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.@QuakerCityLax Tuesday girls’ summaries – Updated

Tuesday, 25th April 2017

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 4/25/17

Unionville 11, Downingtown West 9

E. Malone 3 g
V. Hineman 2 g
E. Garvey 2 g
H close 2 g
A. Ward 1 g
M Holt 1 g
M Doucette: 9 Saves

Owen J. Roberts 22, Boyertown 9
OJR – 10 – 12 – 22
BT – 7 – 2 – 9

Anna Dempsey 6g
Eloise Gebert 4g, 2a
Frankie Carroll 6g
Kelsey Kilgallon 1a
Rachel Sharpe 1g
Maddi Koury 2g, 1a
Sophia Murray 2g
Anna Lavelle 2a
Danika Swech 1g
Mia Tornetta 4 saves

Hannah Wentzel 1a, 1ct
Tiff Diachynsky 1gb, 1dc, 3ct
Maddy Siejk 2g, 1a, 2gb, 1ct
Ally Bardamn 5gb
Sydney Fox 2g
Hayden Corcoran 1dc
Kate Kada 1g
Kaleigh Gallagher 1gb
Ashley Dierolf 1gb, 1dc
Hannah Mitchell 6dc
Amanda Diachynsky 1dc
Cassie Kidwell 1gb
Hailey Heimbach 2g, 1gb
Asia Swenk 1gb
Kylie Webb 1g, 1gb, 4dc
Haydn Hallman 1g

Agnes Irwin 16, Penn Charter 4
Halftime: AIS 9- PC 1

Lila Barker: 4g, 5 dc
Alex Hark: 5g, 2a, 2ct
Maria Pansini: 2g, 1a, 2dc, 3ct
Emily Wills: 4g, 1ct
Kacey Hogarth: 1g, 1ct,1gb
Hailey Andress: 6 saves, 1gb

Macaul Mellor 3G, 3 GB, 10DC
Kaylee Dyer 1 G, 1DC
Courtney Cubbin 2 DC
Hayley Hunt 9 Saves

Academy of the New Church 18, Abington Friends 1

Haley Holsworth: 8 saves
Ryann Kolb: 4 goals; 1 assist
Nicole McCurdy: 4 goals; 1 assist
Zia Cooper: 3 goals; 1 assist
Maggie McCabe: 2 goals; 1 assist
Andie Gay: 2 goals; 1 assist
Caroline O’Hagan: 1 goal
Waverly Wadsworth: 1 goal
Lauryl Mergen: 1 goal

Notre Dame Academy 21, Springside Chestnut Hill 14

Maggie O’Brien- 5g, 3a, 4gb, 1ct, 7dc
Makenzie Irvine- 4g, 1gb, 1dc
Hannah Gillespie- 4g, 2a, 2gb
Claire Gola- 1g, 3a, 1gb, 2ct, 4dc
Kelly Coyle- 1g, 7a, 1gb
Katherine Pasquale- 2g, 1a
Georgie Gorelick- 1g, 1ct
Riley Gillin- 1g, 1gb, 1ct
Claire Nappi- 1g, 2a, 8gb, 2ct, 5dc
Mikayla Dever- 1g
Caitlyn Mullen- 1ct, 2dc
Isabelle McHugh- 3gb, 2ct
Jackie Lanzalotto- 4 saves

Garnet Valley 21, Lower Merion 7
Garnet 14–7–21
LM 4–3–7

Brittany Brenhuber- 1ct
Olivia Brenner- 2g, 1dc
Ashley Bufano- 1g, 1ct
Caroline Carruthers- 2g
Riley Delaney- 2g
Kath Eckhoff- 1g, 1a, 2ct
Cam Faith- 3g, 1ct
Beth Hofmann- 1g, 1ct
Abby Kalish- 2dc, 1ct
Madi McKee- 2dc
Bailey McMaster- 2g
Kamryn McNeal- 4a, 3dc
Tish Minford- 1g, 1dc
Regan Nealon- 1g, 2a, 1ct
Madi O’Brien- 3g, 1a, 2gb, 1ct
Caroline Shaefer- 2g
Kathryn Toohey- 1a
Lauren Kinnee- 2 saves
Sam Hamalak- 2 saves

Conestoga 18, Ridley 8

Liz Scott 5g 1a 7dc
Scottie Growney 4g 3a 7dc
Cameron Evitts 3g 1a
Julia Littlewood 2g
Maddie Wood 2g
Dana Cicchitti 1g
Sydney Sloan 1g
Anne Frascella had 7 saves

Crowley 4g
Johnston 3g 1a
Adam 1g

Harriton 13, Haverford 7

Emily Stewart 4 CTs 2 GBs
Katelin Williams 2 Goals
Claudia Conrad 3 DCs 3 GBs 1 CT
Greta Stahl 5 G 5 A 1 CTs 14 DCs 2 GBs 1 CT
Allie Schwab 3 G
Molly McDonough 2 G 1 GB
Lucy Dwyer 1 CT 1 GBs
Amelia Coursen 1 G 2 GBs 1 CT
Emma Arronson 4 GBs 3 CT
Devin McClain 6 Saves

Laura WInters 1 G
Nora Janzer 1 G
Sydney Corcoran 1 G
Lydia Hetznecker 3 G
WIlla Hetznecker 1 G

Strath Haven 16, Penncrest 7
Strath Haven 10-6-16
Penncrest 5-2- 7

Strath Haven
Olivia Memeger 1g
Nicole McNeely 4g
Elisa Kruse 1g
Chloe Brennan 3g
Sophie Haase 2g
Maddy Ruffini 4g, 100th career goal
Emily Raech 1g
Katie Capalbo 6 saves

Kenna Kaut 4g
Juliana George 2g
Logan O’Donnell 1g
Alison Cavanagh 1a
Goalie Saves Corryn Gambler 9

Phoenixville 23, Pottsgrove 13
Emily Williams 1g 1a
Brooke Saylor 4g
Alyssa Petrucelli 4g
Erin Carroll 2g
Allie Reppert 2g
Mya Krueger 10 saves

Megan Gibbons 1g
Kyra Trafford 4g
Becca Lewis 3g 2a 7dc
Natalie Rubino 2g 1a
Katie Baker 2g 4dc
Kylie Crovetti 1g 1a
Ally Bonshock 1g
Kendall Beatty 9g 3dc
Abby Sims 1a
Mary Michaud 2a
Marissa Seldes 5 saves

Pope John Paul II 18, Pottstown 0

Reilly Owens 13 saves

Julia Latoff – 1 goal, 2 assists
Mia Sheldon – 3 goals, 2 assists
Monica Rapchinski – 6 goals, 1 assist
Julia McLaughlin – 3 goals
Lauren Bello – 1 goal, 3 dc
Caroline Slattery – 1 assist
Maeve Riley – 4 gb, 2 dc
Kylie Cherneskie – 2 goals, 3 assists
Grace Cobaugh – 2 goals, 7 dc
Charlotte Williamson – 7 saves contributed to this article

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