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.@QuakerCityLax Thursday girls’ summaries – Final

Thursday, 11th May 2017

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 5/11/17

Council Rock South 15, Villa Joseph Marie 6
CR South 5-10- 15
VJM 4-2- 6

CR South
Keller- 3 goals 1 assist
Mikayla VanAken- 1 goal
Sarah Womer- 3 goals 2 assists
Caroline McGovern- 3 goals
MK Simpson- 4 goals
Claudia Steinmetz- 1 goal 1 assist

Pennsbury 13, Archbishop Wood 7
Pennsbury 6, Archbishop Wood 6

Emelie Curtis 1g, 2a
Annie Price 5g, 1a
Lily Nolan 6g
Amelia Sharp 1g
Sarah Mac Davis 1a
Brooke Weaver 1a
Nell Webber 1a
Mia Doron 1a

Central Bucks South 18, Springfield Township 7

Ellie Hamilton- 4 assists, 1 ground ball, 1 draw control
Rachel Harmon- 1 goal
Lindsey Smith- 3 goals, 1 caused turnover, 2 draw controls
Sophia Perry- 2 ground balls
Emily Giampietro- 3 goals, 2 caused turnover, 3 ground balls

Garnet Valley 19, Kennett 5
Garnet 13–6–19
Kennett 4–1–5

Liv Brenner- 1ct
Riley Delaney- 3g, 2a
Cam Faith- 4g, 2a
Abby Kalish- 1a
Madi McKee- 1g, 12dc
Bailey McMaster- 1g
Kamryn McNeal- 2g, 2a, 2gb
Tish Minford- 3ct
Kara Nealon- 1g, 1a, 3dc
Regan Nealon- 3g, 1a, 2gb
Madi O’Brien- 3g, 1a, 2dc
Caroline Shaefer- 1g, 1a, 2gb
Emma Taviano- 1dc
Lauren Kinnee- 6 saves

Strath Haven 8, Central Bucks West 7
SH 6-2-8
CBWest 2-5- 7

Elisa Kruse 3G, GW with 4:53 to play
Sophia Haase 3g
Margot Hotham 2g
Katie Capalbo 10 saves
Paige Gillespie 2a
Maddy Ruffini 1a
Nicole McNeely 1a
Katie Capalbo 8 saves

Bryn Boylan 2g, 1a
Dani Dundas 1g, 1a
Finley Ueland 3g
Lauren Devlin 7 saves

Merion Mercy Academy 14, Mt. St. Joseph Academy 13
Half: Merion 9, Mount 7

Allie Scannapieco 3 goals
Kaely Kyle 5 goals
Caroline Steller 2 goals 2 assist
Arianna Lavelle 3 goals 1 assist
Grace Gillespie 1 goal

Cara Sheedy 1 goal
Liz Meister 2 goals
Kateri Krause 2 goals
Sydney Stein 1 goal
Natalie McNamara 7 goals

Agnes Irwin 8, Notre Dame Academy 7 (OT)
Half time AIS 3- ND 2

Sydney Wolfington 5 g, 3ct, 2gb (Tie goal and game winner)
Emily Wills 2g, 2gb, 1ct
Brynn Smith 1g, 2gb, 1dc
Maria Pansini 6dc
Emma Macaione 5dc
Hailey Andress 2 saves

Hannah Gillespie- 2g
Kelly Coyle- 1g, 3a, 2gb, 1dc
Makenzie Irvine- 1g, 1gb
Mikayla Dever- 1g
Claire Nappi- 2a, 2gb, 1dc
Maggie O’Brien- 1g, 1a, 3gb, 1dc
Riley Gillin -1g, 1gb, 1dc
Caitlyn Mullen-2gb, 3ct
Morgan O’Brien- 2gb, 1ct
Jackie Lanzalotto- 12 saves

Archbishop Carroll 11, Conestoga 6
Carroll 6-5- 11
Conestoga 3-3- 6

Archbishop Carroll
Sam Swart 5g
Katie Detwiler 3g
Anna Murphy 2g
Alex Cabahug-Almonte 1g
Kristy Kucia 3a
Maddey Ferraioli 6 saves

Scottie Rose Growney 3g
Liz Scott 2g (400th career draw control today and her 100th of the season)
Sydney Sloan 1g
Ceara Sweeney 1a
Amelia Kienzle 1a
Anne Frascella 5 saves

