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.@1stStartLax Tuesday girls’ summaries – Updated

Tuesday, 25th May 2021

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 5/25/21

District 1 AAA semifinals
Garnet Valley 7, Radnor 6

Garnet Valley- 4-3-7
Radnor- 5-1-6

Sheila Esgro: 1g, 1a
Cierra Hopson: 1g, 1a, 1gb
Karis Mameniskis: 2g, 1gb
Sally Austen: 1g, 4dc, 1gb, 3ct
Margaret Mooney: 1g, 3dc
Julie Breedveld: 1dc, 1ct
Sarah Kelley: 1gb, 1ct
Avery Ciatto: 1gb
Ellie Rinehart: 3gb
Abby Jansen:1 save
Elise Palmer: 3 saves

Garnet Valley
Erin Barnes- 1dc, 3gb
Lauren Bendo- 2gb, 1ct
MaryRose Berry- 2gb, 1ct
Kendall DiCamillo- 2gb
Kait Henning- 2gb
Maddie Kalish- 3g, 1a, 1gb (Go-ahead goal)
Sophie Kingsborough- 1g, 1gb
Maya Langin- 1gb
Morgan McClintock- 1gb
Sydney Pyon- 1a, 3dc, 2gb
Kate Stankavage (nsurance goal)- 3g, 3dc, 1gb
Mak Butler- 2 saves

District 1 AAA semifinals
Unionville 13, Conestoga 9

Rachel Clark 4g 5dc 3gb
Kate Galice 2g 6dc 4gb 4ct
Anna DeVuono 1g 1gb
Addi Bucher 1g 1gb
Melissa Hewitt 1g 1g
Alana Lepore 4 saves

Anna Brown 7G 8DC 1GB 1CT
Shannon Garvey 2A 2DC 1GB
Lily Dietrich 1G 1A 2 DC 1 GB
Riley Glackin 2G 2A
Kenzie Malloy 1G 2A 1GB 1CT
Maddie Passarello 2G 1CT
Mattie Robitzer 12 saves 1 GB
Liza Cawley & Alexis Brown stood out on defense and offensive transitions

District 1 AAA playbacks
Owen J. Roberts 15, Downingtown East 10

Owen J. Roberts 11-4- 15
Dt East 5-5-10

OJ Roberts
Blakely Doyle 1gb
Maggie Kilgallon 1g, 2gb, 1dc
Alexa Vogelman 5g, 5gb, 2ct, 8dc
Gabrielle Koury 6g, 2a, 7gb, 1ct, 7dc
Gracyn Smith 1g, 2a, 1gb
Ava Clemson 2g, 2gb, 2ct
Cailin Harrington 1gb, 1dc
Carli Sharpe 1gb, 1ct
Rachel Sbei, 1gb, 1ct
Avery Wentzel 1gb, 1ct
Korigan Sweeney 5 saves

Dt East
Hazel Gardner 2g, 1a
Sofia Fanelli 2g, 1ct
Eileen Hewitt 2a, 1dc, 1ct
Sophia Colantuno 2ct
Jill Kennedy 1a
Caroline Brennan 4g, 1a, 2dc
Lexie Conte 1gb
Nickie Prendergast 2g, 7dc
Lexie Barton 1ct
Dylan Kropp 1gb
Jordan Higgins 10 saves

Delaware State semifinals
Cape Henlopen 15, Ursuline 5

Half Cape 10 Ursuline 0

Haley Craig 2g 1a
Kelly Bragg 2g 1a
Rely Keen 1g 1a
Molly Mendes 1g 1a
Ella Rishko 2g
Emily Monigle 4g
Lulu Rishko 2g
Carries Clausius 1g

Delaware State semifinals
Tatnall 21, Wilmington Friends 10

Wilm Friends School 5 5 -10
Tatnall School 9 12 -21

Wilm Friends
Schumacher 2g
Tornek 2g
Donahue 2g, 3a
Malone 2g
Hebert 1g
Marcozzi 1g
Rowland 1a
Wood 8 saves

L. Colasante 9g, 3a
Singer 5g, 1a
S. Mitchell 3g
Clayton 2g, 2a
Brumfield 1g
Cattermole 1g
Wilkinson 1a
McKenry 8

District 1 AA semifinals

Strath Haven 17, Mount St. Joseph 10

Strath Haven
Devon Maillet 4g, 1a
Danielle McNeely 5g, 2a
Kaitlin Nieczpiel 1g, 1a
Laura Connor 4g
Dylan Cohen 1g
Megan Nichols 1g
Mackenzie Murray 1g
Erin Spaulding 5 saves

Mount St. Joseph
D. McGarvey 5 g
M. Woolley 3g
L. Maher 1g 2a
C. Donovan 1a
D. Loame 1a
Q. Shields 4 Saves

Bishop Shanahan 16, Villa Maria 7
Bishop Shanahan 13 – 3 – 16
Villa Maria 3 – 4 – 7

Bishop Shanahan:
Michelle Warren: 3G, 3A
Lila Ceribelli: 7DC, 1GB
Liv Murphy: 2G
Ellie Udo: 4G, 4DC, 1GB, 1CT
Soph Lymberis: 2G, 1A, 1GB
Caitlyn Hubiak: 3G, 6DC, 2GB
Silvia Baptista: 2G
Paris Masaracchia: 3CT, 1DC, 1GB
Cece Newman: 8 saves

District 11 AAA semifinals,
Freedom 9, Emmaus 8, OT

Paige Telatovich 4g
Abby Burnette 3g, 1a (GW goal)
Kailey Turpening 2g, 1a
Donello 1a
Carly Grozier 9 saves

Julia Cote 3g
Emily Hollinger 2g, 1a
Marybeth Smith 1g
Jordyn Poll 1g
Mikayla Viola 1g
Ally Shaffer 1a
Ellie Ervin 5 saves

District 3 AA semifinals
Twin Valley 12, Susquehannock 6
Twin Valley 5-7- 12
Susq 3-3- 6

Twin Valley
Emma Raines 5g
Sarah Gowman 3g, 2a
Jessie Robinette 1g, 2a
Jade Shearer 2g
Anna Kaplan 1g
Laura Sokso 1a

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