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Philly players selected in @MLL_Lacrosse draft; Pontrello, Sankey in Top 10

Saturday, 24th January 2015

Categories Boy's/Men's, Pro, Posted 1/24/15
From Press Release

The 2015 Major League Lacrosse draft was held Friday night in Baltimore as part of the US Lacrosse Convention.

2015 Collegiate Draft Results

Nikko Pontrello

Nikko Pontrello

No. Team Player Pos. College
Round 1
1 Florida* Lyle Thompson A Albany
2 Florida Connor Buczek M Cornell
3 Charlotte* Will Haus M Duke
4 Boston Ryan Tucker M Virginia
5 Boston* John Glesener A Army
6 Rochester* Jesse King M Ohio State
7 Rochester Jack Near M Notre Dame
8 Denver Nikko Pontrello (St. Augustine Prep) A Loyola

Round 2
9 Charlotte^ Joey Sankey (Penn Charter) A North Carolina

10 New York^ Michael Pellegrino D Johns Hopkins
11 New York^ Ryan Walsh A Colgate
12 Boston Wells Stanwick A Johns Hopkins
13 Florida^ Chad Tutton M North Carolina
14 Chesapeake^ Erik Adamson M Denver
15 Rochester Forfeited
16 Denver Wes Berg M Denver

Round 3
17 Chesapeake** Henry Schoonmaker M Syracuse
18 Florida Joe LaCascio M Maryland
19 Chesapeake Matt Donovan M Cornel
Ohio Forfeited – From Florida through Ohio
Note – this pick was inadvertantly ommitted by the MLL
19, Charlotte: Kip Orban, M, Princeton
20 New York Hakeem Lecky M Syracuse
21 Rochester Jordan Stevens D Cornell
22 Ohio Jimmy Bitter A North Carolina

Round 4
23 Florida^^ Kevin Rice A Syracuse
24 Chesapeake ^^ Charlie Raffa FOGO Maryland
25 Chesapeake Collum Robinson D Stevenson
26 Charlotte ^^ Kevin Massa FOGO Bryant
27 Ohio Ryan Izzo M UMass
28 New York Matt Poillon G Lehigh
29 Rochester Randy Staats A Syracuse
30 Denver Carson Cannon D Denver

Round 5
31 Charlotte Tyler German M Virginia
32 Florida Pat Frazier D Loyola
33 Chesapeake Alex Love A Hobart
34 Boston Brian Fischer D Harvard
35 Ohio Matt McMahon Pennslyvania
36 Boston *^ Joe Narella FOGO Rutgers
37 Rochester Sean Young D Syracuse
38 Denver Dan Taylor A Lehigh

Round 6
39 Charlotte Ryan Belka M Drexel
40 New York Conrad Oberbeck A Yale
41 Chesapeake Tim Edwards M Canisius
Boston Forfeited
42 Ohio Brian Kormondy M Deleware
43 Chesapeake^* Conor Doyle A Notre Dame
44 Rochester Mike MacDonald A Princeton
45 Denver Michael Richards M Penn State

Round 7
46 New York Mike Malave M Hofstra
47 Florida Pat Farrell (St. Joseph’s Prep) D High Point
48 Denver ^^^ David Dickson M Bucknell
49 Ohio ^^^ Austin Geisler G High Point
Ohio Forfeited
50 Ohio^^^ John Reicherter M Hofstra
51 Rochester Sam Somers G Army
52 Denver Joe McCallion (Haverford School) M Pennsylvania

Round 8
53 Charlotte John Kelly D Johns Hopkins
54 Florida Casey Ikeda (Conestoga) D Maryland
55 Chesapeake Tony Rossi M Stevenson
56 Boston T.A. Demoulas M Bentley
57 Ohio David Planning M Ohio State
58 New York Luke Mikelinich D Lehigh
59 Rochester Kyle Aquin M RIT
60 Denver Nick Ossello M Notre Dame

*First Round Trades
No.1 from Charlotte
No. 3 from Chesapeake
No. 5 Ohio through Florida through Ohio
No. 6 from New York

^Second Round Trades
No. 9 from Chesapeake through Charlotte
No. 10 from Chesapeake through Florida
No. 11 from Ohio through Chesapeake
No. 13 from Ohio
No. 14 from Charlotte through Boston through New York


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