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South Jersey’s Eberl & Monaco (Ultimate) earn MVPs at Cascade National Prospect Elite 80 (@CascadeNPE80)

Friday, 13th July 2018

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 7/13/18

MILFORD, Del. – Ahnika Eberl clearly understands what she must do to overcome the fact her high school in South Jersey does not field a lacrosse team.

2021 G Ahnika Eberl (Ultimate)

“If there is an issue, I try to fix it. My parents and friends and different coaches I’ve met have helped me,” said the 2021 goalie from Arthur P. Schalick High School in Pittsgrove. “That’s kind of how I have been taught – to find the brighter side of things.”

Eberl’s talent and work ethic have also helped. Thursday she was named the 2021 Girls’ MVP at the Cascade National Prospect Elite 80 Showcase at the Delaware Turf Complex.

Eberl plays for Ultimate Lacrosse and attends many showcases and college clinics while also playing in Fall and Winter leagues and clinics for Coach Jenny Duckenfield in the nearly Philly suburbs. In this showcase, she said bonding with her defenders was key.

“I expected the level of play to be very intensive and the players to be very humble toward each other and very competitive,” she said. “My expectations were met.

“The defenders helped me out with clearing and communicating during each of the games. They were talkative and helped me to be talkative. That helped me to be more confident; how they played definitely had an impact on how I played.”

The Elite 80 featured two days of instruction and showcases games, capped by an All-Star Game. Eberl welcomed the clinics on Wednesday.

“The first day we had an hour and a half of stations,” she said. “The practice was really good. It gave me the opportunity to learn some of my teammates and be able to bond with them more before the games.

“It also helped me to learn how they play and how I needed to play to match their level. I definitely learned some new skills and about how I should play and how to help my field IQ along with different aspects of the game.”

What was her major goal?

2022 MF Gianna Monaco (Lenape-NJ, Ultimate

“One of my biggest goals was to improve my save average and I think i definitely did improve,” she said. “Skill-wise, I was more patient with the ball and had more opportunities to make the save and find an open girl to clear to.”

The Cascade National Prospect Elite 80 Showcase also featured instruction and skills for 2018 and 2019 committed players.

Click here for the full list of All-Stars.

Other MVPs:

Quincy Connell, 2020, M, Connecticut
Gianna Monaco, 2022, New Jersey

Monaco, who attends Lenape (N.J.), said she embraced the the competition.

“My expectation was to go out on the field no matter who or what I’m playing against and do my personal best,” she said. “i feel like i meet my expectation on the field, but it’s exciting to know other people feel that way too.

“(My success was due to) lots of practice, great coaches, support from my family, a and desire to be the best. That has helped me work hard to be where I am and I want to continue to improve. The competition was good, but I saw it as a personal challenge to be better than the person I’m playing against.”

What did she learn from the event? “I have learned to be a good teammate with people I have never played with before,” she said.

Boys’ MVPs:
Carter Kempney, M New York, 2022
Cole Nichter, D, Maryland, 2021
Caleb Zuhoski, A, New York, 2020

2022 MF Carter Kempney, left (Orange Crush, Carthage-NY), 2021 DEF Cole Nichter (Maryland Wolfpack/True, John Carroll)

Kempney, who attends Carthage and plays for Orange Crush and occasionally C2C, credited his teammates for his success at Elite 80.

“My team played a big part of it; they helped me score goal,” he said. “The competition was great, playing with 21s and 22s. I had great expectations and it definitely met them.”

Kempney said he will take the skills he leafrned to heart.

“You have to always move your feet and cut to the ball,” he said. “You can’t stand around; the teamis a big paryt of your success. My high school coach big party of it. It’s difefrent because you get high school coaches recomemnd you for it instead of club team. We started to know each other hard worka nd husrtle and I guess going 100 percent all the time. Carthage High schol, 9th grade. Great getting to play older kids elevate your game play. toruney in Philly FLG
C2C, oragnge crush normally, ouside shooting and groundballs and clearing theballl

Cole – my expectations coming in even if ot selecetd to the all star game give 100 percent and really try to showcase everything i had but also my personality. I think it was mostly team that eped me a logn tyhe way communication especially on defense have tyo bephysical and communicate and my group helpe dme. John Carroll school Mad Woldpack True Natinal.

“competition was competitive and it was having communication especially with the golaie defsnse 1-2 slide helpe dme along the way temamate shelp you to be successful once get 1- and 1 matchup just got to destroy them. definirely some things leafrned gotta give 110 percent no matter college coach watching you or by yourself if hsusrrle they will notice you especially today gave eveyrtthing I got. yes, def compet was great and wouldne texchange it for anything


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