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Thursday, 27th April 2017

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 4/27/17

Springfield-Delco 15, Lower Merion 6
Springfield 15

Bridget Whitaker 4g
Dana Carlson 2g
Alyssa Long 2g
Olivia Little 2g
Bailey O’Brien 1g
Maggie O’Connell 1g
Kristen Methlie 1g
Meaghan Cull 1g
Olivia Pace 1g
Julianna Clemens 6 saves
Dana Mirgiliano 1 save
Aiden Gallagher 1 save

Lower Merion
Danielle Geis 2g
Aashley Roberts 2g
Sophia Seligsohn 2g

Pope John Paul II 19, Phoenixville 7

Kyra Trafford – 1g
Becca Lewis – 1g
Natalie Rubino – 1g
Kendall Beatty – 3g
Lily White – 1g
Katie Baker – 1g
Marissa Seldes – 8 saves

Julia Latoff – 4g, 1a, 7gb, 2ct, 3dc
Mia Sheldon – 4dc
Monica Rapchinski – 10g, 1a
Lauren Bello – 3g, 1a
Kylie Cherneskie – 1g
Grace Cobaugh – 1g, 2a, 5dc
Charlotte Williamson – 6 saves

Hatboro-Horsham 10, North Penn 9, OT
Halftime HH 4, NP 3

Kaitlyn Wallace 4g, 2a (4th goal was her 100th career goal)
Gabby Acker 1g (in sudden victory OT, assist from Gabby Liott)
Camryn Ryan 2g
Gabby Liott 1g, 1a
Olivia Tice 1g
Arielle Hammer 6 saves, 3 interceptions

North Penn
O’Donnell 2g
Sacchetti, 2g
McNamara 2g
Keffer 1g
Tossona 1g
Phifer 1g
Winstanley 7 saves

UM 4-3-1- 8
CRS 2-5-0- 7

Jessica Flanagan 2g, 1A, 4DC, GW in OT
Sydney Bachmayer 3G, 2A, 2GB, 1 DC
Emma Meakim 2G, 1A
Allison Felicetti 1G, 1A, 3GB
Cheyanne Grumm 7 saves

CR South
Emily Keller 2 goals
Sarah Womer 1 goal
MK Simpson 1 goal
Caroline McGovern 2 goals 1 assist
Claudia Steinmetz 1 goal

Academy Park 12, Penn Wood 1
AP 9 – 3 – 12
PW 0 – 1 – 1

Angeliqua Ortiz 4g
Riley Street 4g
Zyah Newsome 2g
Shayna Flory 2g
Terae Mason 13 saves

Hudson 1g
Cadet 11 saves

Plymouth Whitemarsh 18, Cheltenham 6
PW 12-6- 18
CHS 3-3- 6

Ali Diamond 5g, 2a
Vic Betterly 5g
Lexi Petrakis 4g, 2g
Raquel Baskin 2g, 2a
Lilly hanlon 1g
Lucy Sullivan 1g

Dana Shtelton 2g, 5 GB
Marycait Dorely 2g, 4 GB
Liza Becker 1g
Myka Byers 1g
Morgan Sloan 12 saves

Episcopal Academy 19, Academy of Notre Dame 12

A. Marino 1g
I. Rohr 1g, 12dc, 7gb, 7cto (including career 100th draw control)
O. Tuma 2g, 2dc, 1gb
D. Whitaker 2g, 1gb
O. Dirks 2g, 3dc, 4gb, 1cto
S. Keffer 1g
R. Yackel 2g
K. Crager 4g, 2a, 3dc, 1gb
O. Cunningham 1g, 1gb
T. Lucey 3g, 3a, 1gb
P. Christos 1gb, 1cto
T. McMullin 4 saves

Makenzie Irvine-5g, 1a, 2gb, 1ct
Maggie O’Brien- 2g, 3gb, 7dc
Kelly Coyle- 3G, 3gb
Claire Gola- 3a, 4gb, 2ct, 5dc
Claire Nappi- 1g, 2a, 3gb, 2ct, 1dc
Hannah Gillespie- 1g, 2gb, 2ct
Mikayla Dever- 1a, 1gb, 1ct
Caitlyn Mullen- 2gb, 2ct
Katie O’Connor- 2gb, 3ct

Merion Mercy 13, Mount St. Joseph 5
Merion Mercy 6-7- 13
Mount St. Joseph 3-2 5

Merion Mercy
Brittney Bedrossian: 1 goal, 2 assists
Annie Dombrowski 1 assist
Devyn Russo 1 assist
Allie Scannapieco 3 goals
Brenna Stone 1 goal
Kaely Kyle 3 goals
Caroline Steller 3 goals, 2 assists
Arianna Lavelle 2 goals, 2 assists
Maggie Wilson and Marcella Nostrant stood out on defense
MaryCate Markey 11 saves

Cara Sheedy 2 goals
Erica Brocato 1 goals
Kateri Krause 2 goals
Ashley Pyne 2 assists
Natalie McNamara 2 assists

Upper Merion 15, Upper Perkiomen 8

Upper Merion
Molly Weygand- 5 goals, 1 assist
Francesca Lindelow- 4 goals, 1 assist
Riley O’Malley- 4 goals
Quinn O’Malley- 1 goal, 2 assists
Allison Shuster- 1 goal, 1 assist
Katie Frey 9 saves

