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Registration open for girls’ 4v4 Fall Speed Lax League at Agnes Irwin

Tuesday, 14th September 2021

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Registration is open for the girls’ 4v4 Fall Speed Lax League at Agnes Irwin.

WHO: 5th – 8th GRADE
WHEN: SUNDAY Mornings 9/19 – 10/17
WHERE: Agnes Irwin School (Bryn Mawr, PA)

What is Speed Lax?

Speed lax is a small-sided game designed to push the pace of play and promotes multiple touches between teammates. While the game is fast paced, there is a time limit on how long a player can hold the ball and teams must have minimum of 2 passes before shooting.

For more info & to register, email Julie Young


  • Team Roster: 6-8 players (goalie optional)
  • Field: Small-sided field with two 4v4 goals with a trashcan as goalie (if you don’t have a GK)
  • 4v4 Play (no restraining line) all 4 players run the full mini-field and both play attack and defense
  • Sub on the fly!
  • Games are 12 mins (play 3-4 games in a day)
  • Teams will play during a consolidated timeframe each week to ensure minimal “downtime” between playing. You will play back to back!
  • 3 Divisions of Play- Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced: If you have a younger, more skilled team, you can sign up for the intermediate division. Grade and competitiveness will be considered when the schedule is designed.
  • Cost of Team: $1000/team (~$125/player for 5 weeks of play!)


  • Only draw to start the game. After a goal, defensive team will pick up the ball and can immediately attack. Player may run out of the crease to start play.
  • There must be 2 attempted passes before a team is allowed to shoot. On a rebound or missed shot, you do not need new passes to go to goal
  • Time limit for carrying the ball (i.e. only allowed to hold onto ball for 4 seconds for advanced division, 5 seconds for intermediate, 6 seconds for beginner). There will be a warning the first 2 times, but then it will be an immediate turnover. Drop the ball at spot of time expiration.

Other information

  • Score will not be kept! This is a league designed to be fun and promote risk taking!
  • Coaches are not required – but teams must have a designated person to help with subbing players on the fly!
  • If you have a conflict on a particular date, you may substitute a player on your team as long as we have a signed waiver!
  • If you have a goalie- goalie will always have a free clear to team after a goal.

For more info & to register, email Julie Young