Conwell-Egan 8, Academy Park 6
CE – 4 – 4 – 8
AP – 4 – 2 – 6

Annie Corrigan 4g
Maddy Terry 3g
Cassidy Hayden 1g
Cat Musick 3 saves

Riley Street 4g
Samantha Montgomery 1g, 1a
Shayna Flory 1g
Terae Mason 24 saves

VMA 10, Springfield Delco 9 (OT)
VMA: 5–4–1–10
Springfield: 5–4–0–10

Bri Bamber 2a
Annina Iacobucci 2G, 1dc
Sarah Delaney 3G (game winner)
Audrey Fantazzia 4G, 1a, 1gb, 1dc
Erin Finley 1gb, 5dc
Adele Iacobucci 1G, 1dc
Abby Walheim 2dc
Lizzy Walheim 3gb, 2 ct
Sarah Moffit 2gb
Brenna Murray 1gb, 1int
Nico Czyzewski 1gb
Maddie Medve 10saves

West Chester Rustin 6, West Chester Henderson 5
WC Henderson 2 3 – 5
WC Rustin 2 4 – 6

West Chester Henderson
Jordyn Bauer 2g 2dc 2ct
Shannon Earley 1g 1gb 3dc 1ct
Peighton Bement 2g 2dc
Ann Lalicker 6 goals 6 saves
Lilly siskind 2ct 2dc

West Chester Rustin
Skyler Demis 2G
Tina St. Clair 1G
Michelle Chessock 1G
Ashley Chisholm 1G
Kylie Videon 1G
Maddi Montebianco 9 saves

Penncrest 16, Interboro 3

Carly Bartholomew- 3g
Logan O’Donnell-2a
Allison Cavanagh- 2g
Lindsey Moppert- 2g
Kenna Kaut- 2g
Christina Difelice- 1g, 1a
Mary Kate Klodarska- 1g,1a
Sarah Roberts- 1g
Grace Harding- 1g
Carys Dougherty- 1g
Juliana George- 1g
Abby Pennoni- 1g
Goalie Saves; Corryn Gamber- 6

Paige Dorwart 2g
Morgan Reed 1g
Madison Hengey 1a
Goalie Saves: Racheal DiDorienicis 5

Bishop Shanahan 13, Downingtown East 11

Lawton 4g
Wurzel, Emily 2g
Wurzel, Hannah 2g
Fanelli 2g
Hunter 1g
Goalie saves 7

Staska 3g
Holowsko 3g
Cooper 3g
Decedsris 1g
Manley 1g
Smith 1g
Manley, A 1g

Princeton (NJ) 18, New Egypt 5
Princeton 10 8 18
New Egypt 4 1 5

Kathryn DeMilt 2a
Serena Bolitho 1g 1a
Mariana Lopez-Ona 3g 1a
Shaylah Marciano 3g 6a
Olivia Geller 1a
Georgia McLean 4g
Abaigeal Ryan 4g
Eva Petrone 1g
Megan Mavoides 1a
Kendall Lieberman 1g
Morgan Beamer 1g 1a
Zoe Tesone 2 saves

Amanda Weaver 1g
Madeleine Sonday 2g
Madison Roveda 1g
Alexis Massa 1g
Emma Humphrey 10 saves

Great Valley 15, Unionville 14
Unionville (7,7) 14
Great Valley (11,4) 15

Malone 4g
Close 2g
Hineman 2g
Hower 2g
Mcdonough 2g
Garvey 1g
Holt 1g
Doucette 5saves

Great Valley
L. Muscella 8g 2a
N. Kahn 4g 3a
S. Karwoski 2g
T. Rubin 1g 3a
A. Stagnaro 1a
Bullock 1save

Pioneer Athletic Conference Championship
Owen J. Roberts 11, Spring-Ford 4

Owen J Roberts: 7 4 11
Spring-Ford: 2 2 4

Anna Dempsey 5g
Eloise Gebert 3g 1a
Danika Swech 2g
Kelsey Kilgallon 1g
Mia Tornetta 6 saves

Jill Quigley 1g
Cassie Marte 1g
Camy Jones 2g
Kamille Ward 6 saves contributed to this article

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