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Champions listed for @Victory_Events Brandywine Classic

Sunday, 25th October 2015

Categories Boy's/Men's, Club, Girl's/Women's, Posted 10/25/15

After two days of competitive youth and high school lacrosse, 11 teams have been crowned Brandywine Classic Champions in the Victory Events tournament. On Saturday, October 24th, the Brandywine Polo club hosted 40 teams of high school boys and youth girls. The divisions flipped Sunday, with 49 high school girls and youth boys taking over.

Brother Lacrosse wins the Brandywine Classic 2016 boys' championship

Brotherhood Lacrosse 11/12 wins the Brandywine Classic 2016-17 boys’ championship

“We’re thrilled with how the tournament turned out.” said Jeff Long, President & CEO of Pattison Sports Group, which runs Victory Events. “They were calling for rain Sunday and it turned out to be even better weather than Satuday. We were impressed with the talent that was on our fields all day and have been pleased with the.”

Just a few of the teams that stood out were the Roughriders, who had two championships at the youngest boys divisions, Braveheart, who has been consistently successful in Victory Events, Victory 2017s, and Rush Henrietta Girls Lacrosse who won the 2019 division over a tough PA Express team in the final. Looney’s boys 2020 emerged as the most dominant team in any division, leaving no doubt in their championship game.

Finals Results
Girls 2016/2017: Victory 2017 over Lanco Elite 2017 (9-2)
Girls 2018: PA Pride 2018 over Monarchs ‘18 (11-6)
Girls 2019: Rush Henrietta Girls Lacrosse over PA Express 2019 Orange (8-6)
Girls 2020: TLC 2020 Red over Avalon Lacrosse Breakers (16-4)
Girls 2021: Braveheart 2021 over TLC 2021 White (11-5)
Girls 2022/2023: Rip & Run 2022 over PA Express 2022 (9-8)

Boys 2016/2017: Brotherhood 11/12 over Wings Lax (8-2)
Boys 2018/2019: Fusion 2018 over Brotherhood 10 (10-6)
Boys 2020: Looney’s 2020 Orange over Fusion 2020 (15-1)
Boys 2021: MD Roughriders 2021 over PA Roughriders 2021 (10-9)
Boys 2022/2023: PA Roughriders 2022 Elite over Brotherhood 6 (16-3)

The tournament included a vendor village that offered a wide range of merchandise, gear, and food. Shoo Mama’s, the Brandywine Classic’s concessionaire, was a huge hit with everything from breakfast sandwiches to pulled pork lunches. ASC Lacrosse had a wide variety of lacrosse gear for our athletes. Fine Design sold a lot of official tournament apparel and outfitted our girls division winners with championship shirts.


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