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Delaware HS boys’, girls’ roundup for Wednesday, Thursday

Friday, 31st March 2017

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By David Willauer, Contributing Writer, Posted 3/31/17

Delaware boys’ games for Thursday, March 30:

Tatnall 15, Brandywine 3
Three goals by Beau Neff, Lain Singer and Brett Wilkinson, 2 by Matt Zarilli and Dante Principe paced the Hornets of Tatnall to a 15-3 win over the Bulldogs of Brandywine.

Archmere 16, Wilmington Christian 0

Five goals by Mitchell Moyer and 2 by Nicholas Salameda paced the Auks of Archmere to a 16-0 win over the Warriors of Wilmington Christian.

Charter 7, St. Mark’s 3

Three goals by Bradley Taylor, 2 goals by Caden Anderson paced the Force of Charter to a 7-3 win over the Spartans of St. Marks.

Caravel 17, Mt. Pleasant 0

Joshua Puharic’s 5 goal performance and 2 each by Noah Schwartz, Jacob Laznik Giovanni Diomede and Connor Emmons paced the Caravel Buccaneers to a 17-0 win over the Knights of Mt. Pleasant.

Delcastle 15, Dickinson 0
Five goals by Matthew McCary 5, 3 each by Austin Saunders and Tyson Bishop, 2 by Jeffery Cloud paced the Cougars of Delcastle to a 15-0 win over the Rams of Dickinson

Newark Charter 6, Concord 4
Two goals by Jack Smith and Keegan Cahill paced the Patriots of Newark Charter School to a 6-4 win over the Raiders of Concord. Sean Doogan led the Raiders with 3 goals.

St. Elizabeth 20, Glasgow 0
Kevin Marchioni 9 goal performance along with 4 goals by Benjamin Fahey, 3 goals by Dillon Chipman, 2 each by Vincent Corbino and 2 by Martin Newswanger paced the Vikings of St. Elizabeth to a 20-0 win over the Dragons of Glasgow.

Delaware Military Academy 9, Sussex Tech 0

Four goals by Carter Klassman, 3 by Dallas Towner and 2 by Mark Cook paced the Seahawks of Delaware Military Academy to a 9-4 win over the Ravens of Sussex Tech. Nathaniel Quillen and teammate Daniel Wilson each contributed with 2 goals for the Ravens.

Conrad 16, McKean 3

Three goals by Jack Kidwell, James Colligan, Lawrence Brown 3, 2 goals by William Allen and Joseph Ambler paced the Redskins of Conrad to a 16-3 win over the Highlanders of McKean.

Salisbury School (MD) 6, Delmarva Christian 5

Delmarva Christian was defeated by Salisbury School of MD by a 6-5 score. Hunter Smith led the Royals with 5 goals.

3/30 Girls

Padua 13, Middletown 9
Seven goals by Jordan Bramble, 3 goals by Rachel Delate paced the Lady Pandas of Padua by a 13-9 score over the Lady Cavaliers of Middletown. The Lady Cavaliers were led by Emily Saylor and Jada Mann with 3 goals each.

AI DuPont 11, Newark 9

Six goals by Margaret Nelson and 3 goals by Rachel Gentry paced the Lady Tigers of AI DuPont to an 11-9 win over the Yellowjackets of Newark. The Lady Yellowjackets were led by 2 goals by Cory Lucatamo, Madison Owen and Jada Jones.

St. Mark’s 17, Charter 3
Five goals by Kendra Schweizer, 4 each by Paige Megargee and Megan Noonan 4, 2 each by Kayla Wolff and Claire Estes paced the Lady Spartans of St. Marks to a 17-3 win over the Lady Force of Charter.

Archmere 18, Wilmington Friends 11
Caroline Donovan’s 5 goal performance along with 4 by Kourtney Olsen, 3 each by Julia Collins, Lauren Ross, Sydney Yanick contributed with 2 goals paced the Lady Auks of Archmere to a 18-11 win over the Lady Quakers of Wilmington Friends. For the Lady Quakers Blair Adkins led with 3 goals, 2 each by Ada Plumb, Remy Davis Tinnell and Simone Veale.

