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ReQRuitme mobile app helps lacrosse players get noticed by college coaches

Thursday, 7th March 2013

Categories Boy's/Men's, Girl's/Women's, High School, Recruiting, Posted 3/7/13

As a high school junior boys’ lacrosse player searching for the right college for athletics and academics, Owen J. Roberts midfielder, Zach DeCarlo, was anxious to get noticed.

Zach DeCarlo's ReQRuitme profile

Zach DeCarlo’s ReQRuitme profile

He said he found the best tool in ReQRuitme, a mobile app designed to simplify and collect a players’ lacrosse and academic information. By using the latest in mobile technology, college coaches can access Zach’s mobile profile with a quick scan of his QR Code. (QR Code literally stands for “Quick Response.”)

“I feel that every year the recruiting game starts earlier and earlier,” stated DeCarlo. “ReQRuitme gets your name out there and gives you a better chance of being recruited.”

DeCarlo, who also plays club for 380 Lacrosse, said the process of signing up for ReQRuitme ($99 for 12 months after a $50 discount with the promo code,PHILLYLAX) and inputting statistics and YouTube videos is so simple anyone can learn it immediately.

“Anyone and everyone can benefit from (ReQRuitme),” he said. “If you’re going to a tournament, coaches can scan your QR Code and get your info instantly. They can see if you have the grades first of all, and they also can watch video and share your information easily with other coaches.”

DeCarlo’s father, Ken, said the process of using ReQRuitme has made it easy for him and his son, while easing the stress that’s normally placed on families during the recruiting process.

“The whole college recruitment process is so competitive,” DeCarlo said. “It is difficult for kids to get their information in front of scouts and coaches. Mobile technology is part of our lives – we use it for research, entertainment, and communication. It’s only natural that we use mobile technology in the recruitment process.”

Ken DeCarlo noted that ReQRuitme’s mobile technology is convenient for players as well as coaches.

“Even if we are out at a game or showcase event, one of the cool things about the ReQRuitme technology is that college coaches can capture your information instantly, at a game or event, store it and then share it,” he said. “This is unique from that perspective. Now, we can’t wait for a college coach to ask for Zach’s information. We can provide it to them right on the spot.”

Ken DeCarlo finished by saying, “It’s not terribly expensive. It’s an advantage for the kids that have it because they can get their information out there to college coaches quicker and easier.”

Kacy Small, the director of Team 380 Lacrosse club and also an assistant at The Hill School, sees the value of ReQRuitme in many facets.

“What I like is that this puts a lot more responsibility on the actual child,” said Small. “The way it’s been done in the past is that Mom and Dad would set up the online profile, and Mom and Dad emailed the coaches or posted profiles on webpages and then forgot what to do with it, hoping a college coach would visit a particular website and find their son or daughter.”

Coach Small said his players using ReQRuitme truly enjoy using the application. “With ReQRuitme, it fits right into what kids this age are doing now,” he said. “They know all about mobile technology and they know how to create a YouTube link.

“This (developing their ReQRuitme mobile profile) is not work for the young high school lacrosse athlete. The players stay involved in the process, and in a way, they enjoy it.” Small even confesses, “When I set up a ReQRuitme mobile profile for myself to see how it worked I couldn’t believe how easy it was!”

And for parents who like to show their friends how talented their sons or daughters are? Coach Small says it’s the perfect tool.

“I also like that parents can easily show off their kid with the ReQRuitme app, from their phone to another,” he said. “They can say to the person standing next to them out on the field, ‘Check this out,’ and just click on the SHARE tab and it’s done.”


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