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Saturday, 6th May 2017

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 5/6/17

Haverford High 21, Merion Mercy 13
Merion: 8-5- 13
Haverford 14-7 – 21

Merion Mercy
Devyn Russo 1 goal
Allie Scannapieco 2 goals, 3 assists
Brenna Stone 1 goal
Kaely Kyle 5 goals
Caroline Steller 3 goals, 1 assist
Grace Gillespie 1 goal
MaryCate Markey: 11 saves

Haverford High

Reilly Morgan 2 goals
Laura Winters 6 goals, 1 assist
Nora Janzer 4 goals
Sydney Corcoran 1 goal
Carly Gannon 1 goal
Lydia Hetznecker 5 goals
Willa Hetznecker 2 goals
Lauren Johns: 9 saves

Garnet Valley 15, Great Valley 10
Garnet- 7–8–15
Great valley- 6–4–10

Ashley Bufano- 3ct
Riley Delaney- 2g, 1a
Cam Faith- 2g, 1a, 2gb, 1ct
Beth Hofmann- 2gb, 1dc, 1ct
Madi McKee- 3G, 2dc
Kamryn McNeal- 2g, 1a
Tish Minford- 2gb, 2ct
Kara Nealon- 1g, 4a
Regan Nealon- 3g, 3a, 2gb, 2ct
Madi O’Brien- 2g, 3a, 2gb, 1dc, 1ct
Emma Taviano- 3gb, 1ct
Lauren Kinnee- 14 saves

Great Valley
Olivia Muscella-3g
Karwoski- 4g
Bullock- 11 saves

Princeton (NJ) 5, Allentown (NJ) 9
Allentown 7 2 9
Princeton 3 2 5

Zoe Tesone 8 saves
Serena Bolitho 1g
Mariana Lopez-Ona 2g
Shaylah Marciano 1g
Margaret Jacobs 1g 2a

Abby Howell 7 saves
Marin Hartshorn 5g
Julianna Golden 1g
Kaitlyn Bergen 2g
Alyssa Sloane 1g 2a

Archbishop Carroll 10, Springfield-Delco 9
Springfield 3 6 – 9
Archbishop Carroll 4 6 – 10

Katie Detwiler 3g, 2a
Sam Swart 3g, 2a
Anna Murphy 2g
Grace Gallagher 1g
Amber Germer 1g
Maddie Ferraioli 5 saves

Olivia Little 3g
Bailey O’Brien 2g, 2a
Maggie O’Connell 2g, 1a
Bridget Whitaker 1g
Julia Schickling 1g
Julianne Clemens 10 saves

Central Bucks West 5, Downingtown East 1

West goals
Bryn Boylan 2
Dani Dundas 1
Finley Ueland 1
Liv Fitzgerald 1
Maddie Maio 1

West assists:
Dani Dundas 1
Bryn Boylan 1
Casey Reichwein 1
Liv Fitzgerald 1

West saves: Lauren Devlin 7

Wurzel, Emily 1
Emily Robinson 7 saves

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