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Make an impact! Participate in @HEADstrongFnd ‘Game Hair Havoc’ online findraising campaign

Sunday, 10th March 2019

Categories Boy's/Men's, Girl's/Women's, HEADstrong, Posted 3/10/18

Game Hair Havoc is officially underway, and the world has taken notice!

In case you’re not one of the thousands around the globe who have participated already, here’s a refresher: Led by lacrosse star and Philly cancer fighter Stephanie Finley (Sacred Heart graduate), Game Hair Havoc is a NEW HEADstrong Foundation online fundraising campaign encouraging women’s lacrosse players and teams — as well as athletes in other sports — to braid and style their Game Hair to raise awareness and funds for families impacted by cancer.

Help HEADstrong spread the word by getting involved in our next Instagram challenge! The steps below will explain in detail how to complete the challenge:

Step one: Post a picture of your GAME HAIR in the description challenging three players you know — they can be from high school, professional colleagues, club teammates, any age — to sign up for Game Hair Havoc at

Step two: Players complete the challenge by adding their fundraising link into their Instagram bio. Then, they go on to challenge another three players and post a picture of their game hair.

Step three: After completing this challenge, you will be entered into a raffle to win a mystery prize, with the drawing occurring on a date to be determined toward the end of the campaign, which runs through the end of March. You will only be entered to win the prize if you physically sign up on

**Example Post: I have joined forces with the @headstrongfnd by signing up for Game Hair Havoc. I challenge three other players to sign up: *@instaname, @instaname, and @instaname*. To complete this challenge, put your fundraising link in your bio and then challenge three other players to join Game Hair Havoc. #getstylin #gamehairhavoc by completing this challenge, you will be entered into a raffle to win a prize.

**Disclaimer: Please remember to input the actual three Instagram handles of the people you are challenging. Once you tag @headstrongfnd, we are subject to repost your photo.


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