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Lower Macungie YA 5th/6th Grade girls’ team wins division title, goes 15-0

Friday, 9th June 2017

Categories Club, Girl's/Women's, Youth, Posted 6/9/17

The LMYA (Lower Macungie Youth Association) 5/6 grade Team had an undefeated regular and post season. LMYA 5/6 went 11-0 during the regular season, 9-0 during league play and 2-0 in a T3 Lacrosse playday, and then went onto win the LVYGLL 5/6 division, going 4-0 at the end of season tournament.

The LMYA 5/6 grade Team had an undefeated regular and post season, going 15-0.

The team ended its season 15-0.

The team included: Brantley, Keziah; Collins, Ava; Crandall, Mackenzie; Driscoll, Molly; East, Olivia; Farnschlader, Anna; Farrell, Anna; Hollinger, Emily; Hood, Lauren; Kleinle, Addison; Kuczynski, Kassia; McClain, Brianna; McGorry, Elizabeth; Newman, Macy; O’Brien, Katie; Pilarski, Sage; Poll, Jordyn; Seiler, Katie; Shotwell, Alani; Tankwa, Mebam; Tran, Isabelle; Wassel, Emily; Wassel, Hailey; Weber, Melea

Coaches were Kendar Hollinger, Andy Crandall, Sean Poll, and Tim Newman


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