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Annual Brian Houshower Lacrosse Tournament remains major Fall event after 15 years

Wednesday, 17th October 2018

Categories Boy's/Men's, High School, Posted 10/16/18
Staff Report

After 15 years, the Brian Houshower continues to be a major fall high school tournament – for many reasons.

“This event is special because it truly brings the lacrosse community together, and reminds us all of how precious life is,” said Downingtown West coach Billy Davis in a shared interview with the West Booster Club.

Players from Downingtown West and Downingtown East participate in the annual ceremonial faceoff to kick off the 15th Annual Brian Houshower Lacrosse Tournament

Ten schools competed Saturday in the 15th Annual Brian Houshower Lacrosse Tournament at Downingtown West Middle School. This tournament honors the memory of the former Downingtown High student-athlete, a budding lax player who passed away as a result of a car accident in 2003.

“It is certainly a competitive tournament but it is very much about letting the Houshower family know that their son is not forgotten and his spirit lives on in the game of lacrosse,” said Davis and the Boosters. “The whole vibe of the tournament is positive and about celebrating high school teams – and their importance and value to building young men – even in the growing world of travel lacrosse.”

The round-robin tourney featured players from some of the top teams in the region, including PIAA qualifiers Avon Grove, Downingtown East and Perkiomen Valley as well as Radnor.

More comments from Davis/Boosters club:

How do you want Brian to be remembered in the lacrosse community?
“For his love of the game. His enthusiasm and big heart. He has been described as full of energy and as having a pure love of the game. He reminds us to enjoy every single day and to embrace every opportunity to play the game.”

How does this event help teams prepare for the spring season, especially with the great number of talented squads participating?
“Everyone recognizes that some lacrosse players are multi-sport athletes so the squads at this tournament may not be the exact teams we see in the Spring. However, this tournament has been a great way for a coach to get a feel for his team prior to the Spring season and to see what gaps he needs to fill. It also is good team building event – a way to get the players together off season. Also, if there is a player looking to catch his coach’s eye in the Fall, this tournament is perfect chance for that player to shine. The rosters are more fluid and coaches can see what different players might bring to the table.”

Where do funds go from the event?
“The funds go to a scholarship in Brian’s name and also support Downingtown West’s boys lacrosse program. The funds help us to continue to run this tournament every year in Brian’s honor. It means so very much to Brian’s family, especially to his mother Mrs. Ferree.”

Anything else you want to add?
“Brian’s mother gives a speech half-way through the day to all the players. It is pretty special to see players from 14 plus teams take a knee in a large group and listen to a Mom talk about the loss of her son. All the players are attentive. She talks about choices and asks the boys to listen to that voice inside them that says, ‘Don’t do that, that’s not a good choice’ – because listening to that voice might save their lives. As parents and coaches, we are raising much more than lacrosse players, we are raising young men who we want on this Earth for a long time bringing positive energy to this world, and this tournament reminds everyone of that. Because it is always about more than the game. Bringing a team to this tournament is a simple and effective way to convey that message to these young men.”



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