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.@1stStartLax Tuesday girls’ summaries – Updated

Tuesday, 6th April 2021

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 4/6/21

Strath Haven 20, Lower Merion 9
Strath Haven: 15-5- 20
Lower Merion: 5-4-9

Strath Haven
Devon Maillet 5g, 2a
Danielle McNeely 4g, 3a
Kaitlin Neichpiel 4g
Laura Connor 1g, 3a
Molly Omrod 3g, 2a
Grace Kelly 1g
Dylan Cohen 1g, 1a,
Hailey Murray 1g
Annie Atsaves 1a
Erin Spaulding 3 saves

Lower Merion
L. Cini 3g
A. Bickell 1g, 1a
E. Stickney 2g, 2a
E Rudy 2g
M. Falco 1g

Southern Lehigh: 19, Parkland: 4

Maeve Leonzi 1g
Sophie Marcotti 1g
Jess Brey 1g
Nikki Boyer 1g
Katey Kunz 16 Saves

Southern Lehigh:
J. Mantz 1g
T. Lakatos 6g
Ri. MacIntosh 1g 1a
Re. MacIntosh 6g 1a
C. Bennett 3g 1a
O. Haffler 2g

Garnet Valley 19, Harriton 7
Garnet 14-5-19
Harriton 5-2-7

Garnet Valley
Erin Barnes- 2dc, 1gb
Lauren Bendo- 1gb
Kendall DiCamillo- 1g, 2gb
Sydney Erdman- 2gb
Riley Gallagher- 1gb
Kait Henning- 3g, 2gb, 1ct
Maddie Kalish- 4g, 2a, 2ct
Sophie Kingsborough- 2g, 4ct
Maya Langin- 1a
Morgan McClintock- 1dc, 1gb
Sydney Pyon- 4g, 1a, 1dc, 1gb
Mia Raucci- 2gb, 1ct
Maddie Shoemaker- 1a, 1gb
Kate Stankavage- 4g, 5dc, 3gb, 1ct
Mia Zebley- 1g, 1gb, 1ct
Mak Butler- 1 save, 1gb
Sierra McLaughlin- 1 save

Annie Aspesi 4dc, 3g
Rose Dwyer 2dc, 1g, 1a
Alexia Luca 5dc, 1g
Rachel Kolton 2g

Archbishop Carroll 20, Archbishop Wood 1
Carroll 15 – 5 – 20
Wood 1 – 0 – 1

Julia Basciano 1g
Kate McConaghy 1g
Sienna Golden 1g
Shannon Wood 1g
Lydia Malone 1g, 1a
Keri Barnett 1g, 1a, 3dc
Brooke Wilson 1g, 1a, 3dc
Makayla Henry 1g, 1a, 3dc
Sara Durham 1g
Emma Talego 1g, 1a
Karli Dougherty 1g, 1a
Mary Matey 1g, 2dc
Ella Wright 2g
Kiley Mottice 1g, 1dc
Chloe Bleckley 1g
Brooke Hippert 1g
Nicole Pawelec 1g, 1a
Jayanna Ramsey-Williams 1g
Gianna Toland 1g
Sophie Kvatan 1 save

Lauren Scott 1g
Anna Waltrich 6 saves

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 13, Academy of Notre Dame 12
Halftime score : Notre Dame 6 – SCH 7

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
Lucy Pearson 12 saves
Cece Reilly: 5g
Alex Reilly: 3g 2dc 2ct 2gb
Emma Bradbury: 3g 7dc
Brooke Prochniak: 2g 1a 2dc

Katie Onderdonk – 6g, 5dc
Dani Falcone – 2g, 1a
Ava Bleckley – 1g
Aly McGuire – 1g
Cat Leary – 1g, 3a
MK Dwyer – 1g
Quinn Sullivan – 12 saves

Saucon Valley 15, Bethlehem Catholic 1
1st Half Score – SV 12, Beca 0
2nd Half Score – SV 3, Beca 1

Maria Donahue 3G, 3A
Sophie Engelhardt 2G
Katie Marker 1G
Makenzie Shimko 2G, 1A
Kerry Lannon 1G
Jorryn Kyra 2G, 1A
Lydia Apple 1G
Kaleigh Hess-Davila 1G
Megan Kane 1G
Addy Anthony 1G

Springfield-Delco 17, Marple-Newtown 5
Halftime 10-2

Mia Valerio 5 g 1 a
Erin DeStefano 4 g
Bella King 3 g
Lexi Aaron 2 g
Devin Buggy 1 g 4 a
Lauren Johnston 1 g
Gabby Rizzio 1 g
Rachel Conran (S) 9 saves

Kylie Goia 2 g 1 a
Nicole Horn 2 g
Abby De Angelia 1 g
Crystal Bower (MN) 10 saves

WC Rustin 10, Henderson 6,

WCR 6-4-10
Henderson 2-4-6

WC Rustin
Ditizio 3g
Mcclain 2g
Kane 2g
Ricketts 1 g
Van vladricken 1 g
Bauer 1 g
Hionis 6 saves
Grace DePrisco 2g 6dc
Ella Tunnell 1a 2dc 1gb
Rylee Bauer 1g
Delaney Turner 1g 2dc
Anna Dinacci 2g 2A 1ct
Sammi Cantor 6 saves

Owen J. Roberts 18, Pottsgrove 3
OJR 13-5- 18
Pgrove 2-1-3

Gabbi Koury – 4g. 2a
Maggie Kilgallon – 3g
Alexa Vogelman – 2g, 3a
Gracyn Smith – 2g
Emily Himmelreich – 2g
Ava Clemson – 2g
Blakely Doyle – 1g
Quinn Defibaugh – 1g
Sierra Milano – 1g
Colby Wasson – 1a
Korrigan Sweeney – 4 saves

Tornetta 3g

Bishop Shanahan 6, Great Valley 3
Half time: BS 3, GV 1

Bishop Shanahan:
Darby Whalen: 2CT, 1GB
Michelle Warren: 1G, 1A, 1GB
Lila Ceribelli: 1G, 3DC
Liv Murphy: 1G
Sophia Lymberis: 1G, 1Int
Caitlyn Hubiak: 1G, 3GB, 1CT
Mckenna Billie (G): 3 Saves
CeCe Neuman (G): 2 Saves

Great Valley:
Noelle Albanese: 1G
Sidney La: 1G

Upper Moreland 16, Bensalem 5

Isabel Leiter 4g, 1a
Olivia Meakim 2g
Reagan Cummins 2g, 1a
Kat Morrow 2g, 4a
Charlotte James 1g
Maddy Trzaska 1g, 1a
Willow Taylor 1g, 3dc
Allison LaRocco 1g, 6dc
Bree Knox 1g, 1a
Maggie Morrow 1g, 3dc
Emma Hurley 6 Saves

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