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Special Art Exhibit to be presented by @Epochlax, Lax Dip @USLaxConvention

Monday, 16th January 2017

Categories Boy's/Men's, Gear, Girl's/Women's, High School, Posted 1/16/17
From Press Release

The main lobby of LaxCon 2017 at Expo Hall next weekend in Baltimore will play host to an event unlike anything the lacrosse world has ever seen, an art exhibition titled “Defying the Norm: A visual experience of Lacrosse” presented by Epoch Lacrosse and Lax Dip dyes.

Epoch’s “Defying the Norm” lax art exhibition brings together top lax artists from around the globe and gives them a platform to display their artistically designed pieces of Epoch equipment in a setting which will be witnessed by both passionate lacrosse fans and lacrosse industry professionals.

“I’m astounded by the craftsmanship of these artists on canvases no greater than 1 inch wide,” said Doug Schulkin, founder of LaxDip. “I often have to remind myself that that this is not paint, but carefully masked dyes.”

In the fall of 2016, Epoch and LaxDip identified the most influential members of the lacrosse dying community from around the world and extend invitations to the select group to participate in this one-of-a-kind event. Their canvases? Epoch’s made in the USA line of Hawk Prequel and Sequel heads, Dragonfly shafts and the company’s recently launched Integra Protective line of equipment. Lax Dip’s hug selection of 40 bold dye colors, specifically formulated for dyeing lacrosse heads, were provided to all of the artists. Lax Dip is well known within the lacrosse dyeing community for it true Jet Black dye, not purple, neon green and pink with fluorescents so vivid computers can’t replicate their true effect.

“The creativity, craftsmanship and thought that goes into these one-off works of art is truly remarkable,” said James Miceli, Principal at Epoch Lacrosse. “The personalization of equipment has always been a big part of our sport and with the evolution of new techniques and materials the art of dying has become limitless.”

Epoch’s support of the lacrosse dying community transcends the world of art. In August 2015, Epoch raised the bar among lacrosse equipment manufacturers by removing the word “dying” from its warranty policy making all dyed Epoch lacrosse heads covered under a one-year warranty.

Many well-known lacrosse artists will be displaying their work at “Defying the Norm: A visual experience of Lacrosse,” such as @CruzWorldCustoms, @Ryanthefoe, @dyehouselacrosse, @Barefootlacrosse, @Laxtractive, @vii.dyes, @Secondcitystrings and @florida_lax_connection

According to Brian Hochman, the Creative and Content Director for Epoch Lacrosse, “the purpose for the project was to call attention to and also showcase these incredible works of art which otherwise would not have received recognition outside the world of social media. Our goal was to give these incredible works of art the forum they deserve and the opportunity to be viewed in person and not just the digital world.”