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Saturday, 22nd April 2017

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 4/21/17

Garnet Valley 20, State College 7
Garnet 10–10–20
State College 5–2–7

Garnet Valley
Caroline Carruthers- 1g, 1ct
Riley Delaney- 3g
Cam Faith- 1g, 2a, 1ct
Beth Hofmann- 1ct
Abby Kalish- 1g, 4gb
Madi Mckee- 2g, 3gb, 9dc, 1ct
Kamryn McNeal- 2g, 4a, 3gb
Tish Minford- 2ct
Kara Nealon- 3G, 2gb, 1dc
Regan Nealon- 5g, 1a
Madi O’Brien- 1g, 5gb, 1ct
Caroline Shaefer- 1g, 1a
Lauren Kinnee- 8 saves

Unionville 8, Radnor 7
Unionville 2-6- 8
Radnor 2-5- 7

Julianne Puckette 2G, 1A, 5DC, 1CT
Ellie Mueller 2G, 1A, 1CT, 3GB
Cate Cox 1G, 1A
Allison Lanzone 1G, 1A
Cat Belveal 1G
Nicole Massimino 3GB, 2CT
Alexa Solomon 3 saves, 1GB, 1CT

E Malone: 1g
E. Garvey: 4 g 1a
H. Close: 1 g
V. Hineman: 1 g
M. Blair: 1 g
M. Doucette 10 saves

Council Rock South 7, Archbishop Wood 3

CR South
Cait Thornton- 2 goals
Mary Kate Simpson- 2 goals
Caroline McGovern- 3 goals 1 assist
Faith Turner- 1 assist

Owen J. Roberts 8, Spring-Ford 5

Cassie Marte 1G 1A
Jill Quigley 2G
Lauren Mensch 1G
Kamille Ward 5 saves

Kelsey Kilgallon 3G
Eloise Gebert 2G
Anna Lavelle 1G
Sydney Drumheller 1G
Anna Dempsey 1G
Mia Tornetta 6 saves

Germantown Friends 12, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 10
GFS 8-4-12
SCHA 6-4-10

Celia Meyer- 6 goals, 3 assists
Curran McLaughlin- 1 goal
Jane Macrae- 2 goals
Sophie Smith- 3 goals
Corin Grady- 11 saves

Taylor Ferry- 3 goals
Kianah Watson- 2 goals
Dakota Carter- 3 goals
Madison Rode- 2 goals
Destiny Curry- 10 saves

Downingtown East 12, Haverford High 8

Downingtown East
Hunter 3g
Wurzel 3g
Wurzel 2g
Flynn 2g
Emily Robinson 13 saves

Haverford High
Morgan 3g
Winters 1g
Corcoran 1g
Gannon 1g
Hetznecker 2g

Princeton-NJ 17, Monroe 6
Princeton 9 8 -17
Monroe 3 3 -6

Mariana Lopez-Ona 5g
Olivia Geller 4a
Shaylah Marciano 3g, 2a
Georgia McLean 2g, 2a
Abaigeal Ryan 4g
Eva Petrone 1g, 1a
Margaret Jacobs 2g, 2a
Kendall Lieberman 12 saves

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