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.@QuakerCityLax Thursday girls’ summaries – Updated

Thursday, 6th April 2017

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 4/6/17

Downingtown East 12, Downingtown West 11
Halftime 7-6 East

DT East
Barretta 4g
Lawton 4g
Hunter 2g
Wurzel, Emily 1g
Person 1g
Emily Robinson 6 saves

DT West
Rodriguez 3g
Bednarik 3g
Feeney 2g
Digiorgio 1g
Hoerman 1g
Mottice 1g

Radnor 11, Haverford High 8

Radnor 6-5-11
Haverford High 3-5- 8

Hope Smith 4G, 1A
Julianne Puckette 3G, 1A, 2DC
Ellie Mueller 2G
Cate Cox 1G
Allison Lanzone 1G, 3DC, 1CT
Nicole Massimino 3A
Alexa Solomon 10 saves, 4CT, 3GB

Lydia Hetznecker 2G
Laura Winters 2G
Nora Janzer 2G
Carly Gannon 1G
Reilly Morgan 1G

Conestoga 18, Marple Newtown 5

Scottie Rose Growney 4g
Amelia Kienzle 3G 1a
Cameron Evitts 3G
Julia Littlewood 3G
Nia Scott 1g
Maddie wood 1g 1a
Liz Scott 1g 2a
Morgan Littlewood 1g
Sydney Sloan 1g
Christin Ealer 2 saves

Marple Newtown
Kristin R 2g
Paige K 2g
Rebecca 1g

West Chester Rustin 14, Coatesville 0
West Chester Rustin 11 3 – 14
Coatesville 0 0 – 0

RAshley Chisholm 4 g 1 a
Tina St. Clair 2 g 1 a
Skyler Demis 2 g
Kylie VIdeon 2 g
Michele Chessock 1 g 2 a
Shannon Drakely 1 g
Maggie Ruble 1g
Laina Mcinernney 1g
Sheena Grady 3 saves

Sky Scott 8 saves

Unionville 12, Henderson 6
Halftime: Unionville 6, Henderson 5

Emma Clark 1g, 2gb,1dc, 1ct
Jordyn Bauer 2g, 1gb, 3dc, 2ct
Lilly Siskind 2g, 1a, 1dc
Shannon Earley 1g
Maddie Reuther 1a, 1gb
Emma Laudermilch 2gb, 1ct
Brynn Cullinan 2ct
Shots on goal 22
saves 10
Goalie Ann Lalicker

Princeton (NJ) 11, Montgomery (NJ) 10
Princeton 7 3 0 1 11
Montgomery 5 5 0 0 10

Serena Bolitho 1g 2gb
Kathryn DeMilt 3g 1a 4gb
Margaret Jacobs 1g
Gwen Koehler 2gb
Mariana Lopez-Ona 4g 1a 3gb
Shaylah Marciano 1a
Abaigeal Ryan 2g 1a 1gb
Zoe Tesone 11 saves

Angela Masessa 1g
Tori Bobal 1g
Caroline Decker 1g
Malia Drift 1a
Ally Duran 1a
Kate Heidt 1g
Sophia Van Mol 1g
Sara Howard 5g

Penncrest 16, Lower Merion 5

Grace Harding 4g,1a
Juliana George 3g
Logan O’Donnell 3g
Kenna Kaut 2g
Christina Difelice 1g
Lindsay Moppert 1g
Allison Cavanagh 1g, 2a
Abby Pennoni 1g
Goalie Saves- Corryn Gambler 3

Lower Merion
Danielle Geis 2g
Ashley Roberts 2g
Sam Bruttomesso-Clarke 1g
Goalie Saves- Liz Coll 6

Spring-Ford 15, Boyertown 12
Spring-Ford 6 – 9 – 15
Boyertown 7 – 5 – 12

Spring Ford
Camryn Jones 6G 1A
Cassie Marte 3G 1A
Olivia Yeagle 2G
Lauren Mensch 1G
Anja Sweeney 1G
MacKenzie Doyle 1G
Jill Quigley 1G
Goalie Kamille Ward – 8 saves

Hannah Wentzel 1g, 2a, 2 gb, 2ct
Tiffany Diachynsky 3dc, 1ct
Maddy Siejk 2g, 3a, 3ct
Sydney Fox 3g, 1gb, 7dc, 1int
Kate Kada 1g, 2gb
Kaleigh Gallagher 1gb, 1ct
Amanda Diachynsky 1gb, 1dc, 1ct
Cassie Kidwell 5gb, 1ct
Hailey Heimbach 4g, 3gb, 1 int, 2ct
Kylie Webb 1g, 3gb, 2dc, 1 int, 1 ct
Sarah Didget 8 saves

Owen J. Roberts 10, Methacton 4
Owen J Roberts: 5 5 – 10
Methacton: 3 1 – 4

Anna Dempsey 5g 1a
Kelsey Kilgallon 1g
Frankie Carroll 3g
Maddi Koury 1g, 2a
Mia Tornettas 10 saves

Daria Lucchesi 2g
Addy Borkowski 1g
Jackie Cerchio 1g
Rachel O’Toole 12 saves

Downingtown East 12, Downingtown West 11
Halftime 7-6 east

D East
Barretta 4
Lawton 4
Hunter 2
Wurzel, Emily 1
Person 1
Goalie saves 6- Emily Robinson

D West
Rodriguez 3
Bednarik 3
Feeney 2
Digiorgio 1
Hoerman 1
Mottice 1

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