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Tuesday’s girls’ HS summaries-Updated

Tuesday, 5th May 2015

Categories Girl's/Women's, High School, HS summaries, Posted 5/5/15

Germantown Academy 12, Baldwin 5

Betsy Prezioso 5g
Meg Westrum 2g 1 assist
Allie Cannon 3g
Ali Crump 1g
Ashton Roth 1g
GK Saves GA Allie Carrigan 11 saves
Big win for GA Great game by goalie Allie Carrigan
First career goal scored by senior defender Ashton Roth

Ali Thaler – 1g, 2dc
Eliza Mantelmacher – 2gb, 1ct
Sophie Hogg – 1g, 3gb, 1dc
Ive Gonzalez – 1g, 4dc
Marissa McGarrey – 2g, 3gb, 1dc
Myla Barnett – 3gb, 2ct, 2dc
Izzy Schaeffer – 1gb, 3ct
Eliza Thaler – 3gb, 1ct
Carrie Schaeffer – 5gb, 5ct
Abby Andrews – 2gb, 2ct
Shayna Silverman – 9 saves

Villa Maria Academy 19, Villa Joseph Marie 12
VMA 8:19
VJM 4:12

Lauren Dunn 2g/2a, 6dc
Jenna Brignola 2g
Alexa Ostoich 1a
Lucy Meehan 2g/1a
Audrey Fantazzia 5g
Annina Iacobucci 4g/1a, 4gb
Katie Manta 3g/1a, 5dc, 4gb
Bryn Carickhoff 1g
Emily Wilson 8 saves

Mahony 2g
Hagemann 1g
Major 4g
Delviscio 5g
Mullarkey 2 saves

Radnor 19, Lower Merion 5
13-3 @ half

Games 4G, 3A
Helms 3G, 2A, 2DC
Kenneally 2G, 1A, 2DC
K Quinn 2G, 2A, 3DC
Proctor 2G, 3DC
Lord 2G
M Massimino 2G, 2DC
F Quinn 1G, 3DC
Smith 1G

Lower Merion
Chumley 2G, 1A
P Johnson 1G
M Johnson 1G
Bruttomesso-Clarke 1G

Jenkintown 10, Delco Christian 5
Halftime: Jtown 4 Delco 3

Emma Dorshimer 5g 2a
Sarah Dillon 4g 2a
Claire Griffin 1g
Ashley Kremp 1a
Nina Lindenbaum-Grosbard 5CT
Cassidy Robbins 8 saves

Brenna Richards 1g
Emma Ellsworth 1g
Jess Freeman 1g
Paige Thompson 2g 1a

Harriton 17, Springfield-Delco 3

Jane Henderson 6 G 2 A 2 DC 2 CTs
Laura Lasprogata 2 G 4 DCs 2GBs
Alex Ladda 3 G 4 DC
Greta Stahl 5 G 2 A 1 DC 1 CT
Claudia Conrad 1 A
Maura Henderson 1 G 1 A 2 GB
Mel Sukonik 2 A
Jordan Heller 2 DCs
Devin McClain 7 Saves 1 GB 1 CT

Cailyn Gormley 2 G
Bailey O’Brien 1 G

Notre Dame Academy 14, William Penn Charter 10
ND 2 12 14
PC 5 5 10

Caroline Allen: 2G, 4A, 1CT, 3 DC
Claire Nappi: 3G, 3GB, 2DC
Kelly Coyle: 3G, 1A, 2GB, 4DC
Carolyn Riegel: 2G, 2CT
Mackenzie Irvine: 2G
Natalie Hughes: 1G, 1A, 2GB, 2DC
Madison Chermol: 1G, 1A, 1GB
Katie O’Connor: 3GB, 1DC
Mary Kate Neff: 1DC, 1GB
Kirsten Mansfield: 1gb, 2CT
Kat Land: 7 saves

Meredith Chernak 3gb
Courtney Cubbin 1g
Sarah Fleming 1gb
Hannah Fox 2g, 2dc
Greer Guyer 3g, 1gb
Alexis Joseph 1gb, 4dc
Perri Keehfus 1dc
Macaul Mellor 1g, 1gb, 1dc, 1ct
Avery Shoemaker 3g, 1gb, 4dc,4ct
Jamillah Buie 5 saves, 2gb

Princeton (NJ) 11, Allentown 10
Princeton 2 7 1 1 11
Allentown 5 4 1 0 10

Jordyn Cane 5g
Alexandra Callaway 3g
Georgia McLean 2a
Taylor Lis 2g 1a
Julia Ryan 1a
Sydney Renyolds 1g
Mira Shane 10 saves

