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Conestoga 2014 FO specialist Jobs benefits from using ‘The Stik’ training device

Monday, 22nd July 2013

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By Chris Goldberg, Posted 7/22/13

As the Conestoga boys’ lacrosse team showed improvement during the 2013 season and returned to the state finals after an up-and-down start, junior Christian Jobs also emerged during the year as a top face-off specialist in the region.

And Jobs will tell that one reason was because of using “The Stik.”

Christian Jobs using The Stik

Christian Jobs using The Stik

“It helped me because it made my forearms stronger and gave me a quicker reaction off the whistle,” said Jobs. “I even felt sometimes I could overpower the other guy.”

The Stik ( is a potent training device created to help athletes – especially lacrosse players – build strength, flexibility and elasticity in the arms, hands, wrist and grip. It was recently re-introduced to the public.

Jobs, who also plays for the HEADstrong L.C., earned All-Central League Honorable Mention and helped the Pioneers tie for a league title with Radnor and advance to the PIAA championship for the fifth straight year. Conestoga fell to nationally-ranked La Salle in the title game.

The Stik – priced from $39.95 to $59.95 – has been endorsed by one of the most respected high school lacrosse coaches in the nation as well as the trainer and strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Flyers. The Stik has being used regularly by Flyers superstar Claude Giroux and former Flyer and now Los Angeles King Stanley Cup champion Mike Richards.

Using The Stik for only minutes a day can help lacrosse players build strength to improve the speed of their shot, fend off players, improve their strength at the face-off X, tighten their cradle and strengthen their check.

“It definitely gives you a better grip on your stick,” Jobs said. “If a d-pole hits you on your stick and your forearms aren’t strong some guys could get the stick checked out of their hands.”

Christian Jobs facing off (right)

Christian Jobs facing off (right)

Jobs also likes the convenience of sing the STIK. It can easily fit in his bag to carry to a game or a training session and he uses it when watching TV or just hanging out.

“For some of the bigger games I pumped up my forearms before a face-off to get that extra edge,” Jobs said.

“I would recommend it,” he added, saying he could see it helping players at any position because it addresses so many areas of the game. “I carry it in my bag. People come up to me and say what is that? I say, ‘That’s my Stik.’”

“I use it in my room when watching TV and actually before some games,” he said. “Even sometimes I would use it 30 seconds before a before a face-off to get the extra pump.”

The Stik is also being used for rehabilitation for high school athletes, and for people of all ages.

Jobs, who has several Division I and Division III coaches looking at him as he heads into his senior year with high hopes for the Pioneers.

“We had our ups and downs and as a team we stuck together,” Jobs said. “I think we did the best we could. La Salle was a great team, but I feel like we will be even stronger next year.”



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