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Twelve legends – players, coaches, officials – are inducted into Eastern PA Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Sunday, 12th February 2017

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 2/12/17

The spotlight shined on 12 legends of Philly lacrosse Saturday as the Philadelphia Lacrosse Association held its Eastern Pennsylvania Hall of Fame induction banquet at Whitemarsh Valley Country Club in Lafayette Hill.

HONORING LEGENDS – Hall of Fame inductees (from left) Joseph Donnelly, Brett Moyer, Jonathan Christmas, Michele DeJuliis, Lynn Burnes Bowers, Karin Brower-Corbett, Ericka Davidheiser Leslie, Bill McGlone, Peter Samson, John Wynne

Six men and six women were honored for their contributions to the spot as “Truly Great Players”, Truly Great Coaches”, “Truly Great Officials” and “individual who have demonstrated long, dedicated and exceptional service to the game.”

Below are brief excerpts of speeches and comments made by and about the inductees. A full story on inductee Bill McGlone and his incredible recovery from a rare brain disease can be found by clicking here. Click here for the full bios of all inductees.

Lynn Burnes Bowers
Imnducted as “Truly Great Official”
“Officiating lacrosse is my addiction. The games are an adrenaline rush. At Christmas time when others are excited about getting their stockings ready I am anticipating the Arbiter (umpire scheduler) email that says, “You’ve got games!” That means the great great lacrosse season is upon us!”

Sue “Gordy” Warner

Sue “Gordy” Warner

Inducted as “Exceptional Contributor to the Game”
Daughter Jennifer:
“When my mother became Secretary of Sports Information at Penn in 1954, she wanted to make sure that men and women’s lacrosse would get equal press. So, she placed a stick on her desk so everyone would be reminded about the women’s game.”

Jonathan Christmas
Inducted as “Truly Great Player”
(Lower Merion Coach) John Linehan; we all know how instrumental he was to so many people. As a teacher he was no nonsense and he really impacted people’s lives. A lot of the principles I learned, I learned from him and I try to instill them in others.”

Kim Lambdin Ciarrocca (unable to attend)

Kim Lambdin Ciarrocca (head shot)

Inducted as “Truly Great Player and Coach”
Her former coach, Sue Stahl’s testimonial:
“Kim did not like to lose anything. She had a fiery approach and sometimes had to be reigned in. But it was a pleasure to coach Sue at Temple and with the US Lacrosse Team.” Her former player Rebecca Joseph spoke on her behalf and noted that Lambdin Ciarrocca won a National championship as a player at Temple in 1988, a world championship with Team USA in 1989 and coached Ursinus to the 1990 Division III national title.

Joseph Donnelly
Inducted as “Truly Great Player”
Donnelly (who served five tours in Iraq during the 2000s with the Navy:
“Thanks to my Dad. I couldn’t have done anything without you pop. You are my mentor, and lacrosse was a small part of it.”

Karin Broner-Corbett
Inducted as “Truly Great Player and Coach
“Thanks to my husband, Bill. All you spouses that know about the sacrifice of marrying a Division I coach; it’s an emotional job. We are always living the losses; what can we do? It’s a 24/7 job and it is tough. But I would not be able to have a family and make it my profession so I can’t thank him enough.”

Bill McGlone
Inducted as “Truly Great Player”
See full article

Brett Moyer
Inducted as a “Truly Great Player”
“I didn’t play lacrosse until 7th grade and I wasn’t very good at offense. Coach Matt Flynn gave me a long stick and I asked, ‘What do I do with that?’ He said, ‘Don’t hit anyone in the helmet; take the ball away from everyone and have fun.’ I never forgot those three lines.”

Ericka Davidheiser Leslie
Inducted as “Truly Great Official who has Contributed Noteworthy Service to the Game”
Davidheiser Leslie:
“I don’t think anyone says when they are young that they want to be known as a great official. But being a women’s official from the Philly area is like a badge of honor because of training from all the great officials here.”

Peter Samson
Inducted as “Individual who has Demonstrated Long, Dedicated and Exceptional service to the Game”
“When (daughter) Katie was injured the lacrosse community lifted my family and the Saturday after her injury Jack Brennan walked up to me and said, ‘We got his covered.’ Within weeks, Radnor raised money for her (wheelchair accessible) van and within a year they started the Katie Samson Festival.”

Michele DeJuliis
Inducted as “Truly Great Player”
DeJuliis (already a member of the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame):
“I am continually fueled by the past, and energized by the present. Thank you to so many women for pushing me; it is my hope that I give you that same motivation.”

John Wynne
Inducted as a “Trule Great Coach”
Wynne (who was not chosen as the Episcopal Academy head coach despite full support from his players:
“The same kids that said they wanted me to be the head football coach came back 2 years later asking me to be the (first) lacrosse coach. I said, ‘No you don’t.’ Now, football coaches never help each other out. But lacrosse coaches share information! When the football job came open a few years later, they asked me if I wanted it. I said, ‘Absolutely not!’ I found I loved the game of lacrosse: Head, Heart, Hustle!”

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