St. Andrews 17, Tatnall 6
Five goals by Hanna Soulati 5, 4 each by Reagan Meyer and Elisa Davila , 2 by Nancy Tucker paced the Lady Cardinals of St. Andrews to a 17-6 win over the Lady Hornets of Tatnall. For the Lady Hornets, Lara Jensen led the Lady Hornets with 3 goals and Jessica Principe contributed with 2

3-29-17 Boys

Tower Hill 13, Sanford 3

Five goals by Jamie Spartin, 2 each by Jamie Spruance, Jake Hattersley, Will Togo 2 and Colin Hodgson paced the Hillers of Tower Hill to a 13-3 win over the Warriors of Sanford.

Charter School 13, Mt. Pleasant 4
Five goals by Nathan Coleman, 4 by Terrance Tillman and 3 by Noah Tuohey paced MOT Charter School to a 13-4 win over the Green Knights of Mt. Pleasant.

Four goals by Matthew Kraycla, 3 goals each by Luc Dubois and Max Myers and 2 by Huisenga paced the Cavaliers of Middletown to a 14-2 win over the Colonials of William Penn.

Dover 10, Smyrna 8
Six goals by Matthew Niebrzydowski, 2 goals by Divine Watkins paced the Dover Senators to a 10-8 win over the Eagles of Smyrna.

Caesar Rodney 13, Polytech 7
Four goals by Demetrius Stevenson and Joshua Cosden, 2 goals by Jared Wagenhoffer paced the Riders of Caesar Rodney to a 13-7 win over the Panthers of Polytech. Jake Davis led the Panthers with 3 goals.

Indian River 18, Milford 8
The Indians of Indian River on George Martin’s 8 goal performance, 4 by Gianni Gottschalk, 3 by William Josetti and 2 by Wyatt Kovatch defeated the Milford Buccneers by a 18-8 score. Connor Christie led the Bucs with 4 goals, 3 by Ryan Herka.

Chritiana 13, Glasgow 3
Four goals by Akib Chowdery, 3 goals by Zakaria Barnes, 2 by Roderick Juma and James Churu paced the Christiana Vikings to a 13-3 win over the Glasgow Dragons.

Cape Henlopen 22, Sussex 1
The Cape Henlopen Vikings on 4 goals by Brock Maloomian, 2 each by Erik Stefane Stancofski, Brooks Buck, Robert Neall, Jacob Brown and Devin Bennett 2 defeated the Golden Knights of Sussex Central by a 22-1 score.

3-29-17 Girls

Hodgson 13,, St. Thomas More 9
Six goals by Tayla Wilbecam, 3 by Sonja Cabreja, 2 by Kassi Buckworth and Cecelia Massey paced the Lady Silver Eagles of Hodgson to a 13-9 win over the Ravens of St. Thomas More. The Lady Ravens were led by Zoe Kelly with 3 goals, 2 by sisters Gillian and Jessica Crawford.

Cape Henlopen 20, Indian River 1
Four goals by Evelyn Shoop, 3 goals by Cailey Thornburg and Chloe Schaeffer, 2 each by Kaitlyn Klabe and Alia Marshall paced the Vikings of Cape Henlopen to a 20-1 win over the Lady Indians of Indian River.

Smyrna 10, Dover 7

Five goals by Juliana Kolikowski, 2 goals by Emma Mayew paced the Lady Eagles of Smyrna to a 10-7 win over the Lady Senators of Dover High. The Lady Senators were led by Grace Gast with 3 goals, Riley McQuade with 2.

Brandywine 19, Christian 2
Six goals each by Hannah Clay and Grace Ruoff, 4 by Sylvia Pietrzak and Chloe Horrocks with 2 paced the Lady Bulldogs of Brandywine to a 19-2 win over the Lady Vikings of Christiana.

Polytech 18, Caesar Rodney 6
Nine goals by Madilyn McKay, 2 each by Camryn Dennis, Mckenzie Estrada and Kaylee Williams paced the Panthers of Polytech to an 18-6 win over the Lady Riders of Caesar Rodney. The Lady Riders were led by Kacie Cava and Lillian Ayers with 2 goals.