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.@QuakerCityLax Tuesday girls’ summaries – Updated

Tuesday, 16th May 2017

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries,Posted 5/16/17

District 1 Class AAA playoffs

Central Bucks South 7, Downingtown West 6
CB South 4-3- 7
Downingtown West 5-1- 6

CB South
Kristen Bernsten 1g
Kasey Dietzel 3g, 2a
Courtney Taylor 1g, 1a, GW goal
Melissa Veal 1g
Molly Sullivan 1g
Laura Robinson 12 saves

Harriton 20, Souderton 12

Emily Stewart 1 G 1A 2 DCs 2 GBs 2CTs
Katelin Williams 4 Goals 1 A
Greta Stahl 9 G 7 A 2 GBs 5 DCs 1CT
Claudia Conrad 4 G 2 DCs 1 GBs
Allie Schwab 1 G 1 GB 1 CT
Molly McDonough 1 G 10 DCs 2 CTs 5 GBs
Maddy Henderson 3 GBs 2 CTs
Devin McClain 5 Saves 1 CT 2 GB

Kait Mardi 2 goals
Liz O’Hara 2 goals
Riley McGowan 2 goals, 1 assist, 5 draw controls
Anna Anello 2 goals
Sarah Goodwin 2 goals, 2 assist, 4 draw controls
Carlie Doughty 1 goal, 1 assist
Jenny Ubowski 1 goal
Lauren Scott 14 saves

Strath Haven 13, Hatboro-Horsham 5
Half: Strath Haven 6, HH 2

Strath Haven
Ruffini 6 g 1 a 1gb
Hotham 3 g 4 dc 2gb
McNeely 1g 3a 8dc 3cto 1gb
Haase 1g 1gb
Kruse 1g 3gb
Brennan 1g 2gb
Gillespie 2a
Crow 2cto
Labows 1 cto 1gb
Capalbo 11 saves

Kaitlyn Wallace 2G
Gabby Acker 2G
Gwyn Acker 1G
Emma Roesing 3 caused turnovers and 2 draw controls
Gabrielle Liott 3 caused turnovers and 1 ground ball
Arielle Hammer in goal saved 21 of 34 shots, 21 saves including 2 of 3 8meter shots.

Garnet Valley 17, WC Henderson 5

Lilly Siskind 2g,2gb,3dc
Jordyn Bauer 3g,1dc, 3gb
Shannon Earley 3gb, 5dc, 3ct
Anne Lalicker 3 saves

Garnet Valley
Olivia Brenner- 1a
Riley Delaney- 2g
Can Faith- 3g, 1ct
Beth Hofmann- 2dc
Abby Kalish- 1g, 1dc, 1ct
Madi McKee- 2g, 1a, 5dc, 1ct
Kamryn McNeal- 3G, 3a
Kara Nealon- 1g, 3gb
Regan Nealon- 2g
Madi O’Brien- 2g, 3a, 2dc, 1ct
Kathryn Toohey- 1g
Linda Zamrowski- 3gb, 3ct
Lauren Kinnee- 4 saves
Sam Hamalak- 3 saves

Downingtown East 14, Boyertown 12
DT East 3 – 11 – 14
BT 7 – 5 – 12

Livi Lawton 5g
Emily Wurzel 3g
Leah Hunter 2g, 2a
Elise Person 2g
Hannah Wurzel 1g, 1a
Rachel Swink 1g
Emily Robinson 10 saves

Hannah Wentzel 2g, 1a, 1gb, 3ct
Tiff Diachynsky 1gb, 1dc, 1int, 1ct
Maddy Siejk 3g, 4gb, 1ct
Ally Bardman 1gb, 1ct
Sydney Fox 4g, 1a, 2a, 2dc, 1int, 1ct
Kate Kada 1gb
Kaleigh Gallagher 4gb
Ashley Dierolf 1g, 1a
Hannah Mitchell 2g, 2a, 1gb, 2dc
Kylie Webb1g, 2gb, 2dc
Kasey Roberts 1ct
Jen O’Connor 1gb, 3dc
Kasey Fox 6 saves

Perkiomen Valley 8, Spring-Ford 7
Halftime 6-3 PV

Paige Tyson 2g
Kat Kelley 2g
Anna koniencki 1g
Alex Maurer 1g
Caitlin Leap 1g
Sydney Marasco 1g
Goalie Devin Fleischman 9 saves

Jill Quigley 1g
Camryn Jones 1g
Cassie Marte 1g
Liv Yeagle 1g
Anja Sweeney 1g
Natalie Wechter 1g
Michaela Haney 1g
Goalie Kamille Ward 7 saves

