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HS honors: All-Suburban One American Conference girls’ teams released

Friday, 31st May 2013

Categories All-League, Girl's/Women's, High School, Posted 5/31/13

Suburban One American Conference
All League Girls Lacrosse Team

First Team All League

Name Position Grade School
Liz Botto, Mid, 11, Upper Merion
Juli Cardamone, Mid, 11, Springfield
Julie Cross, Mid, 10, Upper Dublin
Taylor D’Ginto, Mid, 11, Upper Dublin
Libby Field, Mid, 12, Springfield
Laura Frankenfield, Mid, 12, Wissahickon
Sarah Gallagher, Keeper, 10, Upper Dublin
Zoe Gomez, Attack, 11, Wissahickon
Amanda McAteer, Mid, 12, Upper Merion
Anna Petrucci, Def, 11, Upper Dublin
Gabby Szczepanek, Mid, 12, Cheltenham
Kayla Wisniewski, Mid, 12, Plymouth Whitemarsh

Second Team All League

Name Position Grade School
Rachel DiFrangia, Attack, 11, Upper Dublin
Keifonna Ferguson, Mid, 11, Norristown
Allison Hawkins, Mid, 12, Cheltenham
Jackie Hibbs, Def, 12, Wissahickon
Lauren Irvine, Mid, 10, Wissahickon
Ashley Laskowitz, Def, 10, Wissahickon
Kayla McAneney, Def, 11, Upper Dublin
Sami McManus, Mid, 12, Cheltenham
Colleen Morris, Mid, 12, Springfield
Jackie Schauble, Attack, 12, Upper Merion
Julie Silverman, Keeper, 10, Wissahickon
Cassie Ward, Def, 10, Plymouth Whitemarsh

Third Team All League

Name Position Grade School
Veronica Baez, Mid, 10, Upper Moreland
Sam Boyd, Mid, 12, Upper Dublin
Steph Fazio, Mid, 10, Plymouth Whitemarsh
Lauren Freeman, Def, 12, Cheltenham
Dominique Gambone, Attack, 12, Upper Merion
Riley Greenleaf, Mid, 11, Springfield
Emily Hawkins, Attack, 11, Cheltenham
Audrey Mack, Def, 11, Wissahickon
Mariel Mancini, Keeper, 12, Springfield
Maddie Mauro, Mid, 12, Upper Moreland
Natalie Mitchell, Mid, 10, Norristown
Delaney Smith, Mid, 9, Upper Moreland

Honorable Mention
Lindsay Andersen, Mid, 12, Wissahickon
Adrienne Baer, Def, 12, Springfield
Monica Dresnin, Attack, 9, Plymouth Whitemarsh
Becca Finkelman, Def, 10, Plymouth Whitemarsh
Emma Hagel, Def, 10, Norristown
Alycia Hildebrand, Def, 11, Upper Dublin
Kirsten Monte, Mid, 10, Plymouth Whitemarsh
Emily Miller, Keeper, 10, Plymouth Whitemarsh
Katie Morris, Mid, 12, Springfield
Kayla Mullen, Attack, 12, Upper Dublin
Halley O’Malley, Att/Mid, 9, Upper Merion
Julia Reinert, Attack, 10, Upper Merion

Sportsmanship Award: Norristown


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