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Reaction from players who shined from @NXT_Showcase Philly Girls Showcase

Sunday, 5th November 2017

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 11/5/17

Junior midfielder Rebecca Campos wanted to make sure her sacrifice of leaving the defending state champion soccer team at Arlington (NY) would be worth it when she competed in the NXT Girls Philly Showcase on Saturday at United Sports in Downingtown.

Rebecca Campos, Arlington (NY) 2019 MF

So the shock of hearing that her team – undefeated when she left Central New York – had fallen in its Class AA Regional final was somewhat tempered by her being chosen as the Day Session 2019 MVP. Campos also made the All-Star team and helped Team White prevail with a goal and some draw controls.

“Coming into it, I just wanted to make sure I left it all out on the field, especially since my soccer team was playing in the regional finals,” said Campos, who plays club for the Dutchess Monarchs. “I just wanted to make it worth it. I think I did that.

“I think I did really well on the draw; that’s what helps win games, as well as the 50-50 balls. We won 2 of 3 of our games and we won the All-Star Game. I am glad I made that team; there were a lot of good players and it was nice to be able to play with them.”

What went well for Campos? “I improved my shot selection,” she said. “The competition was really good and really fast and in the All-Star Game we were able to catch up with them to match skills, We stayed low on defense and talked on defense.”

What did she learn from the event? “I learned how to work well with people I just met and that will help me with future camps by learning to talk to people and make connections,” she said.

Rachel O’Toole, Methacton (PA) 2020 G

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Other players that shined:

Rachel O’Toole, 2020 G, Methacton/NXT, PA

On the event: “My goals coming in were to have fun and not be afraid to go for groundballs and interceptions. I felt like I did well and accomplished what I wanted and made my mark. The competition was very high level and the pace was fast moving; I had to adjust by making sure my footwork was quicker and that I saw the whole field because the ball moved so quickly.”

On what went well: “I think my communication to the defenders was good. We had a great defense and they did what I told them to do.”

On what she learned: “I think I learned not to be afraid to step out of the crease and learned I can do it; just go don’t think about it.”

Alexis Toney, John Carroll (AL) 2019 ATT

Alexis Toney, 2019 ATT, John Carroll/Hotbama, AL

On the event: “Just getting the experience and getting exposure to coaches brought me here. Really, going to places North and competing is important; there is not much competition in the South so you have to build yourself up. You can’t just go to one (event); you have to go to a lot to get better.

On what went well: “My dodging was good and I think the teamwork here was incredible. It took a little time (to adjust) but going to other tournaments have helped.

What did she learn? “Just be really intense when playing and be aggressive.”

Ashley Moynahan, Fairfield Ludlowe (CT) 2020 MF

Ashley Moynahan, 2020 MF, Fairfield Ludlowe, CT/Nor’easter

On the event: “My goal was to play well and make the All-Star game and be a team player – not just for my own goals. I wanted to be known for defense and offense and to do well on the draws. Then I wanted to play well in the All-Star Game because you want to do well in the All-Star game and I felt I accomplished that.”

How did she adjust to the competition? “I feel like I had to use more power on my draw and a lot more force on my defense. I am not particularly good at tryouts; today learned to fit in at events and that helps me for the future. You have to talk and make friends; you have to be out there and be outgoing.”

Caleigh Wilbourn, The Woodlands Christian (TX) 2020 ATT

Caleigh Wilbourn, 2020, ATT, The Woodlands Christian/Tenacity, TX

On the event: “I came up here for the talent and the good coaches and my goals were just to get better and play lacrosse. The competition was really good; there was lots of talent from everywhere, it was a great experience. Definitely the pace of the game is different here from Texas and it was a little faster, so I had to work on that. My great teammates got me open and I got them open and we made things happen. A lot of coaches were talking about the speed of play and they were talking about getting the ball fast and cutting.

On the new recruiting rules restricting D1 coaches from making contact until junior year: “I do like that it takes off stress and you just go out there, and play knowing you have time to get better.”


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