U. Perkiomen
Hope Flack- 3 goals
Erika Boyer- 1 goal
Courtney Bauer- 1 goal
Mackenzie Gebhard- 1 goal
Grace Lehman- 1 goal
Aiyi Young- 1 goal

Agnes Irwin 17, Germantown Academy 8
Agnes Irwin 11-6- 17
GA 3-5- 8

Agnes Irwin
Lila Barker: 6g, 1dc
Olivia Carey: 1g, 1a
Alex Hark: 1g, 1a
Maria Pansini: 1g, 1a
Sydney Wolfington: 4g, 2a
Emily Coyne: 1g, 1a
Kacey Hogarth: 1g, 1dc
Natalie Pansini: 1g, 3a, 4dc
Emma Macaione: 4dc, 3gb
Hailey Andress: 5 saves, 3gb, 2caused turnover (1 interception)
Camilla Gowan: 3 saves

Germantown Academy
Belle McMahon 1g
Olivia Doody 4g 2a
Cam Korman 1a
Maddie Burns 2g 1a
Isabelle Jacobs 1g
Zoe Torrey 6saves

Interboro 11, Chichester 6
Interboro: 6-5-11
Chichester: 3-3-6

Morgan Reed: 4g
Jenna Schreiber: 2g
Paige Dorwart: 3g
Rachel DiDomenicis: 1g
Kyleigh D’Agostino: 1g, 1a
Brae Mecouch: 1a
Izzy Ianncellini: 1a

Haley Fritz: 3g
Cameron Topper: 2g
Adrianna Willabu: 1g

Radnor 13, Penncrest 12
Penncrest 7-5-12
Radnor 5-8- 13

Allison Cavanagh 2g 1a
Christina DiFelice 1g 1a
Kenna Kaut 2g 1a
Logan O’Donnell 3g 1a
Grace Harding 3g 1a
Sadie King 1g 1a
Corryn Gamber 7 saves

Cate Cox 5G, 2A
Hope Smith 5G, 1A
Julianne Puckette 2G, 5DC
Ellie Mueller 1A, 4DC
Nicole Massimino 1G, 1A, 4GB
Cat Belveal 1A, 3GB
Allison Lanzone 2DC, 1CT
Natalie Junior 4CT
Lindsey McShea 3CT, 2GB

Jenkintown 12, Lower Moreland 3
Jenkintown 9 – 3 – 12
Lower Moreland 1 – 2 – 3

Penn Charter 21, Little Flower 5

Macaul Mellor 5 goals 2 assists 6 draw controls
Courtney Cubbin 5 goals 3 draw controls
Emma wilson 2 goals 2 assists
Perri Keefhuss 2 goals 1 assist
Kaylee Dyer 2 goals 2 assists
Leah Sax 1 goal 2 assists 3 draw controls
Laura Blieler 1 goal
Vanessa Ewing 1 goal 3 draw controls
Hannah Griffith 1 goal
Lizzie McLaughlin 1 goal 1 assist

Strath Haven 12, Haverford High 9
Strath Haven 7-5-12
Haverford High 5-4- 9

Maddy Ruffini-3g, 1a
Nicole McNeely-3g
Sophie Haase-3g
Margot Hotham-2g, 1a
Chloe Brennan-1g
Emily Raech-1a
Katie Capalbo-12 saves

Lydia Hetznecker 3G(100th goal)
Nora Janzer3g 4gb
Willa Hetznecker 1g 2gb
Laura Winters 1g 2 A
Lauren Johns 8 Saves

Downingtown East 11, Great Valley 8
Halftime 7-4

Wurzel, Emily 4g
Hunter 3g
Flynn 2g
Fanelli 1g
Lawton 1g
Goalie saves – Emily Robinson 9 saves
Player to mention- Emily Robinson, crucial saves in the game.

Muscella 3g
Kratzer 2g
Kahn 2g
Karowski 1g

Conestoga 13, Garnet Valley 11
8-5 half

Scottie Rose Growney 6g 1a 7dc
Liz Scott 2g 3a 5dc
Dana Cicchitti 2g 2gb
Sydney Sloan 2g 6dc
Amelia Kienzle 1g 3gb
Anne Frascella had 6 saves

Garnet Valley
Riley Delaney- 3G, 2a
Cam Faith- 2gb
Beth Hofmann- 3gb, 2dc, 1ct
Madi McKee- 2g, 2gb, 2dc
Kamryn McNeal- 2g, 1a, 1dc, 1ct
Tish Minford- 2gb
Kara Nealon- 1g, 2gb, 1dc, 1ct
Regan Nealon- 1g, 1a
Madi O’Brien- 2g, 2a, 1dc, 1ct
Emma Taviano- 3gb
Linda Zamrowski- 2ct
Lauren Kinnee- 10 saves

West Chester Rustin 13, Bishop Shanahan 6

Skylsr Denis 4 g
Kylie video 3g
Jess Ciarrochi 3g
Tina St Clair 2 g
Michelle Chessock 1g
Maddie Montebianco 11 saves

Alyssa Manley 3g
K Smith 2 g
K staska 1g
Dress gorv 6 saves

Unionville 19, West Chester East 1

H Close 2 g 1 a
C Donovan 2 g
E Malone 2 g 3 a
j Hower 1 g 1 a
E Garvey 4 g 2 a
V Hineman 3 g 2 a
A McDonough 1 g
M Blair 1 g
M Holt 1 g
L. Niemkiewicz 1g
S Romanoli 1 g
M Doucette 3 saves
M Myers 1 save

K Conlon 1 g and contributed to this article

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