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.@Philly_Fire select Tumolo (Clearview Regional), Freedman (@Radnor_Lax), Geiger (Haverford High) in @prowomenslax draft

Wednesday, 31st October 2018

Categories Girl's/Women's, Pro, Posted 10/31/18
From Press Release

After a successful inaugural season the WPLL has their eyes set on an even bigger season two. Designed to guarantee that the WPLL rosters are competitive and represent the most talented players in the game, the WPLL recently held the Fall 2018 Draft for post-collegiate players. Each WPLL team roster now features 20 of the world’s top players, leaving room for 5 college players to be selected as part of the spring’s 2019 College Draft.

With the #1 overall pick the Philadelphia Fire drafted 2013 Syracuse graduate and US Lacrosse great Michelle Tumolo (Clearview Regional-NJ). Selected by Fire Head Coach Ricky Fried who previously coached Tumolo on the National Team, Fried describes Tumolo as “One of the most well rounded attackers in the game today. She can create for herself or her teammates, shoots inside and outside and gets everyone involved on the offense. Last but not least, she rides as hard as anyone, always working for the team.”

The 14 new athletes joining the WPLL represent some of the best and brightest players in the game, including World Cup champions Tumolo, Kayla Treanor (New York Fight), Becca Block (New England Command), and Katrina Dowd (New York Fight) as well as NCAA Champions Katie Kerrigan and Megan Whittle (Upstate Pride). Other welcome additions to the league include Shelby Fredericks (Northwestern, Upstate Pride), Courtney Fortunato (Norte Dame, Baltimore Brave), Kathy Rudkin (Maryland, Baltimore Brave), Molly Hulseman (Loyola, Upstate Pride), Katie Kerrigan (JMU, Upstate Pride), Katrina Geiger (Loyola, Philadelphia Fire), Aniya Flanagan (Florida, Baltimore Brave), Halle Majorana (Syracuse, Upstate Pride), and Frankie Kamely (Loyola, Philadelphia Fire).

To promote fielding competitive teams, at the start of the draft each WPLL team had the opportunity to protect up to 15 players from their 2018 roster. This left room for each team to draft new players, leaving their current roster to 20 players before drafting 5 college players in the 2019 WPLL College Draft. 12 unprotected WPLL players were picked up by new teams for the 2019 season: Aly Messinger (formerly New England Command, now Philadelphia Fire), Caroline Margolis (formerly New England Command, now Philadelphia Fire), Radnor grad Kelyn Freedman (formerly New York Fight, now Philadelphia Fire), Morgan Stephens (formerly Baltimore Brave, now Philadelphia Fire), Catie Ingrilli (formerly Philadelphia Fire, now New York Fight), Paige Soenksen (formerly Philadelphia Fire, now New York Fight), Lauren Lea (formerly Philadelphia Fire, now New York Fight), Danielle Etrasco (formerly Philadelphia Fire, now Upstate Pride), Kate Weeks (formerly Upstate Pride, now Baltimore Brave), Casey Pearsall (formerly Upstate Pride, now New England Command), Grace Nolan (formerly Upstate Pride, now Baltimore Brave), and Sarah Martin (formerly Upstate Pride, now New England Command), while 6 other unprotected players were picked up by their 2018 team (Spring Sanders on the Philadelphia Fire, Daniela Eppler on the New York Fight, Sammy Jo Tracy on the Upstate Pride, Ellie DeGarmo on the Baltimore Brave, and Steph Lazo and Emily Leitner on the New England Command). This restructuring of rosters helps guarantee that the WPLL is fielding the most competitive teams possible.

Freedman was picked at No. 20 and Geiger was the next pick. Freedman was the 2010 Player of the Year while Geiger was the 2012 Co-Player of the Year.

”We are beyond excited for season 2 to get underway,” explained WPLL Founder Michele DeJuliis. “The WPLL is thrilled to welcome our talented new additions, giving them the opportunity to not only experience playing the game at the highest level but also benefit from the WPLL’s professional development opportunities. These new players are joining an already incredibly talented group of returning players, and together all of our players will make season two more exciting to watch.”

From start to finish, the WPLL works to connect the entire lacrosse playing community. WPLL players not only have the opportunity to play professionally, but also are able to take advantage of many off-field opportunities including Professional Development Days designed to help players network and grow their personal brands. WPLL players also have the opportunity to connect directly with youth players across the country through the WPLL Clinic series and the WPLL Futures Program.

