gbs
Molly Meakim 1g, 1a
Avery Adamski 1g
Natalie Saresky 1dc
Emma Hurley 4 saves
Addison Hurley 4 saves

Ursuline Academy 14, Charter School of Wilmington 6
Ursuline Academy 8 6 -14
Charter School of Wilmington 2 4 -6

Koechert 5g, 4a
Fowler 3g
Wiggins 2g, 2a
Odle 2g, 1a
Jones 1a

Gatti 2g
Murphy 2g, 1a
Gaz 1g
Stack 1g
Toth 1a
Marshall 1a

Haddonfield 10, West Deptford 4
Haddonfield (1-0) 4 6 -10
West Deptford (0-1) 1 3 -4

Stella Stolarick 2g 1a 3gb
Allie Brown 2g
Ava Keenan 1g
Chloe Gwaku 2g
Sadie Carpenter 1g
G Farrell 2g

West Deptford
Jaci Gismondi 1g, 4dc
Kassidy Yarusso 1g, 1gb, 1dc
Gabbie Battle 1g, 1gb
Amanda Smith 3dc, 1gb
Krista Yarusso 1g, 1a
Michaela Scirotto 1a, 2gb
Anna Rossi 2a, 1gb
Madison Warlow 12 saves

Twin Valley 17, York Catholic 7
Twin Valley 12-5-17
York Catholic 3-4- 7

Twin Valley
Emma Raines – 8G
Anna Kaplan – 3G, 3A
Julia Givens – 2G, 3A
Jade Shearer – 2G, 2A
Anna Givens – 2G, 2A
Paige Borkowski – 4 Saves

York Catholic
Sydney Mentzer – 4G
Grace Doyle – 3G
M Perry – 9 Saves

Bonner Prendie 19, Chichester 4

Bonner Prendie
Abigail Blemings 5g, 5dc, 5 gb, 3cto
Ainsley George 5g, 1a, 2dc
Leila George 4g, 1a, 6gb, 2 cto
Katie Standen 4g, 1a, 1 cto
Sarah Oxenberg 1g, 2gb, 2dc
Maia Losasso 2a, 1gb, 1cto
Meredith Shallow 16 goalie saves (4 goals allowed)

Wissahickon 12, Central Bucks South 10
Wissahickon 7-5-12
CB South 3-7- 10

Alexa “‘Mick” Mccabe 7g
Alexis Hobson 1g
Emma Baker 2g
Emma Greenberg 2g
Camille Hubbs had 7 saves

CB South
Tegan Mullan 3 goals
Kate Victor 3 goals 1 assist
Grace Gannon 3 goals
Maddy Flynn 1 goal 1 assist
Brooke Cenci 1 assist
Gabby Mayo 11 saves

Methacton 13 Souderton 5

Megan Sanelli 5 G
MAckenzie Coupe 1g
Jayme Weber 2 g 1 A
Delaney Smith 2 g1 A
Melinda Eglington 1 g
Michelle Zhai 2 g
Mackenzie Clark Goalie: 17 saves

Reilye Knize 3 g
Lauren Hallman 1 g
Avery Fanna 1 g

Episcopal Academy 12, Holton Arms (MD) 7

Episcopal Academy
Abby Schwartz 1gb 1int
Alexa Capozzoli 2a 3gb
Alexis Ventresca 1g 1a 3dc 2cto
Avery Le 1gb
Bella Piselli 3g 1dc 3gb 2cto
Brooke Stocku 1g 1a
Kate Dente 1g
Maisy Montgomery 1g
Maura Irish 3gb
Quinn Whitaker 2g 2gb 1cto
Sydney Richter 3g 5dc 1cto
Grace Holland 4 saves 1gb

Bishop Eustace 17, Cherry Hill East 3
Cherry Hill East 2 1 -3
Bishop Eustace 13 4 -17


Anna Marquardt 2g, 2gb, 8dc
Maddie Dunk 5gb
Grace Gallagher 1g
Josette DeGour 2g 1a 3gb
Ava Swallow 2g, 2dc
Jordan Roessler 6g 4a 6gb 5dc
Aislynn Higgins 3g
Paige Baylock 2gb
Emma Fretz 4gb
Sara Ledyard 1g
Morgan Karley 6 saves

Upper Dublin 12, Pennridge 11
Upper Dublin 4 8 12
Pennridge 4 7 11

Aditi Foster 5 goals 2 assists
Paige Dinkel 3 goals
Anna DiMartile 1 goal 2 assists, 5 DC’s, 5 GB’s 2 CT’s
Julie Zlotnikoff 2 goals
Cami Rosenthal 1 goal
Allie Gay – 1 assist
Ella Lyon – 1 assist
Dara Fishman – 7 saves

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