Great Valley 20, Central Bucks East 8
Great Valley: 12,8 = 20
CB East: 4, 4 = 8

CB East
Brigitte Bishop 4g
Riley Foreman 2g
Maggie Vetter 1g
Mel Burian 1g

Great Valley
N.Kahn 7g, 4a
O.Muscella 9g, 2a
T.Rubin 2g, 2a
S.Karwoski 2g
M.Hilditch 3a
L.Bullock 5saves

Methacton 18, Pennridge 15
Methacton 11 7 18
Pennridge 12 3 15

Alana Cardaci 8 goals 1 assist
Jackie Cerchio 3 goals 6 assists
Sydney Tornetta 4 goals 1 assist
Julie Byrne 2 goals
Anna Price 1 goal 1 assist
Katy Benton 1 assist
Rachel O’Toole 7 saves

Jen Rodzewich 8 goals
Maddie Dachowski 4 goals
Grace Loughtery 3 goals 1 assist

Inter-Ac League

Episcopal Academy 15, Penn Charter 4
Half: EA 6, PC 2

EA clinches Inter Ac championship outright
A. Marino 3g 1gb
I. Rohr 3dc 4gb 2cto 1int
A. McHugh 1cto
O. Tuma 1g
O. Dirks 3g 5dc 3gb (including her 100th draw control this season!)
L. Walling 1a 3gb
S. Keffer 2g
R. Yackel 1g
L. Rodio 1gb
K. Crager 5g 3dc 2gb
O. Cunningham 1a
B. Boyle 1gb
T. Lucey 2a
P. Christos 1gb
T. McMullin 6 saves

Penn Charter
Macaul Mellor 2 goals 1 assist 1 draw control
Courtney Cubbin 3 draw controls
Alexis Joseph 2 caused Turnovers
Emma Wilson 1 Assist
Perri Keefhuss 1 assist
Mackenzie McDonough 1 draw 1 caused turnover
Vanessa Ewing 2 goals
Hayley Hunt 10 saves

Agnes Irwin 14, Baldwin 6

Lila Barker 1g, 1a
Liv Carey 1g
Alex Hark 5g, 3a
Sydney Wolfington 3g
Brynn Smith 2g
Maria Pansini 1g, 1a
Hailey Andress 6 saves

Natalie Sgro – 1g, 1a, 1ct, 2gb
Myla Barnett – 1g, 1a, 4dc, 1ct
Sean Tuckman – 1g, 1a, 2dc
Lila Tuckman – 2g, 1dc
Marissa McGarrey – 1g, 3dc, 1ct, 1gb
Carrie Schaeffer – 1ct, 1gb
Joely Simon – 1ct
Lauren Bracken – 1gb
Celia Page – 3ct, 2gb
Olivia Tornetta – 9 saves

Germantown Academy 18, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 11

Belle McMahon 6g 1a
Cam Korman 1g 5a
Olivia Doody 1g 1a
Maddie Ota 3g 2a
Maddie Burns 1g 1a
Ali Crump 3g
Isabelle Jacobs 3g 1a
Zoe Torrey 6 saves

South Jersey
Moorestown 16, Lenape 2

Rylee Brown 1a
Emily Culbertson 2a
Cailin Field 1g
Kayla Frank 3g, 1a
Ava Frantz 1g
Kacey Knobloch 2g
Quinn Nicolai 5g
Robin Panzarella 2g, 1a
Colette Smith 2g, 1a
Emily Toft 1 save

Friends Schools League Championship

Friends’ Central 10, Germantown Friends 3
Friends Central 6-4- 10
Germantown Friends 1-2- 3

Friends’ Central
Lorna MacFralane 5g
Sophie Berger 1g, 3a
Brynne Menen 2g
Aliza Sall 1g
Thea Volpp 2a
Hannah Posencheg 1g
Jess Goralski 11 saves, 6 GB

Germantown Friends
Natalie Harrity 2g
Sophie Smith 1a
Curran McLaughlin 1g
Corin Grady 12 saves, 3 GBs, 1 INT

Quaker Cup
(Friends League)

George School 14, Academy of the New Church 12

Haley Holsworth – 8 saves
Rachel Fink: 6 goals; 1 assist
Ryann Kolb: 4 goals; 3 assists
Zia Cooper: 1 goal; 2 assists
Nicole McCurdy: 1 goal; 1 assist
Andie Gay: 1 assist
Maggie McCabe: 1 assist

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