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All @InterAcBoysLax team is released

Friday, 29th May 2015

Categories All-League, Boy's/Men's, High School, Posted 5/29/15

All-Inter-Ac League boys, 2015:

Most Important Player
Curt Zappala 12 EA
Drew Suspinski 12 HS

1st Team
A Curt Zappala 12 EA
A Grant Ament 12 HS
A Adam Goldner 11 MS
A Forry Smith 11 HS

M Drew Suspinski 12 HS
M Dox Aitken 11 HS
M Drew Schantz 12 MP
M Chris Friedman 12 EA
M Mike Fay 10 MP
M Jim McAfee 121 GA

F Christian Feliziani 11 EA
F Charles Kelly 12 MP

LSM Rob Keefhus 12 PC
LSM Jack Doran 12 HS

D Noah Lejman 12 HS
D Matt Klinges 12 MP
D Mike Mulqueen 12 MP
D Christian Tueber 12 PC

G Sean McKee 11 PC
G Alex Demarco 11 HS

Honorable Mention
A Mike Bown 12 SCHA
A Cody Sweeney 11 PC
A Eric Haab 11 EA
M Phil Poquie 12 HS
M Jake Martellucci 10 EA
M Luke Stansfield 10 PC
LSM Drew Silvera 11 EA
D Malcolm Glendinning 10 SCHA
D Chris Sabia 12 HS
G Colin Reder 12 EA


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