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Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Festival returns to Onondaga Lake Park on Sept. 29-30

Wednesday, 19th September 2018

Categories Boy's/Men's, Posted 9/19/18
From Press Release

The Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Festival, celebrating the Creator’s Game that has spread from the land of the Onondaga Indigenous Nation across the globe, is returning to its birthplace on the shores of Onondaga Lake later this month.

As in 2013, the last time the lacrosse festival was celebrated on the shores where the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy was founded a millennium ago, the event will feature traditional wooden stick crafters and other Haudenosaunee crafts; social dancing; presentations by the world renown Alf Jacques and others; and, for the first time, the “Randy Hall Memorial Master’s Lacrosse Tournament.”

“This year we will return to Onondaga Lake for another Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Festival in September,” said Sid Hill, Tadodaho (traditional leader) of the Onondaga Nation and the Six-Nation Haudenosaunee Confederacy. “We live in the heartland of Dehontsigwa’ehs (lacrosse)—homeland to the Haudenosaunee.

“Over 1,000 years ago the game was first played at Onondaga Lake to help bring 5 warring nations together in peace. CNY has benefitted from this rich legacy, and as a result this area is a hotbed for lacrosse.”

“There are nearly 1 million lacrosse athletes in the US today and it continues to be the fastest growing game in the world,” said Philip Arnold, the President of the Indigenous Values Initiative, the organization sponsoring the event, and Founding Director of the Skä·noñh—Great Law of Peace Center (formerly known as Ste. Marie Among the Iroquois) “With Maryland, New York is recognized with the most percentage of lacrosse players in the country.

“Unlike other sports, lacrosse offers us a unique educational opportunity to teach these Haudenosaunee values to young athletes and enthusiasts.”

With the festival, we are also holding the “Randy Hall Memorial Master’s Box Lacrosse Tournament.”

Randy Hall, Akwesasne Mohawk Wolf Clan, passed away in January 2018. He loved lacrosse and was committed to the Onondaga Athletic Club where he coached and played. In 2013 Randy Hall asked Philip Arnold and Sandy Bigtree to help bring the game back to Onondaga Lake where over 1000 years ago the game was first played when the Peacemaker restored peace to five warring nations.

The Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Festival will honor Randy Hall with this Masters Wooden Sticks Tournament. There will be referees, a tent for changing, a box sized field marked out on the grass with 4×4.5 nets. Players will be responsible for helmets, gloves, and sticks. Wooden sticks are preferred but not required. Teams will be responsible for their jerseys. Ages 35+; 8-20 players per team; 6 teams max.

The Festival will be held in the ball fields at the southern end of Onondaga Lake Park. It is free and good event for the entire family.

For more information visit,, and on twitter at: the official event hashtag is: #laxweekend18


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