Casey Provost 1g 1a
Meg Napp 1a
Kali Hartshorn 4g 1a
Marin Hartshorn 2g 1a
Alyssa Sloane 1g
Maura McNutt 1g 1a
Andrea Trentacosti 1g

North Penn 16, Interboro 4
Halftime: Interboro 3/ North Penn 8

North Penn
Sydney Lear 2 goals
Makayla Bowman 3 goals
Nina 1 goal
Chloe Novak 1 goal
Emily 4 goals
Jenn Delongis 1 goal
Bri O’Donnell 1 goal
Julia Keffer 1 goal
Kaitlyn P. 2 goals
Kyra Novak, goalie 5 saves
Michele Dyck, goalie, 10 saves

Sami Barnett 3 goals (Sami Barnet scored her 300th goal on her second goal of the game, Sami now has 301 goals)
Steph McCool 1 goal
Moriah Marr, goalie, 12 saves
The defense was led by Haley Hicks and Katie Receveur

Kennett 21, Sun Valley 5

Sun Valley
Jess McGarrey: 1 goal
Carson Adelberger: 1 goal, 2 assists
Gia Bonaduce: 1 goal
Amanda Maher: 2 goals
Goalie Kait France 11 saves

Springfield Township 14, Cheltenham 13 OT
Halftime: STHS- 8 CHS- 5

Christine Campbell: 1 goal
Molly Fitzpatrick: 4 goals
Zoe Edalatpour: 1 assist, 3 goals, 4 ground balls
Emily Giampietro: 2 assists, 1 goal
Jameson Krewson: 1 assist, 1 goal
Lindsey Smith: 3 goals, 2 draw controls
Caroline Pape: 1 goal, 5 draw controls
Allison Yoder: 2 caused turnovers
Marley Berger: 4 caused turnovers,
Ellie Hamilton: 2 caused turnovers, 2 ground balls
Bailey Krewson: 3 caused turnovers
Aly Evans: 6 saves

Conestoga 19, Upper Darby 3
CS – 12 – 7 – 19
UD – 2 – 1 – 3

Paige Loose 4 goals
Hannah Ashton 2 goals
Rilee Scott 1 goal 1 assist
Maggie Stetson 1 goal 2 assists
Liz Scott 1 goal
Maddie Little 1 goal
Maggie Hanzsche 1 goal
Sarah Brooke 1 goal
Maddie Sopko 1 goal
Micaela Bailey 1 goal
Maggie Gladden 1 goal
Sammy Stephans 1 goal
Ceara Sweeney 1 goal
Jess Monastero 1 goal
Scottie Growney 1 goal 3 assists
Monica Borzillo 4 assists
Kara Schwartz had 4 saves

Upper Darby
Erin Fagan 2 goals
Helen Rush 1 goal
Kyra Singletary 5 saves

Downingtown West 12, Henderson 9

Dtown West
R. McKinney 4g
M. Claffey 2g 2a
E. Cooper 2a
A. Kelly 1a
D. McKinney 1g
T. Rodriguez 1g
E. Digorio 2g 1a
M. Camden 2g
A. Caruso 1a
Goalie saves (name not provided) 16

Katie Heisman 3g, 1a
Ryann Bauer 2g, 1a
Lily Siskind 2g
Kara Reichert1g, 1a
Jordyn Bauer 1g, 1a
Julianna Cantor 16 saves

Perkiomen Valley 15, Pennridge 11

Perkiomen Valley
Christie Balestra 8G 2A
Laura Dunne 2G
Anna Koniencki 2G
Emma Britton 2G 2A
Mara Wrzesnieski 1G
Abby Bergman 1A
Nathalie Sell 1A
Harley Barrett 21 saves

Jess Gzasar 3G 1A
Devon Rimmer 1G
Maddie Dachowski 4G 1A
Jen Roozewich 2A
Emily Price 1G
Grace Lougherty 1G 1A
Casey Hefner 1G 1A

Merion Mercy Academy 20, Sacred Heart 9
Merion score at half: 15
Sacred Heart score at half: 4

Caroline Corzel 7g,1a
Allie Scannopieco 3g,2a
Jackie Benedict 5g,1a
Carolina Heath 1g,1a
Julia Swahl 2g,2a
Brenna Stone 2g
Caroline Steller 4a
Brittany Bedrossian 1a
Lauren Thomas- 2 saves
MaryKate Markey- 5 saves

Sacred Heart
Palumbo 3g,1a
Corsi 1g
Seifried 3g
Fisher 2g
Horebrink- 7 saves


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