Please find a full list of current WPLL rosters below. The WPLL’s second season will take place in the summer of 2019, when the defending New England Command will hope to win their second straight championship.

New England Command:
Ela Hazar A New England
Kara Mupo A New England
Sarah Martin A New England
Steph Lazo A New England
Taylor Hensch A New England
Amber Mckenzie D New England
Bailey Mathis D New England
Becca Block D New England
Katie Hertsch D New England
Meg Douty D New England
Bridget Bianco (Moorestown) G New England
Emily Leitner (Penn) G New England

Casey Pearsall M New England
Gabby Capuzzi (Archbishop Carroll) M New England
Kasey Behr M New England
Katie O’Donnell (Henderson, Penn State) M New England
Kristin Igoe M New England
Sarah Lloyd M New England
Tanner Guarino M New England
Tayrn VanThof M New England

Baltimore Brave:
Alyssa Leonard A Baltimore Brave
Brooke Griffin A Baltimore Brave
Cortney Fortunato A Baltimore Brave
Dana Dobbie A Baltimore Brave
Grace Nolan A Baltimore Brave
Kate Weeks A Baltimore Brave
Kristen Gaudian A Baltimore Brave
Aniya Flanagan D Baltimore Brave
Kathy Rudkin D Baltimore Brave
Kelly McQuilkin D Baltimore Brave
Kelsey Sheridan D Baltimore Brave
Tiana Wallpher D Baltimore Brave
Ellie DeGarmo G Baltimore Brave
Kelsea Donnelly G Baltimore Brave
Amanda Johansen M Baltimore Brave
Jenna Collins M Baltimore Brave
Kaitlyn Montalbano M Baltimore Brave
Laura Zimmerman M Baltimore Brave
Marie McCool (Moorestown) M Baltimore Brave
Taylor Thornton M Baltimore Brave

Upstate Pride:
Alex Aust A Upstate Pride
Danielle Etrasco A Upstate Pride
Halle Majorana A Upstate Pride
Katie Kerrigan A Upstate Pride
Megan Whittle A Upstate Pride
Mollie Stevens A Upstate Pride
Olivia Hompe A Upstate Pride
Samantha Jo Tracy A Upstate Pride
Shayna Pirreca A Upstate Pride
Shelby Fredericks A Upstate Pride
Kristen Carr D Upstate Pride
Lauren Murray D Upstate Pride
Lydia Sutton D Upstate Pride
Nadine Hadnagy D Upstate Pride
Molly Wolf G Upstate Pride
Renee Poullott G Upstate Pride
Ally Carey M Upstate Pride
Elena Romesburg (Central Bucks West) M Upstate Pride
Haley Warden (Garnet Valley) M Upstate Pride

Molly Hulseman M Upstate Pride

New York Fight:
Courtney Murphy A New York Fight
Katrina Dowd A New York Fight
Kayla Treanor A New York Fight
Kylie Ohlmiller A New York Fight
Lindsey Scott A New York Fight
Marisa Romeo A New York Fight
Alice Mercer D New York Fight
Caroline Fitzgerald D New York Fight
Casey Pepperman D New York Fight
Daniela Eppler D New York Fight
Sarah Brown D New York Fight
Shanna Brady D New York Fight
Kelsey Gregerson G New York Fight
Paige Soenksen G New York Fight
Caitlin Ingrilli M New York Fight
Kelly McPartland M New York Fight
Lauren Lea M New York Fight
Nicole Graziano M New York Fight
Taylor Cummings M New York Fight
Zoe Stukenberg M New York Fight

Philadelphia Fire:
Aly Messinger A Philly Fire
Frankie Kamely A Philly Fire
Hannah Nielsen A Philly Fire
Michelle Tumolo (Clearview Regional) A Philly Fire
Amanda Leavell D Philly Fire
Courtney Waite D Philly Fire
Katrina Geiger (Haverford High) D Philly Fire
Maddy Lesher (Archbishop Carroll) D Philly Fire
Morgan Stephens D Philly Fire
Spring Sanders D Philly Fire
Caylee Waters G Philly Fire
Gussie Johns G Philly Fire
Caroline Margolis M Philly Fire
Haley Schweizer (Johns Hopkins) M Philly Fire
Katie Haus M Philly Fire
Kelyn Freedman (Radnor) M Philly Fire
Lauren Kahn M Philly Fire
Maddie Crutchfield M Philly Fire
Shannon Fitzgerald M Philly Fire
Sheila Nesselbush M Philly Fire